Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two new members!

We'd like to welcome two new members to the Read My Lipstick Network!
A voice on the Net for Conservative Moms.
We are a voice for conservative and Republican Moms and their families. We write about the issues that affect us and our families in the hope to effect positive and conservative change in The United States.

Seekers of Truth, Justice and the American Way... While still living in the REAL world.

Here's the beginning of one blog that caught my attention:
Sarah Palin
I have had several people ask me what I think of Sarah Palin this week. One person that asked is a hardcore, far-left liberal. She thought I would not like her because she is a woman and the feminist that asked - she knows I am conservative. Her shock was evident when I said that not only do I like her, but I like her better than I like McCain. She was very surprized, so I explained... I would vote for a black man or a woman - just not the ones whose views and policies are polar opposite of mine. (click the title to read the entire blog)


Welcome to both of these great blogs! Please add them to your link lists and / or blog rolls. Hopefully we'll see them on Team Sarah, too.

If you're on Blogger they have a great new service "Followers" which allows you to privately or publicly follow blogs on your Dashboard / main page. It's cool 'cause it just shows a bit from recent posts allowing you to scan for articles of interest. It will pick up any blog with RSS I gather. You can turn on the ability to show YOUR followers in Layout (add gadget).

I know you're all glued to the radio and television trying to keep up with what is going on with our financial system. I think McCain is looking VERY Presidential.

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PZ said...

Wow. You are growing fast. Great work you are doing.