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Thanks American Sentinel!!! We have a blogroll

Thanks again to Paul at American Sentinel for the great self-updating blogroll list for our members!

If you'll go to this address,, you'll see some code. Copy the code and insert into your sidebar (for those using Blogger, add a gadget, choose add HTML, insert the code and hit save).

When we have a new member your blogroll will automatically update so you won't have to do anything! It is a LIST of working member links - please check to make sure I haven't overlooked your site.

I hope you are all members of the American Sentinel's American Solutions Independent Blog group! Lots of great groups to visit on their list. Here's the link:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog to check out!

Thought I'd pass this blog along to all:

Great title, definitely worth checking out. We're suggesting that anyone who likes it (and I think all will) add it to their sidebar list of favorites or a separate blogroll if you have one (not the Read My Lipstick Network blogroll). You may want to add it as a blog to follow if you're on Blogger, too.

Speaking of blogrolls, Paul at American Sentinel ( has very graciously offered to help get us set up with a self-updating blog roll!!! Pretty soon all of our members will be able to stick some code on the side of your sidebar and never have to touch it again. We'll add new members on our end and your blog roll will automatically update just like the American Solutions Independent Blogroll that I HOPE all have joined and have posted on their sidebars. If you haven't, look on the sidebar of this blog, scroll down and you'll see the blogroll.

If you're out scouting around on the Internet and find a good blog you'd like to see included in the network be sure to let them know about what we're doing and send them this way.

Here's a way you can help Sarah Palin and John McCain: Encourage your friends to set up their own support blog and have them be faithful in posting their pro-Palin, pro-McCain comments through the election! The more blogs we have set up and the more enthusiasm there is for our ticket, the better our chances of success will be on November 4th!

Volunteer to pick up your friends and acquaintances on November 4th (or now if your state votes early). Offer to give shut-ins a ride to the polls. Stop by your local voting location and pick up absentee information to give to those who are going out of town or who may forget to vote. Make a list of friends and call them a few days before the election and remind them to go vote (make sure all these people are voting Republican first ;-)

Send all your friends and email and encourage them to sign up for McCain updates, to vote or send them links to positive news stories or blogs that are supportive and interesting.

There are all kinds of little things you can do that could make a huge difference on November 4th and to the future of our country. I'm sure you can add to my list!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two new members!

We'd like to welcome two new members to the Read My Lipstick Network!
A voice on the Net for Conservative Moms.
We are a voice for conservative and Republican Moms and their families. We write about the issues that affect us and our families in the hope to effect positive and conservative change in The United States.

Seekers of Truth, Justice and the American Way... While still living in the REAL world.

Here's the beginning of one blog that caught my attention:
Sarah Palin
I have had several people ask me what I think of Sarah Palin this week. One person that asked is a hardcore, far-left liberal. She thought I would not like her because she is a woman and the feminist that asked - she knows I am conservative. Her shock was evident when I said that not only do I like her, but I like her better than I like McCain. She was very surprized, so I explained... I would vote for a black man or a woman - just not the ones whose views and policies are polar opposite of mine. (click the title to read the entire blog)


Welcome to both of these great blogs! Please add them to your link lists and / or blog rolls. Hopefully we'll see them on Team Sarah, too.

If you're on Blogger they have a great new service "Followers" which allows you to privately or publicly follow blogs on your Dashboard / main page. It's cool 'cause it just shows a bit from recent posts allowing you to scan for articles of interest. It will pick up any blog with RSS I gather. You can turn on the ability to show YOUR followers in Layout (add gadget).

I know you're all glued to the radio and television trying to keep up with what is going on with our financial system. I think McCain is looking VERY Presidential.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Red State Feminist Joins the Network!

You are going to love the idea and love our newest Read My Lipstick Network member: Of course, the site is RED and now it has the red lipstick proudly displayed. The site owner will be adding a link to all of our pages over the next few days.

Please add it to your blog rolls.

I also signed the Read My Lipstick Network up tonight on Team Sarah. If I had your email address you should have received an email invitation asking you to join the Team. Thanks to one of our Barracuda Babes for passing this one along from someone who commented on their blog. It looks to be another cool network supporting our gal Sarah Palin.

Time is getting short and the economy is causing angst among voters. Many states have started early voting which means those who vote based on today's whim may be casting a vote they'll regret in the days to come. These days we can't afford to wait for bad news to hit in October to change people's minds since those who are voting early can shift an election.

Please talk to your friends, send emails and do whatever you can to get your friends to vote for the McCain-Palin team!

Speak Out Against Media Bias

The Read My Lipstick Network is co-sponsoring a petition by the McCain Palin 2008 blog protesting media bias with the support of groups/sites across the political spectrum.

While many have witnessed a decisive pro-Obama slant in this news reporting during this election, this bias became glaringly apparent when Governor Palin was selected as the vice-presidential nominee.

Whether it is an organization like the New York Times having to retract stories about Governor Palin because they printed rumor and not fact; networks investigating the children of the Governor; or network pundits questioning the Governor’s ‘mothering’ skills, this over-the-top behavior and blatant bias is unacceptable. With over 1200 people having already signed we urge all readers to speak out against an irresponsible media by signing the following petition.

Petition - Speak Out Against Media Unfairness and Sexism

Petition Founder - McCain Palin 2008 Blog
Co-Sponsors -
Grizzly Groundswell
Free Me Now
Hillary Clinton Forum
Lets Get This Right
McCain Now
Palin for America
Puma Truth is Gold
Purple People Vote
Read My Lipstick

Please copy this blog, post on your blog, send out via email to your supporters and help spread the word!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Passing along email to all:

I mentioned this in my last post, but after looking at the email again figured I'd give you the majority so you could check out particular areas of interest:

I want to make you aware of my efforts to debunk the false claims swirling around Gov. Palin, especially those saying she cut funding to needy and vulnerable people.

Funding to teen moms: <>

Covenant House Executive Director, Deirdre Cronin makes a positive statement <>

Newsweek issued a correction re the teen mom and WIC claims: <>

Funding to WIC programs: <>

Funding to Special Olympics: <>

Funding to Catholic Charities: <>

My challenge to Keith Olbermann (which I would like to see conservative bloggers pick up) <>

Hope you can use this information and point your readers to these links so they can help offset the false reporting about Mrs. Palin's record.

Best regards,
Warren Throckmorton,
PhD Associate Professor, Psychology
Grove City College

New Poll and the old one is still there, too


PBS has a new poll which asks who you trust to get you through the economic crisis, Barack Obama or John McCain. Here's a link: If that link doesn't work just go here: and you'll find the poll toward the bottom on the right. They've fixed it now so that only one vote per computer... the last poll (which is still up by the way) asks about Sarah Palin's experience. If you haven't voted in that one, go to the post right before this one and access the link. They've been overwhelmed with voters on both sides!


I'd like everyone to go check out this blog and see what you think about adding it to the network. Love the Republican on it, and like the idea of a Democrat trying to keep up! Not sure if it "fits" with the Read My Lipstick Network where we're strong supporters of John McCain and our lovely Sarah Palin. Whether you vote yes or no, it'd be a great blog to add to your sidebar (which I'm going to do on a few of my personal blogs).

Here's the blog: (don't you just love the title?)


Here's another site I invite you to check out: This gentleman has some really interesting commentary and facts on his site! You may want to pop a link on your sidebar.


Please sign up on the top right sidebar for email updates. Everytime something is posted to this blog you'll get an update. It's only sent out once a day and then only if something has been posted. Thanks to Kirly for reminding me about Feedburner and their great services! Blogger has quite a few of the same capabilities now. I believe Feedburner is another one that Google has picked up, so I'd imagine sooner or later everything that's on Feedburner will be on Blogger.


LOTS of trash being tossed at McCain from the Obama campaign. Too much for one blog! If you have set up the ability to follow other blogs on your Blogger homepage (if you're using Blogger, many aren't), then you'll probably be able to scan titles and catch up fairly easily on the issues of the day! The big one in my mind is that they're trying to throw the race card into the mix, which of course, we all knew sooner or later would happen. Every time they try that mess it just makes people more leery of voting the Democratic ticket. The stretch they've made to stir the issue this time boggles my mind. I guess they figure it worked with Hillary and Bill, so maybe it'll work now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

56 to 42 on PBS Blog

We've overtaken the nay-sayers but they're still out there voting trying to say Governor Sarah Palin isn't qualified! You can vote more than once, so go for it!

PBS poll is asking if Governor Palin is qualified.

Growing, growing, growing! Welcome Kirly!

Another new member of our growing list! I'm going to post the entire list for everyone so you can double check to make sure you have all the blogs on your blogroll.

Here's our newest member:

This is a post from the Kirly (not a bald stooge) site that I hope everyone will check out and go VOTE! Let's keep the straw poll states all red for McCain-Palin!

The makings of a Landslide
New straw poll on AOL show McCain-Palin up 62% to 38%. Please, go vote! Turn the entire map RED for McCain-Palin!


Here's another site we're in the process of checking out: We'd love your comments! Personally I like the idea of Red State Feminists who put God, Family and Woman Power together.


Current membership list:

Let me know if I left anyone off the list or there are any errors! We're going to need to start communicating via an email list in the very near future.

Please send an email to so we can get you on the email list. We won't do anything with the list other than send you a note when we've added a new member and won't share the list with anyone.

At some point maybe someone will share how to do one of the nifty self-updating lists that some blog memberships have, then we can dispense with having you add the new members yourselves. I'm all for taking the easy route when coding permits.

Have a great week and keep up the good fight!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another great network to add to your blogs!

Hopefully everyone in our blog list is supporting American Solutions, Drill Here Drill Now and similar initiatives! If you're not then you might not want to have the following added to your side bar, but I'm betting most if not all on our roll are supporters. If you see the list after posting and your blog is not listed, please let me know and I'll send an email.

The Read My Lipstick Network has joined the American Solutions Independent Blog Roll and most of us are already listed on their roll as I type (wow, they're fast!).

If you will and would, please add the following code to your sidebar to promote the initiative:


Join the American Solutions Independent Blogroll

I rode around this morning looking for gas and had to go past ten or so gas stations before I found one that actually had gas. I know it's a result of Hurricane Ike, but if we were drilling like we could then I imagine we'd have back-up systems and we wouldn't be dependent on other countries to supply our needs, or be knocked for a loop when a hurricane takes out a few platforms. The initiative that was just passed in Washington, if it makes it all the way through, isn't going to help and it certainly isn't going to get us any gas in the short term. If you're unsure how you feel about this, visit here:, read all about the issue and then sign the petition if you're willing! Let's get things moving, lets support John McCain and Sarah Palin and get our gas!

Blog Change! We Love Sarah Palin is now America Needs Sarah Palin!

A note from We Love Sarah Palin blog owner:

Find us at our new address
Not sure how it happened, but my blog which was formerly called We Love Sarah Palin is now called American Needs Sarah Palin and can be found at

(Note from Read My Lips Network: lately we've been having some problems with Blogger in regards to adding things and having the wrong blogs pop up. Personally, I have a business blogger account and help a few other people with their blogs so have to log into multiple blog accounts. It's taking me to some strange places when I log in sometimes and it's not my computer 'cause I've cleared history, rebooted, don't have problems elsewhere. I have had to completely re-do some of the sidebar additions because it removed the "add" button from features, etc. Being the imaginative type at times, the thought has crossed my mind that Blogger / Google don't like John McCain and Sarah Palin and they're messing with any blogs that are pro Republican, etc... especially since so many of us keep calling them to task for not including any positive results in the Blogger owner Google's search engine... but I think I will chalk it up to Blogger's growing pains instead. They're adding all these cool new features so maybe some code is causing problems!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack Obama's Advisers Wrote Bill Barack Obama Decries On Campaign Trail

"Let me welcome you all here today for the signing of this historic legislation. With this bill, the American financial system takes a major step forward towards the 21st century, one that will benefit American consumers, business, and the national economy for many years to come." -- Larry Summers, Then-Clinton Treasury Secretary And Current Obama Adviser, On Gramm-Leach-Bliley (1999)

Today, The Obama Campaign, As Barack Obama Has Done Over The Past Few Days, Blamed The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act For The Current Economic Crisis:

Obama Campaign Memo: "Gramm Was 'Principal Author' Of The 1999 Gramm-Leach-BlileyAct, Breaking Down Walls Between Banking, Insurance, And Securities Firms Erected By Depression-Era Glass-Steagall Act. 'Mr. Gramm, a principal author of the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which broke down the walls between banking, insurance, and securities, left Congress in late 2002 to become vice chairman of UBS Warburg.' [American Banker, 3/11/08]." (Obama Campaign Memo, 9/19/08)

However, Just Today, The Washington Post Highlighted The Utter Hypocrisy Of Obama's Position Considering Some Of The Very Same Advisers He Met With This Morning Were Major Supporters Of The Bill:

The Washington Post: Obama Supporters And Advisers Were Authors And Proponents Of The Very Same Bill Barack Obama Attacks On The Campaign Trail. "One element of the Obama campaign's brief against Mr. McCain is that he supported repeal of the law separating commercial banks from investment banks. ... Would it be churlish to point out that another author of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley law is former congressman Jim Leach, a founder of Republicans for Obama? Or that Obama advisers Lawrence H. Summers and Robert E. Rubin supported the repeal which was signed by President Bill Clinton?" (Editorial, "'Always For Less Regulation'?" The Washington Post, 9/19/08)

Barack Obama Advisers Who Lobbied For The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act:

· Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) -- Barack Obama's Running Mate

· Robert Rubin -- Obama Economic Adviser Who Met With Obama Today

· Larry Summers -- Obama Economic Adviser Who Met With Obama Today

· Gene Sperling -- Obama Economic Adviser Who Met With Obama Today

· Former Rep. Jim Leach (R-IA) -- Leads "Republicans For Obama" And Spoke At The Democrat National Convention

· Former President Bill Clinton -- Signed The Bill And Whose Support Barack Obama Has Constantly Sought

Joe Biden -- Obama's Own Running Mate -- Voted In Favor Of Gramm-Leach-Bliley:

Joe Biden Voted For The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Modernization Act Of 1999. (S. 900, CQ Vote #354: Adopted 90-8: R 52-1; D 38-7; I 1-0, 11/4/99, Biden Voted Yea)

Robert Rubin -- Former Treasury Secretary (1995-1999) -- Lobbied For Gramm-Leach-Bliley:
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Only Became Law Because Then-Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin Urged President Clinton To Sign The Legislation. "[T]he Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act ... only became law when Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin prevailed upon President Clinton to sign the bill." (Robert Scheer, Op-Ed, "Candidates Seek Banking 'Expertise' We Don't Need," San Gabriel Valley [CA] Tribune, 8/3/08)

President Clinton: Former Secretary Bob Rubin "Worked Very Hard On This." CLINTON: "But I do want to thank all the members here and all those who aren't here and I'd like to thank two New Yorkers who aren't here who have been mentioned -- former Secretary of the Treasury Bob Rubin, who worked very hard on this, and former chairman, Senator Al D'Amato, who talked to me about this often." (President Clinton, Remarks, Washington, D.C., 11/12/99)
Senator Paul Sarbanes (D-MD): "I Want To Thank The President, Secretary Summers, Former Secretary Rubin For Their Strong Support Throughout This Process." (Senator Sarbanes, Remarks, Washington, D.C., 11/12/99)

Lawrence Summers Former Treasury Secretary (1999-2001) Worked For The Passage Of Gramm-Leach-Bliley

Obama Adviser Larry Summers Was Involved In Negotiating The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, And Called It A "Major Step Forward Toward The 21st Century." "Mr. Summers, the Obama adviser, was among those who negotiated the [1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley] measure on behalf of the Clinton administration, and he praised it as a 'major step forward toward the 21st Century.'" (Michael M. Phillips, Elizabeth Holmes and Amy Chozick, "Candidates Call Upon Big Names For Advice," The Wall Street Journal, 9/18/08)

· Then-Treasury Secretary Summers Called Gramm-Leach-Bliley "Historic Legislation" That Is "A Major Step Forward Towards The 21st Century."

SUMMERS: "Let me welcome you all here today for the signing of this historic legislation. With this bill, the American financial system takes a major step forward towards the 21st century, one that will benefit American consumers, business, and the national economy for many years to come. This is the culmination of years of effort by many, many people, reflects the work of presidents, Treasury officials, members of Congress, those in the private sector, from both parties, and dedicated professionals, both inside and outside the government. With their help, I believe we have all found the right framework for America's future financial system." (Remarks, Washington, D.C., 11/12/99)

President Clinton" "I Want To Express My Gratitude To Those Principally Responsible For The Success Of This Legislation ... Secretary Summers." CLINTON: "Like all those before me, I want to express my gratitude to those principally responsible for the success of this legislation. I thank Secretary Summers and the entire team at Treasury, but especially Undersecretary Gensler for their work, and Assistant Secretary Linda Robertson." (President Clinton, Remarks, Washington, D.C., 11/12/99)

Secretary Summers: "And I Want To Thank Especially My Predecessor, Bob Rubin, Who Cared Deeply That We Get This Bill Right..." (Remarks, Washington, D.C., 11/12/99)

Gene Sperling -- Former National Economic Adviser for President Bill Clinton (1997-2001) -- Lobbied And Worked On Gramm-Leach-Bliley:

Secretary Summers: "...Gene Sperling And Sarah Rosen And Their Colleagues At The National Economic Council For Everything That They Have Done In Bringing Us To This Point." (Secretary Summers, Remarks, Washington, D.C., 11/12/99)

Rep. Jim Leach (R-IA) -- One Of The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act's Co-Authors -- Is An Obama Supporter And Leader Of "Republicans For Obama":

Former Rep. Jim Leach (R-IA) Was The Co-Author Of The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Which Repealed The Glass-Steagall Act And Allowed Competition Between Commercial And Investment Banks And Insurance Companies. (S. 900, Signed 11/12/99)

· Leach Endorsed Obama And Serves As A Leader Of "Republicans For Obama." "Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, picked up the endorsement today of former Republican Representative Jim Leach of Iowa, an important state in the general election." (Jonathan D. Salant, "Iowa Republican Leach, Ex-House Member, Backs Democrat Obama," Bloomberg News, 8/12/08)

· Leach Spoke At The Democrat National Convention. "The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and the Obama For America Campaign have confirmed that former Rep. Jim Leach (R-Iowa) will speak Monday, the opening night of the convention, themed 'One Nation.'" (Mary Ann Akers, "Surprise GOP Speaker At Dem Convention: Jim Leach," The Washington Post's "The Sleuth" Blog,, 8/24/08)

Representative Jim Leach: "Mr. President, Secretary Summers, colleagues in the House; let me just say, this is a bill that's bipartisan, bicameral, 'bi' -- in fact, tri-institutional, with officials of the legislative, executive, as well as the independent regulatory branches of government working well together." (Representative Leach, Remarks, Washington, D.C., 11/12/99)

Senator Paul Sarbanes (D-MD): Representative Leach "Shepherded" The Bill Through The Congress. SARBANES: "I want to thank Chairman Leach, who served as such an able chairman of the conference committee and kept us at the table on a -- when, on occasion, it looked like maybe people would walk away from the negotiating table. He shepherded the process through, I think, in an exemplary way." (Senator Sarbanes, Remarks, Washington, D.C., 11/12/99)

President Bill Clinton -- Who Signed The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act -- Is The Leader Barack Obama Has Been Constantly Meeting With And Getting Advice From:

President Clinton Signed The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Into Law On November 12, 1999 As Public Law No. 106-102. (P.L. No. 106-102)

President Clinton: "This Is A Very Good Day For The United States." (President Clinton, Remarks, Washington, D.C., 11/12/99)

President Clinton: "So This Is A Day We Can Celebrate As An American Day." (President Clinton, Remarks, Washington, D.C., 11/12/99)


The McCain-Palin presidential campaign today announced the endorsement of Miguel D. Lausell, Senior Political Advisor to Hillary Clinton, and Clinton Delegate-at-Large Luchy Secaira.

"Although I supported Hillary during the primaries, I now support John McCain and Governor Palin because I am putting my country first," said Secaira, former Hillary Clinton Florida Delegate-at-Large. "They have the experience and judgment to lead America through these difficult times, and I trust them to work with Democrats to do the right thing for our country."

Lausell, who advised Senator Clinton on a variety of issues including international trade, telecommunications and Latino affairs, added, "John McCain has a long record of reforming government and working across the aisle to achieve bipartisan results. His courageous leadership is exactly what we need in the White House, and I am convinced that John McCain is the right leader at the right time for our nation."

Both Lausell and Secaira supported Sen. Hillary Clinton during the primaries, but they will campaign for the McCain-Palin ticket.

Lausell has served as President and CEO of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company; Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Telephone Authority; a member of the Governor of Puerto Rico's Economic Strategic Council; President of the Export Policy Commission of Puerto Rico; and Undersecretary of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico. He served on the National Finance Board of the Gore 2000 Committee and was a member of the Democratic National Committee's Leadership 2000 Board.

Secaira, who is of Dominican descent, traveled to eight states to coordinate grassroots efforts for Senator Clinton, has a doctorate of neuropsychology and was trained at New York University.

Sign this petition please!

Paul from has posted a petition and is hoping to get at least 1000 signatures:

I hope you'll take a minute, sign it and pass it along to others on your blogs.

After you hit enter you go to a page that asks for a donation. You do NOT need to make a donation, this is something the petition site is asking to help cover their costs. It's entirely up to you whether you want to donate. I didn't. Your signature will still be listed whether you donate or not and Paul with McCain Palin 2008 does not get anything if you do choose to donate.

More members of Read My Lipstick

Three new members to add to your blog rolls and watch.

1 - Republican Candidates ( --- they post all the official releases from the McCain campaign and a few others on occasion. Well worth adding to your blog rolls and the sites you're following just to see the latest and greatest from our guy McCain.

2. JMac Politics ( --- Fayette County Georgia lady who shares her opinions on a wide assortment of political matters. She's focusing on the election at the moment and is a strong supporter of McCain-Palin.

3. My favorite of the day: Goatees and Lipstick ( - new blog by a newly fired up supporter of John McCain and Sarah Palin! With a title like that you know it's going to be a fun blog to read.

Here's his first post: Up from the couch
I have to begin with my brand new involvement in blogging. After hearing Sen. J. McCain speak from Min. this morning, I rose off the couch with cheers on behalf of great news and plans from McCain. I got so excited that I called my sister in-love and had to just spout off about my excitement. Well she pointed me to blogging and set me up here....I made a statement that I so agree with the McCain/Palin ticket that I would put lipstick on my goatee and walk around if I thought it would show my support in a positive way.... thus birthing my new blog "Goatees and Lipstick"

Be sure to add these to your must reads and help spread the word about the Network, our fellow blog members and JOHN MCCAIN AND SARAH PALIN!!!

Go Sarah!! has joined the network

I had no idea there were so many quality people taking their precious time to help get John McCain and Sarah Palin elected! This is a critical election and we need all the help people are willing to give.

I was just listening to the author of a book about voter fraud talking on the radio. I only listened to a minute but what I heard was scary. Have you heard about Acorn the group Obama is tied into? I'll try to find out more and share it with the Network or maybe some of you will want to go out and do some research.

Get your friends engaged in this fight for what is right! We're going to need poll watchers all over the country --- a good topic for your blogs at some point.

Welcome to Go Sarah!! Please visit, please share and please add her blog to your Blog Rolls and Blog Lists. You may want to use the new Blogger feature, "Follow" so you can see when something new is posted.

Here's the link to Go Sarah!! :

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yet Another Great Blog Added to the Network!

Smart Girls Politics is our very latest new member! Here's a link to the blog so everyone can go take a look: (then add the blog to your blog rolls, etc.)

Here's the latest post on the blog (at least the latest as I type this ;-)

Obama Wants Reform and Change, But Will He Clean His Own House?
Senator McCain and Senator Obama are both calling for change and reform in Washington. It's not just what the people want in this country right now, but what we are demanding. After today's debacle in the financial district, it's alarming that there is still little action being taken to fix the problems instead of using a band aide as a solution...

Please spread the word!

PBS is asking whether Sarah Palin is qualified for VP.
This is a PBS listener poll with 61% indicating they don't think Sarah is qualified. Let's spread this poll to our conservative friends and see if we can change the numbers.
39% to 61%-Let's go! Vote now!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another New Member of Read My Lipstick!

Ladies (and gents if there are any), please add to your blog lists!

Here's a bit about Moms 4 McCain:

Supporting courageous, proven leadership for America's 44th President!

The author / owner of the blog is "Mom, Business Owner, Informed Voter, Patriot (or is that 'patri-ette'?). I am an independent citizen not affiliated with the official campaign."

Thanks to Moms4McCain for joining the growing group in the Read My Lipstick Network.

We've joined the McCain Victory 08 Blog Roll

We've joined the McCain Victory '08 Blog Roll (

I think most of our members now have the MV08 Blog Roll list on your blogs but if you don't, and you'd like to be part of their network go hear for instructions on how to become a member:

They'll check out your blog, then add you to the blog roll. It's great to be associated with other blogs for McCain-Palin! I was impressed to find so many positive blogs for McCain-Palin around the Internet. When you do a Google search about all they put on the first few pages are negatives. Given the traffic and number of positive blogs, isn't it something that none of them seem to make it to the top of search engine pages?

If you'd like to check out MV08 first click this link: Then you can just click on the "Join the Blog Roll" link right under the header if you're interested. There are a ton of McCain blogs on their list!

Another Blog Added to the Network! More Moms for McCain

We'd like to welcome More Moms for McCain to the Read My Lipstick Network! Be sure to check out the blog (

Here's a brief description:

Some of us are simply home makers. Others of us work full or part-time outside the home. Our children are infants, toddlers, teens, or young adults. We are Roman Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Non-Denominational or other Christian faith. We send our children to public school, private school, home school. Our common denominator is our fierce love for our families and our country...The United States of America. We are MORE MOMS FOR MCCAIN.

Welcome to the Read My Lipstick Network

Our latest addition to the Network is "We Love Sarah Palin". Great blog with lots of good info being posted rather frequently from what we can tell. Hope you'll check it out!

If you have a blog or website that is pro-Sarah Palin and would like to be part of the Network, the info is on the sidebar.

Working together we WILL get John McCain and Sarah Palin elected! Keep in mind that although the majority of the states are swinging in the McCain-Palin direction at the moment, there are a few key states that MUST go our way if we want to win. Let's find friends in California, Florida, Pennsylvania and other key states and make sure they vote and vote right!