Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog to check out!

Thought I'd pass this blog along to all:

Great title, definitely worth checking out. We're suggesting that anyone who likes it (and I think all will) add it to their sidebar list of favorites or a separate blogroll if you have one (not the Read My Lipstick Network blogroll). You may want to add it as a blog to follow if you're on Blogger, too.

Speaking of blogrolls, Paul at American Sentinel ( has very graciously offered to help get us set up with a self-updating blog roll!!! Pretty soon all of our members will be able to stick some code on the side of your sidebar and never have to touch it again. We'll add new members on our end and your blog roll will automatically update just like the American Solutions Independent Blogroll that I HOPE all have joined and have posted on their sidebars. If you haven't, look on the sidebar of this blog, scroll down and you'll see the blogroll.

If you're out scouting around on the Internet and find a good blog you'd like to see included in the network be sure to let them know about what we're doing and send them this way.

Here's a way you can help Sarah Palin and John McCain: Encourage your friends to set up their own support blog and have them be faithful in posting their pro-Palin, pro-McCain comments through the election! The more blogs we have set up and the more enthusiasm there is for our ticket, the better our chances of success will be on November 4th!

Volunteer to pick up your friends and acquaintances on November 4th (or now if your state votes early). Offer to give shut-ins a ride to the polls. Stop by your local voting location and pick up absentee information to give to those who are going out of town or who may forget to vote. Make a list of friends and call them a few days before the election and remind them to go vote (make sure all these people are voting Republican first ;-)

Send all your friends and email and encourage them to sign up for McCain updates, to vote or send them links to positive news stories or blogs that are supportive and interesting.

There are all kinds of little things you can do that could make a huge difference on November 4th and to the future of our country. I'm sure you can add to my list!


Jem said...

A blog roll would be great! Thanks to American Sentinal. :)

Jem said...

I saw the new blogroll at the American Sentinel! Looks great! We need the code :)