Friday, August 7, 2009

Apologies to those waiting...

We've had a bit of turn-over here at the Read My Lipstick Network this summer... some folks moved, others had family difficulties / concerns, and yours truly had a few very hot fires that took my attention away from this very important passion for the most part.

We have a back-log of new members in the pipe-line and I apologize if you've been waiting, not getting a response.

A couple of us had planned a RMLN "work day" this week to catch up, but it's the last week before school and another family fire popped up, and, and, and... and it hasn't happened.

No matter what, next week we're going to go through all the emails you've sent, all the requests to be added to the blog roll and we're going to do it!

Thanks for hanging in there with us! Once school starts and things get back to normal (ha, is life ever going to be normal again with the Obama in office?) we'll be back just as strong if not stronger.

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