Saturday, January 31, 2009

Easy way to contact Senators

Here's a link to a page that lists all of the U.S. Senate with links to their website and contact form:

Send 'em a note saying you want them to vote NO to the misnamed stimulus package.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Cries Foul at Pro-Life Ad

The Washington Times is reporting today that NBC, in a disturbing show of censorship, has nixed a powerful pro-life ad slated to air on Super Bowl Sunday. The commercial, called "Imagine Spot 1," was created by a Catholic group called Fidelis to drive home the potential of human life. After its run on Black Entertainment Television (BET), the spot is approaching a million YouTube hits.

NBC justified the slight by saying that the ad was too political in nature.

In reality, these 41 seconds do more to inspire than the hundreds of other Super Bowl ads that use sex and alcohol to wow viewers. It's ironic that producers pull out the rule book when they want to police traditional values, but when their stars do something really out-of-bounds the networks swallow their whistle.

If you'd like to complain about the double standard, contact NBC's comment line directly at 212-664-2333. In the meantime, please watch the video for yourself and pass it on to your family and friends. You can find it on YouTube.

Additional Resources YouTube: Fidelis Super Bowl Ad

From the Family Research Council

Interesting tidbit re: Palin's nomination speech

Daily Tidbits: Presidential Election, Sarah Palin most inquired ...
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
President Obama's 30-minute infomercial spawned 1800 answers, while Sarah Palin's nomination speech collected 1880 responses. The favorite movie of the year ...

Ready to Rumble for Rush

Mr. Obama threw down the gauntlet regarding Rush Limbaugh recently. The President told GOP leaders, "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."

This may be the first time a sitting President has elevated a talk show host to this level of power! However, silly as you may think this issue is, it is really about killing talk radio and free speech.
Then the mainstream media took some of his comments out of context (again) and piled it on a bit more saying Limbaugh wanted Obama to fail.
Now there is an ad pitting Rush and Obama against each other and the Democrats have a petition to express outrage at the comments Rush didn't make.

Mr. Obama and the Democrats are using Rush Limbaugh as a rallying point to continue their assault on any speech that voices opposition to their policies and agenda. The implementation of the un-"Fairness Doctrine" is the next step in this war.

Once we start down the path of curtailing freedom of speech on the radio there will be more. It will be the Internet, the television and other media.

We invite you to help fight this battle. Whether you are a ditto-head or just someone who believe in free speech, you can't afford to sit on the sidelines in the current skirmish.

We've set up a blog, and designated a section on the Read My Lipstick Network regarding "Free Speech" which includes info on the ongoing fight. We'll be letting you know more as this issue continues to mushroom.

Heritage Morning Bell: The Stealth Plan to Silence Rush
Does President Barack Obama believe that the greatest threat to progress resides in Rush Limbaugh? Earlier this week while trying to sell his Trillion Dollar Debt Plan to Republican leaders, Obama said, “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.” Thankfully House Republicans listened to the hundreds of constituents calling their offices asking them to vote against the bill and not the guy who thinks he can buy their votes with a couple of cocktail and Super Bowl parties. Now we find out that Obama’s far left allies are upping the ante.The leftist umbrella organization American Untied for Change is pouring money into radio ads in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada. The ads ask listeners, “Will you side with Obama or Rush Limbaugh?” ... More

From the American Center for Law and Justice; Petition re: un-Fairness Doctrine

This is dangerous. So I'm asking for your help at this critical time. The voice of every concerned citizen must be heard immediately in Congress ... because today, we're literally staring down the barrel of government-controlled speech.

With a new President and new Congress, I need you to stand with me to protect free speech! (Main page; click on petition link, top left)

You understand the urgency. Free speech is the cornerstone of our freedoms - but if some members of Congress get their way, Christian broadcasting will be forcefully silenced. The conservative point of view? Effectively shut down by the liberal left.

With a new Congress and new President comes an emboldened new threat to bring back the so-called ''Fairness Doctrine'' - a troubling regulatory measure that gave the federal government authority to tell broadcasters what to air. We've got a battle on our hands. The liberal assault on your First Amendment rights is real. There IS something you can do.

Sign our petition: (click on link to petition, top left).

The Broadcaster Freedom Act of 2009 has just been introduced in both the House and Senate (H.R. 226; S. 34) - it's legislation that would effectively ban the return of the troubling Fairness Doctrine. In fact, the Broadcaster Freedom Act would permanently prohibit the FCC and President Obama from reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. It's that imperative.

But it must pass Congress in order to protect the free speech rights of Christian and conservative broadcasters.Today, I urge you to exercise your rights as a concerned citizen. Quite frankly, applying the pressure from tens of thousands of citizens' voices raised in protest is our best chance to succeed.

Thank you for understanding the urgency and for doing your part. God bless you.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Joe the Mom Joins the Read My Lipstick Network

Joe the Mom is our newest blogging Network member. Don't you love the title? Bet you never forget it.

If that isn't catchy enough, here's her tag line: "What America really needs now is another mommy with a blog." She says she is "Just your "average joe" mom with a full-time job and plenty of opinions." - Joe the Mom

Hope you'll add this to the list of blogs you're following and send a message to Sara welcoming her to the Read My Lipstick Network. You know we ALL love seeing comments on our blogs.

Invite her to join your various Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ning groups, too.

We're all going to need to be networking if we're going to get our country back on the right track.

Another Read My Lipstick Network Member!

Caffienated Thoughts has joined the ranks of our superb member bloggers, writers, website owners, etc., etc.

Looks like there are six (6) contributors to the blog. I like the tab with their photos and short bios, nice addition as you kinda feel like you know who's writing. I even recognized some of the names...

Have fun clicking the tabs -- you get a different cup of coffee each time! It's the little things that amuse me .

I think you're going to like this blog. It's "Stimulating musings on the news, politics, culture, life and theology." - Caffienated Thoughts

Letter from "No Stimulus"

Stimulus Update: GOP and 11 Democrats Reject Stimulus Bill

Thank you for taking a stand in the first major policy battle of President Obama's Administration. By signing the No Stimulus Petition you’ve already joined over 11,000 folks from across the nation telling Congress to stop this wasteful spending spree.

Last night, the $819 billion “Stimulus” Package passed a vote in the house, but the Republicans in the House of Representatives took a big step in regaining their fiscally responsible brand as all GOP members of Congress who voted said 'no' to bigger government, more debt, and wasteful giveaway programs. In addition, 11 courageous Democrats took a stand for fiscal sanity in the face of a menacing Democrat leadership.

We're gearing up for a spirited fight in the Senate next week, but we need your help to make sure that enough members of both parties will put the country's fiscal health above personal power and political patronage and put this beast to a merciful death.

You can help by forwarding this message to as many of your friends and family as possible and telling them to go and join the growing army of taxpayers saying NO by signing Americans for Prosperity’s petition to stop this disastrous trillion-dollar debt scheme, known as the “Stimulus Package.”

Also, by donating today, you can help us get the word out to hundreds of thousands more individuals about this bill, which includes everything on the big-government wish list from government health care rationing, to net neutrality Internet regulations, to earmarks for global warming computer modeling-- and nothing that would actually stimulate economic growth.

As you talk to friends and family, urging them to contact their Senators through the website, tell them to follow the money! A few stimulus handouts include:-$4.19 billion to ACORN, the advocacy group under investigation for voter registration fraud -$600 million to buy new cars for government workers, and -$335 million for adult sex workshops

It is critical that we make our voices heard NOW and we send a loud and clear message to DC politicians that ordinary citizens simply cannot afford the crushing burden and devastating consequences of this initiative.

Please act now by donating to and helping us get the message out to hundreds of thousands more taxpayers -- and encourage your friends and family to do the same -- by signing AFP’s petition at

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

Another hot button issue looming...

Not So Mighty Casey Strikes Out (Again)

Once again, the Senate is debating legislation that propels Americans closer to nationalized health care. In its current form, Democrats have refused any efforts to restrain H.R. 2, also known as the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The liberals' version of SCHIP would extend the program to children in families with annual incomes of $66,150--and, in some cases, even higher. It also makes it much easier for both legal and illegal immigrants to take advantage of the program. The Republicans offered a number of amendments to improve the legislation, including a guarantee that the coverage would first go to the children who need it most.

Another amendment, offered by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and cosponsored by Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson (Nebr.) would extend the insurance benefits to unborn children. Despite the best efforts of our pro-life allies, both amendments were defeated on the Senate floor. Another amendment, sponsored by Senator Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) would have reinstated the Mexico City Policy, which bans taxpayer money from funding international groups that promote and perform abortions. With the support of Republicans and only one Democrat, Sen. Nelson, the effort failed 60-37. Sadly, Senator Bob Casey (D-Pa.), who claims to value life as much as his father did, voted once again to force taxpayers to promote abortion overseas. The Pennsylvania Senator used a lot of his capital as a so-called pro-life Democrat to help President Obama get elected. The question to all the pro-life groups that have lent him credibility on the issue is--how many strikes before Casey is out?

Article from the Family Research Council.
Additional Resources Bloomberg: Republican Amendments to Children's Health-Care Bill Rejected

Don't stop calling re: stopping the "stimulus"

We have one more battle to wage, one more chance to stop the so-called stimulus... or at a minimum make sure once again the Republicans fight to remove some of the pork and stick together. Don't stop calling, writing, signing petitions and building those calluses on your fingertips as you type your letters and blogs!

Here's an article from the Family Research Council that's rather interesting (and highlights just how crazy and corrupt this stinkin' "stimulus" really is... ).

Dems Hope Pork Bailout Saves Their Bacon

This much is clear after last night's vote. House Democrats will live or die by the stimulus. President Obama's hopes for a spirit of bipartisanship sank the moment Republican leaders got their hands on the bill's fine print. The American people seem to be catching the new wave of skepticism about the liberals' plan. According to the latest Rasmussen poll, only forty-two percent of the nation's likely voters now support the President's plan. Perhaps they, like the GOP, are paying more attention to the fallout for the nation's families. Human Events says the $1.1 trillion pork-and-payoff bill will cost every American household $10,000--with just 5% dedicated to infrastructure. As families carefully spend their dollars, the presses are running around the clock to print more money for government agencies who abuse what they already have.

We're also learning of some disturbing connections between House liberals and the beneficiaries of the stimulus. Newspapers revealed that the bill's architect, Rep. David Obey (D-Wis.), had a vested interest in the massive $2 billion earmark for national parks (triple what the Senate Appropriations Committee approved). His son, Craig Obey, happens to be the chief lobbyist for the National Park Service. House Democrats also want to reward the National Science Foundation with a lavish $1.4 billion check at the same time its employees are under investigation for viewing and emailing porn on the taxpayers' dime ("for significant portions of their workdays, and over period of months or even years," according to Politico). Most Americans would agree that this isn't the kind of stimulus Congress should be funding.

FRC also learned that your money will help ingratiate Obama to his new Hollywood friends by providing a $246 million tax break for film investors. We commend the Democrats who stood against the party pressure and voted with conservatives and the GOP to protect the taxpayers. They include: Reps. Bobby Bright (Ala.), Parker Griffith (Ala.), Allen Boyd (Fla.), Walt Minnick (Idaho), Brad Ellsworth (Ind.), Frank Kratovil (Md.), Collin Peterson (Minn.), Gene Taylor (Miss.), Heath Shuler (N.C.), Paul Kanjorski (Pa.), and Jim Cooper (Tenn.). Please call them and express your gratitude!

Additional Resources
FRC Blog: Not Quite a Stimulus: Speaker Pelosi's Payoffs and Pork Bill - UPDATED

Politico: Palin, Obama to share stage

Updated 1/30/09 - didn't realize non-Team Sarah members wouldn't be able to read the article. I've posted it in total, although I hate to do that, like to link you to great sites, great writers and great thoughts... If you're a Sarah Palin supporter, you'll definitely want to join If you like good political writing, go check out Politico (.com I think).

Politico: Palin, Obama to share stage

By: Jonathan Martin January 29, 2009 09:53 AM EST

In what could be a preview of the 2012 presidential race, Sarah Palin and Barack Obama will share a stage together this Saturday night in Washington, D.C., Politico has learned.

The Alaska governor and former GOP vice presidential nominee, making her first trip to the nation’s capital since the election, will join the President at the Alfalfa Dinner, a venerable gathering of the city’s political elite.

Palin and Obama will both address the black tie crowd at the Capital Hilton, aides to each say.

The duo will not, though, be heard by the general public. By tradition, the old world gathering, now in its 96th year, bars reporters. Quotes from the rostrum do, however, tend to find their way out to reporters in the lobby.

It’s a light-hearted affair, with political types playfully roasting themselves and one another. The dinner is put on by the Alfalfa Club, an exclusive list of about 200 movers and shakers whose only purpose is to throw the annual dinner on the last Saturday of January. The name is honor of a plant known to do anything for a drink.

Comprised of mostly older white men, the group didn’t induct women until 1993. Blacks were only welcomed in the 1970s.

Presidents, though, almost always attend and speak.

And aside from the real thing, club members always nominate a mock candidate for the highest office in the land. The “nominee” is then required to give an acceptance speech.

Should Palin be this year’s lucky nominee, she’ll be in good company: Three honorees have actually gone on to actually become president – Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

(Hi all, I've been gone all day so I'm playing catch-up. I bet most of you have already found the above article ;-)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Read My Lipstick Network Welcomes 2 New Members!

The Read My Lipstick Network welcomes blogs, websites, and now we have a Ning site member! We're a broad mix of focusing on a variety of issues, but all believe and support similar core conservative principles.

We'd like to welcome two new members to our growing list:

Christians for Palin -
Here's a little bit of info about Alison Kennedy: I am married to a Baptist pastor, and have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. I have a Masters degree in Christian Education, and a BA in Journalism. I occasionally write for the Florida Baptist Witness, and volunteer at my church and children's school. I am also the Jacksonville coordinator for the 2012 Draft Sarah Palin Committee, and am in the process of becoming a Guardian Ad Litem for the State of Florida.

Palin 12 (a social network) -
This appears to be a new Ning site but you know it's going to grow! Any site associated with Sarah Palin is going to attract numbers. Hope you'll check out our latest member and consider joining the conversation.

Support Gov. Palin and those who support her

A message from Steve Maloney:

Only those who haven't been paying attention in the last eight weeks doubt that Sarah Palin is running for President. I believe that she should declare outright sooner rather than later. She would then be a major catalyst for opposition to the far-left elements of Barack Obama's agenda.

Sending a $1.5 trillion bill to our grandchildren is not the way to solve a problem that has its origins in over-borrowing, and we need a national figure to make that point to the American people. In my view, the best person to do so would be Gov. Palin, who has broad support, as illustrated by the huge numbers of activists joining groups aligned with "Sarah."

In a Rasmussen Poll after the election, 64% of Republicans cited her as their choice for the 2012 nomination.

How can you help? One way is to join, which is now approaching 70,000 members. Another step I hope you'll take is to contribute to, a political action committee dedicated to advancing Gov. Palin, as well as the candidates and causes she supports. (When you go to link up to SarahPac, you will need to use the "www" or else your computer won't connect.)

Right now, in the race for 2012, Barack Obama is far ahead. His campaign, one which apparently goes on unto eternity, has 13 million e-mail addresses -- four million of whom are contributors.

If we want until 2011 and 2012 to mount a campaign against him, we might as well let the man run unopposed.

Please take a few minutes today to sign up at and at By doing so, you can not only back a remarkable woman, but also strike a powerful blow for constitutional government and the American republic. Thanks for your help, and God bless you and your family.

Steve Maloney
Ambridge, PA

Sarah answers questions - Anchorage Daily News

The title is a little misleading when you read the article...
Wouldn't it be fun and fair if when all politicians were intereviewed the reporters put in every uh, well, gee, ummm...

Is Palin running for president? 'No, not at all.'
Posted by Alaska_Politics
Posted: January 28, 2009 - 11:30 am
From Sean Cockerham in Juneau –
Gov. Sarah Palin met with some of the legislative leaders this morning and a few reporters staked it out for the chance to get a few minutes with Palin. She hasn’t spoken to the press since the legislative session started a week ago.

Palin took questions for eight minutes outside of the governor’s mansion, and each reporter had a chance to ask a couple as the snow came down. She talked about her new PAC and didn’t dispute that she’s interested in a book deal, although she said reports that she could be getting $11 million for a book are wrong.


Does the PAC mean she’s running for president? (Some other governors with national aspirations have such a PAC but she’s the first among Alaska governors to get one.)

“No, not at all, not at all, no. It’s helpful to have a PAC so that when I’m invited to things even like to speak at the Lincoln Day dinner in Fairbanks, to have a PAC pay for that instead of have the state pay for that because that could be considered quasi-political.

Great Letter to the Editor re: Double Standard for Palin

Double standard for Palin
Published on Thursday, January 22, 2009 7:14 PM AKST
To the editor:
In the two months since the election, Governor Palin has been hounded by the media for interviews. Whenever she grants an occasional, selected interview, the same media proclaims she’s an attention hog, only trying to keep her name in the headlines.

When Governor Palin makes non-committal remarks about potential future national election runs, the media insists she is “positioning herself for 2012.” Yet Hillary Clinton had stated outright that she would not run for president in 2008, and when she openly flip-flopped, the fawning media gave her a big, wide pass...
Click here to read the entire letter
Written by Jay Ryan
@jayryanastro on Twitter

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

False alert re: Sarah filing w FEC

Josh Painter called and says,
"on the FEC website is a dummy page for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, which is not officially connected to Sarah Palin in any way. That committee's ACTUAL page will be up tomorrow in place of this page"

Sarah PAC is official

Sarah Palin's Official PAC - Dedicated to building America's future, supporting fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation. SarahPAC believes America's best days are ahead. Our country, founded on conservative principles and the fight for freedom, must confront the challenges of the 21st century with integrity, innovation, and determination.

SarahPAC believes energy independence is a cornerstone of the economic security and progress that every American family wants and deserves.

SarahPAC believes the Republican Party is at the threshold of an historic renaissance that will build a better future for all. Health care, education, and reform of government are among our key goals. Join us today!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Please send this to everyone you know!

I just got off a tele-conference sponsored by Americans for Prosperity regarding the Obama administration's "stimulus package". I was concerned about it prior to the call, now I am fired up. We need to do everything in our power to stop this from happening. We may not be successful, but let's at least go down fighting.

I sent the following email to almost everyone in my email address book. I would like to ask you to doctor it up any way you'd like, but please get some version of this to everyone you know. There's another great letter in the works by another group. I'll share that one with you later. If I get twenty letters from twenty different groups I'm going to pass them along!


I don't normally send out group emails, but this one is SO critical. Let's make this viral! We only have TWO days left to stop the stimulus. Visit for details on the bill then be sure to go to and sign the petition. Don't stop there, call Congress, write letters, post blogs, send emails, send faxes! If enough people call and voice their opinion we CAN stop the stimulus.

Join me in taking a stand in the first major policy battle of President Obama's Administration.
You've seen the coverage of the approximately $1 trillion debt scheme pushed by Speaker Pelosi and President Obama that's being called the "Stimulus Package."

Sadly, many politicians in Washington, DC really believe that driving our nation even deeper into debt and using our money for wasteful government spending boondoggles is the way to get us out of the current recession.

These political leaders don't realize that massive deficits, higher taxes, wasteful spending and heavy-handed regulation are primary reasons for the current recession.

You can fight back today by visiting and joining the growing army of taxpayers saying NO by signing Americans for Prosperity’s petition to stop this disastrous trillion-dollar debt scheme, known as the “Stimulus Package.”

It is critical that we send a loud and clear message to DC politicians that ordinary citizens simply cannot afford the crushing burden and devastating consequences of this initiative.

Please act now to make your voice heard -- and encourage your friends and family to do the same -- by signing AFP’s petition at

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Discerning Texan joins the Read My Lipstick Network

I like to brag about all of our member blogs who keep the conservative fires burning. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am constantly impressed with your writing, dedication, insights and witticisms. Your collective conservative mind power is awesome to say the least.

You tired of hearing how great you are yet?

I'll stop anyway .

The Discerning Texan (TDT) is a great addition to our roll of excellent bloggers. I've included a few snippets from the blog below. You'll also want to go check out the links posted on TDT's sidebar, excellent list.

Welcome to The Discerning Texan.

Thank You Mr. President
I feel like I need to highlight a couple more really good pieces I saw today, because by and large I find myself agreeing with them. There are not many people I know who think that President Bush has had a flawless Presidency. Then again there is not a President dead or alive who I think has had a flawless Presidency. I saw the President speak the other night and I was very moved by the speech. Then I saw this great, unapologetic defense of the Bush Presidency....

UPDATED -- Are we allowed to question the "Will of Landru"?
One of the better Star Trek episodes from the early days dealt with a fictitious planet where the inhabitants either had to follow the will of their "Dear Leader"--in this case named Landru--or else to be "absorbed" (lose one's identity to a "collective mind"). In a sense, it was an early parallel to what later evolved into "the Borg".Maybe the day when we are required to be within the "Body of Landru" (or else...) is not as far off in the future as the producers of Star Trek surmised.One wonders--given the tone of yesterday's Inaugural address and the "follow the pied piper" vibe which seems to be suddenly virulent in our culture--whether the collective energy of "hope" that President Obama will be successful has not engendered willful blindness in many ordinary Americans....

Blog Roundup

Here's some of the recent posts by Read My Lipstick Network blog members. I think I must call this something different each time I do it .

A tale of Obama with headlines
Obamatactics - 1 hour ago
So much for "can't we all just get along", uh huh. Obama won so now he gets to walk all over everyone who doesn't agree with him. Obama to GOP: 'I won' President Obama listened to Republican gripes about h...

Bishops Urge New President to Keep Laws on Conscience Rights, Foreign Aid for Abortion, Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Moms In The Right - 2 hours ago
Bishops Urge New President to Keep Laws on Conscience Rights, Foreign Aid for Abortion, Embryonic Stem Cell Research Posted using ShareThis

Great Pro-Life Commercial from
Good Government - 3 hours ago
While I am not Catholic, I support (and .com) in their fight against abortion. I signed up for updates a while back and encourage you to do the same if you are pro-life. They started runni...

The First 100 Hours
Dots for Dummies - 5 hours ago
Three catch-up bits as I've been without internet access for over a week now: If only I had a nickel for every time I heard a commentator remind us of how "history is being made today." If only I had a ma...

My blood pressure is SKY HIGH
Lasso of Truth - 6 hours ago
I was really hoping to be pleasantly surprised by Obama; however, he is clearly living up to the pre-election expectations. This was on the AP yesterday: "President Barack Obama signed a memorandum Frida...

Sliding Down the Slippery Slope…to Obama-land…
Chicagobluesgirl's Blog - 6 hours ago
Be afraid of what is to come in the Obama administration, conservative colleagues, but be vigilant.

Joe Biden: A National Disgrace
SteveMaloneyGOP - 6 hours ago
Tomorrow, Sunday (Jan. 25), I'll continue the column on Joe Biden as a national disgrace. One reporter called the new Vice President "a human gaffe machine," and that's accurate. Sometime ago, Biden was d...

Obama Reverses the Mexico City Policy
Blacknright's Weblog - 7 hours ago
Obama is at it again. He is determined to be the most controversial and radical president we have ever had. He talks about reducing abortions and then makes sure they will go up by reversing the policy w...

Obama: I Could Lose Re-election....
Barracuda Babes for Sarah Palin - 3 minutes ago
Great post on Smart Girl Politics blog, had to share: Obama: I Could Lose Re-election.... Stacy President Barack Obama met today in a private meeting with Democrats and Republicans to discuss the economic ...

Priorities Alive and Well in America
The Admonition - 4 hours ago
A Pew Research Poll finds that Americans are more worried about the economy than anything else. That is very comforting, what with a new socialist style administration taking over, middle east turmoil, peo...

March for Life 2009
Dixi - 7 hours ago
Just got back from the March for Life in DC! An estimated 300,000 people marched! We arrived in at our hotel in DC on Wednesday, the 21st at 6:00pm. My mom drove for 14 hours! On Thursday we took the subw...

Obama: Don't listen to Rush
Pundit & Pundette - 11 hours ago
The NY Post reports that President Obama has some advice for conservatives which I'm sure is intended for our own good: Don't listen to Rush Limbaugh. "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things d...

Good-Bye President Bush and Thank You!
Michelle McIntosh - 19 hours ago
Thank you for standing up for our country and being a strong leader. You did your job well and kept us safe. You will always be my favorite President. It is amazing that one day you can feel safe and secur...

'A Slobbering Love Affair'
Pundit & Pundette - 1 day ago
I don't read romance novels but I might make an exception for this: A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media by Bernard G...

2009 and 2010 Gubernatorial Races.
Pink Elephant Pundit - 1 day ago
In the next two years there will be 38 gubernatorial races. Thirty eight, ya’ll. Out of 50. That’s a big deal. Here is a quick run down of those up for re-election, from NPR: 2009 — 2 (2 Dem) New Jersey: J...

Network map of US Congress twitterers

Someone on Twitter shared a link to this article. Very interesting. I'd tell you who it was, but by the time I got back to TweetDeck the sender was lost in tweetland and I couldn't find. Thanks to whoever it was and sorry I can't give a shout out.

Network map of US Congress twitterers
Published by Mat Morrison
on Tuesday, January 13, 2009
This is a map of the current US congressmen and women who are currently on Twitter (you can click it to see a bigger map where you can read the names.) The direction of the arrows show who follows whom, and the size of the blobs indicates how “popular” a given congressperson is among their twittering peers (where “popular” means something like “is followed by many of their peers.”) Colours indicate party affiliation (for those of you who — like me — don’t live in the ‘States and who — like me — need reminding from time to time, the Democrats are the blue dots.)

Not on Twitter yet?

When I first took a look at Twitter I was a bit overwhelmed. You only get 140 characters, people are chatting and flitting across the single page screen (which you have to manually update), and it just seemed like a silly place to be. Impossible to keep up with it all, I thought. Another time waster.

However, I kept hearing about it and finally I decided to give it a shot.

After signing up, I flipped over to the Top Conservatives on Twitter (.com) website and started "following" a few of the folks at the top of the list. This was the equivalent of dipping your toe into the pool to see how cold the water might be.

It was rather fun watching the info flow, the links fly and the tweet chatter. I went back and followed a few more. Wading now...

I started posting comments and getting responses. Dog paddling...

Some of those I followed reciprocated and my list of followers and those I followed started to grow. Getting deeper...

Some were extremely helpful, sending me links to "Twitter for Dummies" articles and general tips. Swimming lessons...

Then I found TweetDeck. Life on Twitter became so much easier. Columns, the ability to group by cause or topic, to see profiles quickly without opening another web page, the ability to delete tweets and so many other features gave a bit of organization to the wild world of Twitter.

OK, I'm swimming with the sharks, now and ready for anything...

I have connected with so many interesting people! I get so many news tips, not just from Fox News and Drudge, but from my vast group of Twitter friends.

It's encouraging, too, as I find that there are so many people across this great country who are working to preserve those values and principles the majority of Americans profess to hold. I've discovered a whole conservative nation. When I start to get a bit down about the "change" Obama promised and is delivering, I flip over there and just scan the tweets. Ah, a fresh breath of intelligent, conservative thought.

Another thing that I've found fun and helpful is Twitter Feed (.com). I feed five or six of the blogs that I contribute to or manage directly to Twitter. The titles and a short intro are posted automatically on Twitter. It can't help but increase readership. More importantly, the news I find is redistributed to others who can also help to spread the word.

Long post. I know I've written some shorter posts encouraging you to try Twitter, but I had a few minutes so thought I'd rag on you again. If we are going to carve out a niche in this fast changing world, we need to do it now and do it quickly. We need to be on every social media network available.

We seem to have lost the media battle, at least thus far. We may win the war for a true balanced media in the days too come, but we certainly don't want to hand over the Internet in the meantime.

Go ahead, dip your toe into the water, or better yet, just jump in and go for it.

I'm "Read My Lipstick" on Twitter.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Governor Palin Welcomes International Diplomats

Governor Sarah Palin today (Jan. 2nd) is welcoming an international delegation of diplomats who are traveling to Alaska to celebrate Alaska Statehood Day on January 3, 2009. Representatives from several Asian and European countries accepted Governor Palin’s invitation to participate in weekend celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of Alaska being admitted to the Union.

“We welcome these representatives with our best Alaska hospitality. We are pleased with their recognition of the importance of our 50th anniversary,” Governor Palin said. “It is a special honor to welcome Ambassador Kislyak and to showcase our state to this high-profile international group.”

Among the traveling dignitaries is Mr. Sergey Kislyak, newly appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States, who is making his first visit to Alaska.

“I am so pleased to be here this weekend,” Ambassador Kislyak said. “As discussed in my meeting with Governor Palin, it is encouraging to note the similarities between Alaska and the Russian Far East. Our existing commercial connections and the mutually beneficial nature of our professional partnerships can only help provide a measure of stability as, together, we face the global economic challenges that lie ahead.”

Ambassador Kislyak also met with representatives of the Aleut International Association, Institute of the North, Alaska Rule of Law Initiative, National Parks Service, ISER Alaska Chukotka Project, and Turnagain Elementary School Russian Immersion Program, all of whom have been involved in multi-year Russia-related projects.

In addition to Ambassador Kislyak, foreign dignitaries include Yuri Gerasin, Consul General of the Russian Federation; Julian Evans, British Consul General; John Mataira, Consul General of New Zealand; Balazs Bokor, Consul General of Hungary; Sten Arne Rosnes, Consul General of Norway; Haryong Lee, Consul General of Korea; Fred Santos, Consul of The Philippines; Mel Knight, Alberta’s Minister of Energy; Marvin Schneider, Alberta’s Executive Director of the U.S. and Americas; and Haijun Wang, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of China’s Heilongjiang Province. Mr. Wang is leading a four-person delegation from Heilongjiang Province, a sister province to Alaska, and China’s northernmost region.

Members of the Alaska consular corps will also be participating in the weekend events. Among them: Karen Matthias, of Canada; Hideo Fujita, of Japan; Hee-chul Kim, of South Korea; and Jose Luis Cuevas, of Mexico. They will be joined by honorary consuls of the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Seychelles, and Norway.

“We are thrilled that so many of our esteemed international friends are joining us for the auspicious occasion of our statehood celebration,” said Kris Perry, director of the Governor’s Office of International Trade. “These trade partners have been critical to the economic development of this state in the last 50 years and have helped grow the market for Alaska exports to a nearly $4 billion enterprise. Their presence here this weekend demonstrates how far Alaska has come in the arena of international commerce, and also how much promise we have for the next 50 years and beyond.”
Photo: Governor Sarah Palin meets with Mr. Sergey Kislyak, newly appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States, on his first visit to Alaska. Ambassador Kislyak is part of a large group of foreign dignitaries on hand for weekend celebrations marking Alaska’s 50th anniversary of statehood.

Alaska State of the State Address by Sarah Palin

by Sarah Louise Heath Palin, Governor
January 22, 2009

Thank you. Our good Lieutenant Governor Parnell, President Stevens, Speaker Chenault, lawmakers, Native Leaders, my dear family, and all Alaskans. Thank you for this opportunity.

First, please join me in thanking those who protect our freedoms that allow us to assemble – our good men and women in uniform – they are America’s finest, our U.S. military.

It’s been quite a year since we last gathered in this chamber. Just two days ago we witnessed a shining moment in the history of our country. Millions of Americans are praying for the success of our new president, and I am one of them. His work is cut out for him, but if President Obama governs with the skill, grace and greatness of which he is capable, Alaska’s going to be just fine. We congratulate President Obama.

And, for keeping the homeland safe, and being a friend to Alaska, I thank President Bush.

2008 was the year when America looked to Alaska, and one of our own sprang to national attention. There was political drama, controversy, lively debate, a few awkward moments and in the end, some disappointment. But what a glorious debut for a unique Alaskan - and we congratulate our former Senator Mike Gravel.

In the history of Alaska, it was also the conclusion of a long and distinguished Senate career. We thank Ted Stevens, and wish him all the best.

We look forward to working with his successor Senator Mark Begich. The best to our new man in Washington.

And to working with long-serving Representative Young and Senator Murkowski. Congratulations on her worthy committee assignments.

Tonight, I’m pleased to see new faces here, and I appreciate all who have sworn to uphold our constitution. Newcomers, some say we have some pretty strong differences among us, and well – subtlety is not always one of our strong points. But we try to keep things friendly and civil, and we’ve been known to actually succeed.

I used to wonder if the occasionally rough edges of politics were unique here under the Great North Star. But I ventured out a bit this past year, and I tell you that, as partisan quarrels go, ours really aren’t so bad. At our best, we are forthright in our opinions, charitable in our judgments and fair just like the people who hired us to work for them.

Today, when challenges may seem as high as Mt. McKinley, and change as constant as the mighty Yukon flows, and political events send shockwaves through our foundation like the ’64 quake – what do Alaskans do? We climb Denali, we forge the river, we rebuild a stronger foundation on higher ground. When it matters most, lesser differences fall away. Just like family, Alaskans unite.

It was this kind of determined action that turned the northland wilds into a territory, a territory into a state, and that state, across 50 years, into a land of industry, opportunity, and enduring beauty. And now that perseverance is needed again, as we go through a time of testing for our country – a time of economic worry for many Alaskans – a time of challenge to the wisdom and resolve of state government.

Governor Wally Hickel said he feared more than any economic depression – a depression of the spirit. Alaska, it’s time we revive the optimistic, pioneering spirit that our founding mothers and fathers birthed in our State Constitution! As we celebrate statehood – let that spirit rise now, and our actions correspond as our founders intended.

See, we have that choice, how to respond to circumstances around us. As public servants, will we draw from a servant’s heart the resolve to put pettiness and power struggles aside and work together for the good of the people? We have the choice. I speak for the entire Palin/Parnell Administration when I declare we choose optimism and collaboration and hard work to get the job done.

It starts with a frank assessment of our economy and our budget. We have natural advantages to defer some effects of the global recession. Our banks have good liquidity, our credit market is relatively strong, home foreclosures are lowest in the nation. That’s the upside of a regional economy. The reverse side, our unemployment rate is about the national average – over seven percent, which means thousands of Alaskans need jobs. And when our budget is 90 percent reliant on the value of energy resources, there are consequences.

Two years ago at this podium, I urged spending restraint. I asked that billions of surplus funds be deposited in state savings. This struck me as a simple precaution against, as I described it, massive single-year cuts down the road, if and when we faced tougher times. You legislators agreed, so we can now meet our challenge in a stronger position.

And you understood the challenge is not just to think fast and change plans when the price of oil suddenly falls, affecting revenue by billions of dollars. The challenge is to follow a consistent plan despite inconsistent prices.

With prudence, you built our reserves – that was good planning. This national economic downturn that’s spread to the energy market – it found us prepared. And that’s more than many states can say about their financial situation.

When oil prices and state revenue are on the rise, as was the case, there’s temptation to assume it’ll go on rising forever, and to spend accordingly. Since prices fell, there may be an equal temptation to draw heavily on reserves or, for some, to be tempted to tap the permanent fund earnings or tax our hardworking families.

No. With the budget, the aim is to keep our economy on a steady, confident course. The aim is – with discipline – we protect our reserves and promote economic growth.

Now, unless the price of a barrel of oil dramatically increases, soon, we’re looking at a potential revenue shortfall in excess of a billion dollars this year.

So with a close eye on price, we need to be willing to curtail spending as needed. If there’s a shortfall, there are options. It’ll take a cooperative spirit all around to see us through the uncertainty.

I had proposed we start with an overall reduction of seven percent from last year’s expenditures.

This is a real reduction, not just a reduction in the rate of spending increases – as cuts are often defined elsewhere. That’s transparency in budgeting – just as the public saw when we put the state’s checkbook online. We stand ready to work with lawmakers – who hold the purse strings – to amend the budget, as we receive revenue updates in weeks ahead.

Last year, we all expected another surplus. But even then, with record high prices, I chose prudence and directed state commissioners to cut millions in operating costs.

Finding efficiencies even during times of plenty – that’s common sense fiscal responsibility.

Now obviously, circumstances have changed that even international seasoned oil experts could not predict, requiring us now to adjust even more. Therefore, I am implementing a hiring freeze, exempting public safety, and I am restricting non-essential purchases. These actions reduce the draw on savings as we monitor revenue for the rest of 2009.

For too long, Alaska’s economy has struggled with fluctuating revenue due to global commodity prices.

In a volatile economy, numbers are not fixed, but principles are. We’ve followed the same principles from the start of this administration: fiscal discipline, limited government, and responsible stewardship.

At a time when other state legislatures are staring at multi-billion-dollar deficits, and when our federal government proposes a deficit in excess of a trillion dollars this year alone, we have all the cautionary examples we need in the virtues of living within our means. With less revenue, we have an obligation to spend less money.

With our share of federal funds and Congress’ stimulus package, our obligation is equally clear: we must ensure these public funds serve vital needs – as is the case of infrastructure for our gas pipeline, needed by the nation; and the Kodiak Launch Facility, adding to national defense. President Obama pledged not to let this stimulus package devolve into the past familiar scene of politicians lining up for obscure earmarks. This is reform at work.

Thankfully, in the state, these past couple of years we’ve allocated billions for roads, ports, schools, and other vital public works. That money hits the streets and grows the economy this year – so the private sector creates, and we keep, many thousands of good Alaskan jobs through this.

We can stay on that path of investment in growth with continued support for essential construction projects that will – literally – build this state.

Now, we can’t buy into the notion that for government to serve better, it must always spend more. Reductions we support are a chance to show the true measure in public policy. Simply increasing budgets every year, a common government practice, is no guarantee of success. More often, it’s an incentive to failure. Good public policy is accountable for results, and focused on critical priorities.

We promised public education reform – so schools can plan ahead, and bureaucracies do not smother a school’s creativity or a student’s aspiration. We now take the next step in our three-year education plan – to offer every young Alaskan – rural and urban – the opportunity to learn and work and succeed in the world.

We’ll fully forward-fund all our school districts with more than a billion dollars – that’s more than 21 percent of General Fund expenditures. Education is that high a priority. We’ll focus on early learning, vo-tech and workforce development, an enhanced University, streamlined operations, we’ll hold schools accountable, and we’ll encourage opportunities for students with special needs.

One of the great privileges given to me last year was the chance to be a witness for the truth that every child has value; to say to special needs children that they are beautiful and loved. And needed. We learn more from them than they from us. Across America, a great change is coming in public policy affecting these children, and Alaska can lead the way. This is a part of the culture of life where every child is cherished and protected.

In this chamber, we share a commitment to serious health-care reform. We’ve learned from experience that all the answers do not come from Washington. When Congress turns to health-care reform this year, we look to our delegation to make the case for greater competition, more private sector choices, and less litigation in the health-care market. But we’re not going to wait. Here, reform can move forward without delay.

I look forward to working with you on adjustments to kid’s health insurance. We’ll fund more early screening – for example, for autism – because early detection makes all the difference. We’ll focus on preventing disease and promoting healthy living. I’ll ask that physical education be incorporated into daily school schedules, too.

We have alarming levels of heart disease, diabetes, childhood obesity – and all of these maladies are on the rise. Now, I won’t stand here and lecture – for very long – but health care reform on an individual basis is often just this simple: we could save a lot of money, and a lot of grief, by making smarter choices.

It starts by ending destructive habits, and beginning healthy habits in eating and exercise. In my case, it’s hard to slack when you have the ever-present example of an Iron Dogger nearby. But many of us could use a little more time in our great outdoors – and when you live in the Great Land, there’s no excuse.

Protecting good health is largely a matter of personal responsibility, but government policy can help. Our new Alaska Health Care Commission will recommend changes that affect the well-being of Alaskans far into the future.

So, a healthier Alaska via personal responsibility, and subsisting more on our pure and plentiful Alaskan food sources! It’s why we protect our waters and soils from pollutants, and it’s a reason we manage our wildlife for abundance.

To ensure this, we’ve successfully brought the Habitat Division back into Fish and Game, as I promised. Our biologists have protected game by eliminating predators from calving grounds and we'll further protect herds, some of which are at precariously low levels of abundance - thus ultimately promoting the population growth of every species.

We’re building viable personal use and commercial fisheries in some of the most controversial and complex fisheries in the world, dealing with half a dozen foreign countries, including Japan, Russia and Canada. We’re establishing sustainable seafood stocks, and limiting salmon bycatch in the trawl fishery. We’ve increased research on salmon runs, and we’re building new hatcheries for vibrant industry.

As the largest and only Arctic state, we’re studying climate-change through our DEC-led subcabinet. And we’re suing the federal government for misusing the Endangered Species Act. There is an attempt there to use the ESA to impose environmental policies that should be debated and approved legislatively, not by court order or bureaucratic decree. Alaskans have shown through our protective laws that we’re willing and able to protect our magnificent wildlife, while developing our God-given resources, by using conservation laws as they were intended. We’ll challenge abuse of federal law when it’s used just to lock up Alaska.

Vital projects now underway show how much science and technology have improved in a generation, greatly reducing risk to the environment. Continued work in Cook Inlet and on the North Slope, new drilling at Nikaitchug, new exploration in NPRA – these projects and more will be carried out with the safest methods. My administration has dramatically ramped up oversight. We demand the highest standards of stewardship and corporate responsibility, because we want to pass on this Alaska that we cherish to our children and grandchildren and beyond.

And just as we strive to keep our environment safe, we’re dedicated to keeping Alaskans safe. We’ve finally filled vacant trooper positions this fall and we have several innovative initiatives moving, like a Highway Patrol Bureau focused on road safety and DUI enforcement. And I’m excited about the Troop to Trooper program, which offers our National Guard hometown heroes careers in law enforcement.

These priorities should be a powerful incentive to think clearly and act decisively – not politically – in pursuit of funding them with our next economic lifeline: the gasline.

Without revenues from developing clean natural gas, priorities can’t be funded, and we will deplete reserves within a decade. Working together, we’re developing a 10-year plan to keep a healthy balance in the Constitutional Budget Reserve. We’re laying up stores, until strong revenue comes in with the flow of natural gas to feed hungry markets here and outside.

Unfortunately, some focus only on potential obstacles when they discuss projects like the gasline: the giants in the land preventing us from gathering fruit. But as I recall, we’ve already slain a few giants.

Remember TAPS 30-some years ago? Alaskans were told the oil line was impossible. And then, all those years when this capitol was filled with talk about a $40 billion gasline, but that’s all it ever amounted to – talk, and closed door deals? Working with you, we shook things up, and passed Ethics Reform and AGIA and ACES. By inviting the private sector to compete for the right to tap our resources, we now have two major efforts underway to commercialize gas – without surrendering Alaska’s sovereignty.

The big line will be the work of years. Last month we took another step closer to steel pipe when we signed the license with TransCanada-Alaska.

To further develop, we’re commissioning preliminary work on a road to Umiat, and pursuing a road to Nome. We need access to our resources. Alaskans – especially in our smaller communities, the heartbeat of Alaska, with truly so much potential – we need jobs for income and achievement. Responsible resource development – including drilling, mining, timber and tourism – means more jobs, instead of more government.

Now with the big line, every enterprise – every great thing worth doing – involves challenges. But we can be confident in this enterprise because it’s founded on the fundamental interests of our state and nation. America needs energy: affordable, abundant and secure. With international conflicts, war, and environmental concerns, laws and markets seek safe, clean energy, and that’s what we offer. The last president supported a gasline, and so does the new president.

Because even the most promising renewable energy sources are years from general use, between then and now, we need a clean interim fuel to power our grid and heat our homes. Natural gas is ideal.

In Alaska, all roads lead – well, really we only have the one, North – but it leads to the North Slope, and to the central importance of our North American gasline. America’s security, Alaska’s revenue, Alaskan careers, affordable fuel, even our ability to finally diversify our economy – all these hinge on the success of this great undertaking. I assure you: The line will be built – gas will flow – Alaska will succeed.

Ironically, our people are blessed with owning the richest natural resources in the country; here we’re getting ready to flow four-and-a-half billion cubic feet of gas every day in a huge line; yet we’ve been more vulnerable than other Americans to every rise and fall in energy prices. Even though we own the resources.

The solution for our state is much the same as for the rest of our nation – only the source is ours and much closer to us, so delivery can come sooner. We’re facilitating a smaller, in-state gasline with legislation we’ll hand you next month. My goal for this in-state line is completion in five years. It will carry 460-million cubic feet of gas every day to energize Alaska.

Previously, we’ve relied on a diminishing gas supply from Cook Inlet, and expensive diesel, and a mix of government subsidies, and not enough conservation – but that is not sustainable. And it shouldn’t take another spike in energy costs to stir us into action. Alaska will help achieve energy independence and security for our country, and we can lead with a long-needed energy plan for America. But let us begin with energy security for ourselves.

This includes meeting my goal of generating 50 percent of our electric power with renewable sources. That’s an unprecedented policy across the U.S, but we’re the state that can do it with our abundant renewables, and with Alaskan ingenuity.

In our energy plan, for the first time, Alaskans will see cooperation among our utilities. We’ll introduce legislation creating the joint utility corporation to finally accomplish this. No more fractured efforts to generate power along the Railbelt via so many different utilities, headed in so many different directions. We will have coordinated power generation that will finally make sense for consumers.

Energy is key. Governor Hickel spoke of the undeniable tie-in between energy and poverty, energy and peace and life. He said, “Our answers begin with energy. Freedom depends on it, so does hope.”

For goals of hope, opportunity, and self-sufficiency, government is not the answer, but government can help with energy challenges. In villages, our weatherization programs provide jobs and reduce the cost of living. We continue to support bulk fuel purchases, PCE, power plant upgrades and many projects that foster opportunities and self-sufficiency. We’ve got to row together as one crew – that’s the only way to reach these goals.

Now, we need more oil in the pipeline, too. So we strictly enforce state laws and contracts with oil companies. We’ll hold them accountable with those contracted commitments they signed, to develop our resources – as we are expected to keep our word to them. Our reformed oil production formula, ACES, helps them with strong incentives to keep capital re-invested, and it’s working with new developments, as DNR just announced a banner year for new companies entering our competitive oil and gas arena.

Alaska, there will come a day when our success is not measured in barrels. The goal is multiplicity – an economy made strong by a wealth of petroleum, but no longer solely dependent on it. And again, the test of leadership is to be prepared.

We need a plan. Business leaders, local officials, and other stakeholders, we all agree for our economic future, we need this. Like the saying, “Fail to plan? Then you plan to fail.” To that end, I issued an administrative order this week calling for the state’s first comprehensive economic strategy.

Like our unprecedented energy plan rolled out this month, the Alaska Legacy Plan is the first of its kind. It will determine practical strategies to implement today and for the next 50 years.

In the past, organizations have studied our strengths and weaknesses. They offered generalized suggestions for change. That’s good, we’ll utilize that. We propose a strategic action plan for private sector and government to stimulate and diversify the economy. We’ll need participation and common sense from those who make this economy run – namely, the small-business owners who do the hard work – they create jobs. That’s where the best ideas are.

This will be the road map for activities and investments, to grow us strong, here in the Great Land of plenty. With our ideal, strategic position on the globe as the air-crossroads of the world; with our massive size, with stores of potential, with our spirit, with our people – together we will plot the course.

I have confidence in Alaskans, in their judgment and groundedness. Even more so after the journey I completed on November 4th. I learned more about fighting the good fight, facing long odds, the need to protect family – my own and our Alaska family – and putting Country First even when voters put you second. Not unlike Alaska’s journey.

When I took my oath of office to serve as your Governor, remember, I swore to steadfastly and doggedly guard the interests of this great state like a grizzly with cubs, as a mother naturally guards her own. Alaska, as a statewide family, we’ve got to fight for each other, not against and not let external, sensationalized distractions draw us off course.

As an exciting year of unpredictable change begins, we, too, have our work cut out for us. And we’re all in this together. Just like our musk ox, they circle up to protect their future when they are challenged. We’ve got to do the same. So now, united, protecting and progressing under the great North Star, let’s get to work.

Thank you. God bless.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 new members brings the RMLN to 112 bloggers!

Our goal in 2008 was to reach 100 before the stroke of midnight Jan. 31st. Happily, we reached that number and went a bit beyond. This month we're up to 112 and hopefully we'll add a few more conservative bloggers before February rolls around. We have a ways to go to hit our new target of 5 million .

Thanks to all who recommend the Read My Lipstick Network to friends and other bloggers!

Today's additions:

Sarah's Full Court Press -
If you love Sarah Palin, you'll love this blog! Julie (blog owner) is a member of Team Sarah and Smart Girl Politics, too. Both are well worth joining.

Gunner Sykes -
This blog requires a quick mind! I love good satire and dishes it out in grand style. I rarely break out laughing while reading anything on the Internet, but some of his posts had me laughing to the point where it was difficult to type... You'll note he gave up political satire for a bit if you wander back through his posts. I'm glad he's back, even if he did take a smart slap at some of the people I happen to like.

Here's a few of my favorites:
Obama Forms Committee to Study Committees
Interview With Barack Obama's Kindergarten Teacher
Ann Coulter Frightens NBC Away

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck, Fox, Monday

Sarah Palin to be guest on Glenn Beck's first program on Fox, Monday 5 p.m. He's asking for questions:

Ask Sarah
January 16, 2009 - 8:35 ET
Glenn’s TV show on Fox News starts Monday at 5pm ET---and his first guest is Gov Palin. Do you have a question for Sarah Palin that you want her to answer?
Full Story

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RMLN blog round up...

Just a few of the great blogs posted in the past few days.

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Proof of Hamas using human shields
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Top Ten List
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How to Fly The United States Flag
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Recently my husband and I visited Ft. Sill with my in-laws. It was so warming to see the base housing with the flags flying outside the homes. Here are ten guidelines from the VFW on how to fly your flag.

Begich: Palin not begging for enough fed funds
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Alaska's newly-minted Senator complains that Governor Sarah Palin is not asking the president-elect for a larger share of the $750 Billion dollar stimulus package he wants Congress to approve to jump-start...

Red State Feminists: Can a Feminist be a Conservative?
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Georgia's Isakson Questions BHO's Sec Labor on Union's Secret Ballot
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Rebuttal to Negative Palin Opinion Column, Anchorage Daily News
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Good Works Work: MSNBC stranger than fiction Shuster outs Palin 2012
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Blago humor
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The End Is Near
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Ziegler vs. O'Donnell
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MSNBC stranger than fiction Shuster outs Palin 2012
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Christmas children's book pushes global warming
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"Eye for an Eye" or "Turn the Other Cheek"?
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If you're on Twitter...

Follow @karlrovechannel. #TCOT (Top Conservatives on is trying to help him reach 1,000 followers in the next few hours. Less than 200 to go... spread the word.

Logo for Sarah Palin's Birthday

We've made a "Send a birthday card to Sarah Palin" avatar or logo for you to use to highlight Sarah Palin's Feb. 11th birthday. As I wrote earlier, we're hoping all of her supporters will send birthday cards to her and overwhelm the Post Office .

Here's a link to where we've posted info and the free-to-use logos:

Grab the logo and post it on your sidebars and websites. Let's get this ball rolling and make it a birthday she'll always remember as the best ever!

Palin Alert --- Tacky Media Alert

Tacky to say the least. "The Week" (never heard of it before) has a contest where they ask readers to "supply an imaginative twist" to news stories. This week they're asking readers to supply stories as if they were writing a romance novel. Wait until you read the example they give! Tacky.

I left a one-word comment. You'll never guess which word ...

I almost hate to write about this one simply because it brings attention to what they're doing and it'll give them free publicity, albeit negative. With the negative will come the libs / left / progressives / dems. (In case you're wondering why I keep using so many labels, it's cause if I use dems, they write and say they're libs; if I use libs, they write and say they're progressives. I figure I'll make sure I capture all the labels that are being used just so I don't miss anyone ;-)

They know that any time they use Sarah Palin's name, even if it's in a tacky, despicable way, they attract attention. The caricature they use of Sarah is hideous. If the tacky contest didn't show their true leanings, the caricature would clinch it.

Anywaze, here be the link to the tacky contest:, and here be part of the tacky contest info:

Arts & Leisure
Friday, January 9, 2009
“What Next?” Contest: Sarah Palin
Every week, we’re asking readers to supply an imaginative twist to one of the recent news stories featured in The Week. Submissions should be emailed to Please include your name, address, and daytime telephone number for verification, and please type “Sarah Palin’’ in the subject line. Entries are due by 6 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday, Jan. 12. The winner will appear on the Puzzle Page of the magazine next week, as well as here, at Friday, January 16th.

Prize: One year’s subscription to The Week

This week’s question: Sarah Palin is now fielding more than a dozen offers to write a book and 800 requests for interviews. But if a publisher commissioned a romance novel about her instead, how would that novel begin? (No more than five sentences, please.)


Sarah Palin sat down at the boardroom table and crossed her legs angrily as the political operative launched into his PowerPoint. “You need foreign-policy credentials, so we’re sending you abroad,” the dashing operative said. Frowning, Sarah shook her head so hard that soft brown tendrils tumbled from her bun, framing her face like a heart. “What I want to know,” she said, “is why I am being sent to that country with the kangaroos.” With a sigh, the operative replied, “You mean the country with The Sound of Music.”

Friday, January 9, 2009

Address for Sarah Palin

Thus far, the only address we've come up with is to the Governor's office. We're trying to find a better address to send the birthday cards, will let you know if we come up with one.

Alaska State Capitol Building
Third Floor
P.O. Box 110001
Juneau , AK 99811-0001

Sarah's birthday is Feb. 11th...

Alexa Shrugged joins the Read My Lipstick Network

Being a big Ayn Rand fan I think Alexa's play on the one of Rand's best-known books, Atlas Shrugged, is a real attention grabber. I found the blog a while back and have been popping over and reading off and on. I think you'll all agree it's a nice addition to our family of blogs!

Welcome to: - Alexa Shrugged

Latest from blogrolling on status...

So much for the Tweet that they'll be back up the week of the 5th. Here's the new note on their status page:

Happy New Year loyal Blogrolling users (I figure you must be loyal if you are still reading these updates after waiting so long!)…

To recap the story thus far, was brutally hacked in late 2008. We decided to take most of the system offline to ensure that no customer data was compromised and that we could still continue to serve blogrolls, but without the capability to add or edit them.

As you know, we’ve been working with our development team to re-write every single line of code in the Blogrolling system new from scratch. During this same period, we’ve also been working on several other really important projects to help ensure that we can continue to pay the bills and keep the lights on for the Blogrolling project, which really is a labor of love for us (its been a free service for as long as I can remember). We love Blogrolling just as much as you do, but we’ve also had to make sure that we take care of our paying customers as well.

We’ve also been slightly slowed down over the last couple of weeks by the holidays. As of yesterday, the last of the major holidays are behind us, and we’re now back hard at work getting 2.0 ready for a public beta as quickly as we can. I will post another update next week after our next code review.

Thanks again for all your patient support. We really do appreciate it and will do our best to make sure that BR2 gets online as quickly as possible.

For Sarah Palin supporters...

Feb. 11th is her birthday. Thought you might want to send a card. Wouldn't it be cool to have news stories about the mail system being inundated with birthday cards for Sarah? I'm picturing the post office having to get extra trucks... use those big bins... hmmm

Letter re: Obama considering Gupta for U.S. Surgeon General

Passing this letter along per request of RMLN member:

Dear PNHP members and friends,

The report this week that President-elect Obama is considering Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's chief medical correspondent, for the position of U.S. surgeon general is deeply troubling.
Among our concerns are these:

He has very little background in public health, preventive medicine or administration.
He has openly opposed progressive health reform, going so far as to cite false information to denigrate single payer (e.g. in his error-laden attack on Michael Moore's film "Sicko") and parroting the health insurance lobby's distortions of single payer.

As a media figure, he has been disturbingly cozy with Big Pharma. He co-hosts Turner Private Networks' monthly show "Accent Health," which airs in doctors' offices around the country and which serves as a major conduit for targeted ads from the drug companies. Another example: In 2003, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, he publicly downplayed concerns about the dangers of Vioxx. It was removed from the market a year later by its manufacturer, Merck.

In the 2008 election campaign, his reporting on John McCain's health proposals was misleading and implicitly positive, giving undeserved credence to McCain's claims that buying private health insurance on the open market is a financially viable option for most Americans.

We urge you to write to President-elect Obama and express your opposition to Gupta's possible nomination, and to urge Obama to nominate a more acceptable candidate for this critically important post. You can do so by clicking here:

Sincerely yours,

Quentin D. Young,
M.D.National Coordinator
Physicians for a National Health Program
29 E Madison Suite 602, Chicago, IL 60602
Phone (312) 782-6006 Fax: (312) 782-6007

Workers Deserve Better Than a Big Labor Lackey

Note: I posted part of this on my previous post. Hate to bombard you with topics this morning, but after I posted the last, I went back and read the entire Morning Bell. You can't read just the little exerpt I posted a second ago and get the full picture! Here ya go:

Today may well turn out to be a major turning point in the history of the labor movement, and not because Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA) will face questions at her Secretary of Labor confirmation hearings in the Senate . No, the bigger story is the voice vote conference call Service Employees International Union president Andy Stern has scheduled for 2 pm today. If things go the way Stern plans, the SEIU board will approve the forced break up of the third largest SEIU affiliate in the country, SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West (UHW). The UHW’s sin? Their leader, Sal Rosselli, has been a big critic of Stern’s leadership. The Los Angeles Times reports:

[Critics] say Stern’s push to centralize control over the 2-million-member union created conditions for abuses. They say his consolidation of locals into bigger and bigger chapters has reduced SEIU democracy, and thus limited the ability of rank-and-file members to monitor and challenge officers they suspect of unethical conduct. “When your union is less democratic than the Teamsters, you have to look in the mirror and say, ‘What happened?’ ” said Ken Paff, national organizer for Teamsters for a Democratic Union, a reform group. Paff said the “mega-locals” formed under Stern’s administration have made it nearly impossible for dissidents to collect enough money or candidacy signatures to run against incumbents in union elections. … Nelson Lichtenstein, a labor historian at UC Santa Barbara, has lauded Stern’s accomplishments over the years, but sympathizes with Rosselli. He said Stern’s consolidation program “lends itself to a more autocratic leadership style.”

So at a time when even labor activist leaders are worried about the democratic future of the labor movement, the stewardship of the Department of Labor during the next administration will be particularly important. Unfortunately, after spending $16.5 million to elect President-elect Barack Obama and another $85 million to elect a Democratic Congress, big labor is pushing a far reaching agenda that reduces transparency, oversight, accountability, and democracy. Solis should face tough questioning on all of these issues:

Preserving the Right to a Secret Ballot: Organized labor’s highest legislative priority is the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, which effectively replaces traditional secret ballot organizing elections with publicly signed cards. Workers would have to voice their choice in public, in front of union organizers, exposing workers who do not want a union to pressure, threats, and harassment from union organizers. This legislation is popular with union bosses but opposed by large majorities of workers. Solis should explain how taking away private ballots could possibly protect workers?

Misuse of Worker Pension Funds: The AFL-CIO wants the Department of Labor to “rescind all 2008 guidance regarding the legal standards imposed on pension plan fiduciaries when considering investments in “economically targeted investments” and “the exercise of shareholder rights.” These guidelines provide important protections for workers, preventing union officials from misusing workers’ pension funds for their benefit while imperiling workers’ retirement. Will Solis continue to require unions to manage pension plans in the sole interest of workers and maintaining strict fiduciary responsibilities on union pension managers?

Union Financial Transparency: This past August the president of the largest SEIU local in the country, former-Los Angeles local member Tyrone Freeman, resigned after the Los Angeles Times revealed that Freeman fleeced his fellow union members — who make about $9 an hour caring for the infirm and disabled — of over $1 million in 2006 and 2007 alone. When questioned about their knowledge of Freeman’s crimes, the SEIU responded: “Until we read these allegations in the L.A. Times, nobody ever brought before us serious credible evidence of wrongdoing.” Clearly unions are completely incapable of policing their own. The Department of Labor recently revamped union financial disclosure forms so that they now provide meaningful information to union members about how their dues are spent. The LAT uncovered Freeman’s fraud by examining discrepancies in these new LM-2 forms. Now union lobbyists want the Department of Labor to rescind those regulations. Will Solis commit to keeping the existing financial disclosure requirements in place?

Union Accountability: Over the past eight years, the Department of Labor has increased the amount of money spent to audit union books to ensure they are accurately reporting their finances. As with businesses, audits hold unions accountable and discourage fraud and corruption. However the AFL-CIO wants the Department of Labor to conduct fewer audits and is lobbying to have the amount of money spent auditing union books cut. Does Solis believe cutting funding for the amount of money spent auditing books is the best way to protect union members?

The benefits to union bosses of increased unionization and decreased union oversight are clear. If just Wal-Mart’s United States work force of 1.4 million were unionized, that would mean an additional $500 million a year in union dues for the Andy Stern’s and Tyrone Freeman’s of the world to play around with. Our struggling economy can not afford such invitations to corruption, fraud, and waste. Workers deserve a union watchdog, not a big labor lackey.

Great topic from the Heritage Foundation

Love the Heritage Foundation! If you're not receiving the Morning Bell, you're missing out on some great topics and thoughts.

Preserving the Right to a Secret Ballot:
Organized labor’s highest legislative priority is the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, which effectively replaces traditional secret ballot organizing elections with publicly signed cards. Workers would have to voice their choice in public, in front of union organizers, exposing workers who do not want a union to pressure, threats, and harassment from union organizers. This legislation is popular with union bosses but opposed by large majorities of workers. Solis should explain how taking away private ballots could possibly protect workers?

Workers Reject Card Checks, Favor Private Ballots in Union Organizing
by James Sherk
WebMemo #1363
Revised and updated June 20, 2007
Both sides in the card-check debate say they seek to protect workers' freedom to decide whether to join a union. Card check supporters argue that union organizing elections are "intensely coercive" and that Congress should replace private ballots with publicly signed cards to protect workers' choice. Opponents argue that a worker's free choice is best protected by the privacy of the voting booth.