Friday, January 9, 2009

Great topic from the Heritage Foundation

Love the Heritage Foundation! If you're not receiving the Morning Bell, you're missing out on some great topics and thoughts.

Preserving the Right to a Secret Ballot:
Organized labor’s highest legislative priority is the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, which effectively replaces traditional secret ballot organizing elections with publicly signed cards. Workers would have to voice their choice in public, in front of union organizers, exposing workers who do not want a union to pressure, threats, and harassment from union organizers. This legislation is popular with union bosses but opposed by large majorities of workers. Solis should explain how taking away private ballots could possibly protect workers?

Workers Reject Card Checks, Favor Private Ballots in Union Organizing
by James Sherk
WebMemo #1363
Revised and updated June 20, 2007
Both sides in the card-check debate say they seek to protect workers' freedom to decide whether to join a union. Card check supporters argue that union organizing elections are "intensely coercive" and that Congress should replace private ballots with publicly signed cards to protect workers' choice. Opponents argue that a worker's free choice is best protected by the privacy of the voting booth.

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