Thursday, March 26, 2009

McCain: People voted 'mostly for Sarah Palin' last year

Former Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain has no illusions about the 2008 White House race.

"God bless them," McCain said Thursday at the Heritage Foundation when reminded of the tens of millions of people who voted for him last year.

"Over 50 million people voted for me and Sarah Palin - mostly for Sarah Palin," McCain said to an eruption of laughter. But "there was a sizable majority of the other party returned to Congress. And, elections have consequences. Elections have consequences. And these consequences we are seeing now in full display."

More Sarah articles:

Palin: GOP must stand together
KTUU - Anchorage,AK,USA
Sarah Palin called for a unified front among Alaska's GOP, while taking a swipe at fellow Republicans in Juneau for ceding too much control to Democrats. ...

Palin Faces Latest Ethics Complaint
Sarah Palin that claims a conflict of interest because she wore Arctic Cat logo gear during the Tesoro Iron Dog snowmobile race. Ten other ethics complaints ...

Photo: Palin addresses protesters
Capital City Weekly - Juneau,AK,USA
Sarah Palin's rejection of federal stimulus dollars. The state of Alaska was offered approximately $930 million from the federal government. ...

Sarah Palin blasts Obama for Special Olympics gaffe - USA
Alaska governor Sarah Palin expressed shock over President Obama’s remark about Special Olympics. The president appeared on the Tonight Show last Thursday ...

Palin, Beck, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Jindal, Hannity & more

All in one place, one weekend: Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Mike Pence, Gary Sinise, Michele Backmann, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill Bennett, John Conyn, Lou Dobbs, Newt Gingrich, Star Parker, Mitt Romney, Lila Rose, Ben Stein, Laura Ingraham, David Horowitz, Mike Huckabee... phew, I know I missed someone, and probably mangled a name or two also!

Check out the Values Voter Summit, September 18 - 20, 2009.

Register before May 15th for only $79!!!
Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington D.C.

This is going to be hot! I'm waiting on the press release, soon as I get it I'll pass it along. or 1-888-372-2284

This should go viral.

Short, succinct and excellent. I'd encourage you to keep this one on your sidebar and post it! Thanks to RMLN member Steve Maloney for sharing it with us.

Tedisco Update: Obama raises stakes in NY vote

If you have friends in NY, get them energized. The vote is March 31st in this special election and Jim Tedisco wins, we win. Not only do we gain a much-needed seat in Congress, but we send a powerful message to the Obama team. They are fighting tooth and nail for this seat and throwing everything they have at winning. If you can spare time to make phone calls, go to his website and volunteer. If you can send $5, $10, $50, $1,000 to help, do it.

Obama raises stakes in NY vote
Uses campaign database to support Dem candidate
President Obama on Wednesday endorsed the Democratic candidate in a New York special congressional race that will be decided next week, raising the stakes in an already high-profile contest that is being viewed as the first political bellwether vote of the Obama era.

The president praised businessman Scott Murphy as an ally for change in an e-mail sent Wednesday morning to around 60,000 supporters on voter lists run by the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America (OFA), the Obama presidential campaign's database that has been turned into a semi-independent political organization.

From the National Republican Trust

An Urgent Message From Scott Wheeler

Re: Defeating Obama's Candidate in SpecialCongressional Election
Dear Newsmax Reader:

The race between Republican Jim Tedisco and liberal Democrat Scott Murphy is very tight.
As you know, this special congressional election in New York is very important. If Tedisco wins, it will send a powerful message to Washington and the media: Americans don't want Obama's radical, socialist plan for America.

That's why we at The National Republican Trust have already committed more than $500,000 to help defeat Wall Street Democrat Scott Murphy and elect Republican Jim Tedisco.

Today, we are launching our new TV ad exposing Scott Murphy's support for the AIG bonuses — bonuses that were protected by Obama's stimulus plan that was not even read by members of Congress before they voted for it!

Please take a moment to watch our new TV ad — Go Here Now.

You can make a powerful difference!

Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler
Executive Director

P.S. The Democrats are continuing to money into the race and are even trying to lock up TV air time. It's urgent we make our last minute TV buys.

Introducing our newest members!

First a short "programming note" - In a previous post I shared info on the upcoming Values Voter Summit. I was working from a printed copy of the flyer and missed the comment "invited speakers include" above all the names. Based on those who spoke last year ( ) I'm going to guess that pretty much all of those I mentioned will probably accept. As I noted in my previous post, I'm waiting on the official press release (I called them this morning & asked to be added to the list). I'll keep you updated!


Some of these are fairly new blogs! Love it when more people choose to start blogging conservative. Given there are six new members I've chosen to include some of their posts rather than try to describe each for you. Please visit. Please let them know you visited. Please follow as many as you possibly can.

* Chattering Class Member

Rahm Emanuel Paid $320K for Helping Freddie Mac?

Told you so
I hate to say it, but "told you so". Who am I chiding? This time it's the mining industry. They believed Obama when he said he was going to take care of them, despite saying he was going to kill the industry (yes, that's a broad paraphrase) to others...

ACORN busing protesters to AIG HOMES!
So, who's behind those buses heading to AIG homes to...


* - The Right Majority

Rush Limbaugh the Right's Thinker
Today I am writing about a recent article that my Grandfather sent to me. The article was entitled “Rush Limbaugh: Icon of Anti-Morality”

A Call to a Generation
What exactly is a trillion dollars?Let’s take a moment to wrap our minds around this question. If I were to spend 1 million dollars every single day since the day Jesus was born, I still would be short of reaching that one trillion dollar mark...


* - Cryptic Cynic

What's the difference between a liberal and conservative protester?
The difference between a liberal and a conservative protester is that liberals get paid to protest. Conservatives do it from the heart and mind without pay.


* - Don't Tread On Me!

The Fight: Explaining the Federal Reserve to Others
It’s Friday, so it’s time for a fun post (kind of).
Here’s just a little about the Federal Reserve. A fun time!
“The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing...

Angry CNN Moment: A Worried Thought
The internet.
As the media covers more and more on the internet’s involvement with politics, social networking, and its importance in shaping modern society, I begin to worry...


* - We Need a Conservative John Galt

Steve Maloney: We need an American version of Daniel Hannan
What if your country held an urgent auction for its massive debt and no one bought it? That happened this week to Great Britain...

Message from Mary Tedisco (re: Jim Tedisco election)
Hey everybody,Thank you all for your support, comments and help over the past eight...

Brit Hume's Remarks in Accepting MRC's 'Award for Media Excellence'
Remarks delivered by Brit Hume, commentator for the Fox News Channel and former anchor of FNC's Special Report with Brit Hume, in accepting the third annual ...


* - Conservative Women United

There are many jokes on the internet right now that refer to TOTUS, the President’s teleprompter. I hear it even has its own official seal. The references are mostly in regards to O being fed information through his teleprompter and his apparent dependency...

On December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was bombed and it marked our entry into WWII.After the Pearl Harbor attack, Japan’s Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is attributed to have said, “I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a...

Meanwhile, Back in Tax-A-Lot
Once upon a time in the land of Tax-A-Lot most of the serfs were working very hard to improve their lives by growing small gardens in the back of their huts.


* And... the Intellectual Redneck is now the Bluegrass Pundit (like it!). The old blog url is forwarding, but it would be a good idea for everyone to change their links 'cause you never know how long that's going to work.


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Jim DeMint Discusses Flaws of National Service Act

This is almost 15 minutes, but it is well worth spending the time to hear Jim DeMint discuss S 277, National Service Act.

Hat Tip Ken Emanuelson (via Facebook)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Answering a few questions on S 277 and HR 1388

I had a few legitimate questions on the "mandatory" aspect of HR 1388 & its companion Senate version, S 277. Also had one of the typical swipes without any supporting references from a 'gee you're a Rush Limbaugh loving type who doesn't know anything' lib (they just can't resist trying to slap you, can they? Peace, love and hugs back atcha.).

Here's a bit from Michelle Malkin:
Especially troublesome to parents’ groups concerned about compulsory volunteerism requirements is a provision in the House version, directing Congress to explore “whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.”

Those who have watched AmeriCorps from its inception are all-too-familiar with how government voluntarism programs have been used for propaganda and political purposes. AmeriCorps “volunteers” have been put to work lobbying against the voter-approved three-strikes anti-crime initiative in California and protesting Republican political events while working for the already heavily-tax-subsidized liberal advocacy group ACORN.
Barracuda Babe's blog post included the actual wording from the bill which includes the "mandatory" aspect.

Here's an interesting interview and bit with Rahm Emanuel:

Wording from the bill (believe this is the House version; the Senate wording is on Barracuda Babes):
(6) Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.

Here's another opinion (stressing opinion):

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
On March 18, Rep. George Miller, a Democrat from California, tacked an amendment on H.R. 1388, entitled “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act,” or GIVE (to government), Obama’s plan to require mandatory service for all able young people. Miller’s amendment will “prohibit organizations from attempting to influence legislation; organize or engage in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes; and assist, promote, or deter union organizing,” according to, a site that tracks Congress.

Here's a page of WordPress blog links on the subject:

Here's a page from Free Republic with loads of links to blogs and articles on the subject:

Now it's up to you go decide whether this one is an issue... or not.

Quite a few Republicans are treating this as just the standard re-authorization of the volunteer service group. Could be they're correct, however I would bet the vast majority simply haven't actually read the bill because they have bigger issues on their plate and they think this is ho-hum standard housekeeping. Plus, while the issue is being bandied about on conservative blogs, I think many have been distracted by AIG, the economy, and other issues (some valid, some created) helping to keep this out of the media.

This may, and I stress may, just be the bill that slides through without a question that ultimately changes the future. Only time will tell.

One more quick thought - even if it IS a dangerous bill due to those sneaky little words being slipped into the language, if we work hard and get some balance back in Congress in 2010 and 2012, we can reverse it. Hopefully.

Programming note: We pass along alerts and info from our bloggers for YOU to research and write about. It's up to you to research and verify, although we try to vet info as much as possible. If it's questionable, we don't share. We try (try ;-) not to get too opinionated in this particular blog about individual issues. We try to primarily focus promoting our member bloggers, on preserving the rights inherent in the Constitution, protecting conservative values and highlighting conservative candidates. The ladies who run the Read My Lipstick Network have strong opinions about issues and we don't always agree, which is why we have our own individual blogs. Love to have your opinions on the issues and always appreciate when you send us your research to share with our readers and Network members.

Not trying to bore you... but a bit more on the National Service Act

From Michelle Malkin:

To GIVE and to SERVE: the $6 billion National Service boondoggle
My syndicated column today looks at the massive expansion of government-funded “national service.” Debate began yesterday in the Senate, where the $6 billion SERVE Act’s primary co-sponsors are Sens. Ted Kennedy and…Orrin Hatch. And there’s the rub. Since its inception, AmeriCorps has been a bipartisan-supported beast. The Evil Party and the Stupid Party strike again. If this does lead to the establishment of a civilian national security force, as Obama signaled during the campaign, Republicans who vote for this Trojan Horse will have no one to blame but themselves.

To GIVE and to SERVE: The $6 billion National Service boondoggle
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate; Copyright 2009
Maybe it’s just me, but I find federal legislation titled “The GIVE Act” and “The SERVE Act” downright creepy. Even more troubling: The $6 billion price tag on these bipartisan bills to expand government-funded national service efforts. Volunteerism is a wonderful thing, which is why millions of Americans do it every day without a cent of taxpayer money. But the volunteerism packages on the Hill are less about promoting effective charity than about creating make-work, permanent bureaucracies, and left-wing slush funds.

And more thoughts from Barracuda Babes:

Mandatory government service for our kids?
There's been a LOT of discussion across the conservative Internet regarding HR 1388 ("Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act" (GIVE Act)), now S 3577 (National Service Reauthorization Act) in the Senate.
I've watched and been reading the email alerts and various blogs, but haven't really had time to fully delve into the details. I still haven't had time to read the entire bill itself, not that I'd grasp it fully if I did given the way they legaleeze the language! Plus, I note there have been a number of amendments.
It seems innocent enough.
After all, every President in recent years has had some sort of somewhat similar volunteer service group.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Specter delivers death blow to labor's 'card-check' bill

By Kevin Bogardus, The Hill

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) announced Tuesday he will not vote for cloture on card-check, giving an apparent death blow to the most important congressional issue to organized labor.

> Read More

More on HR 1388 and S 277

From Writer1 (My Note: is Writer1, not Janet, RMLN) on America c2c- Coast 2 Coast:

MY NOTE: I just wanted to give to you some info regarding HR 1388 and S-277. (My oops, I keep writing HB instead of HR for some blond reason - Janet (& yes, I'm really blond), RMLN)

24 MAR 09

S.277 Title: A bill to amend the National and Community Service Act of 1990 to expand and improve opportunities for service, and for other purposes.

Sponsor: Sen Kennedy, Edward M. [MA] (introduced 1/16/2009) Cosponsors (37)

Related Bills: H.R.1388

Latest Major Action: 3/18/2009 Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 34. Cosponsors (37)-------------------->

The Senate is considering S-277 (Sen. Kennedy's version) on the floor right now (1:50pm MST) which is the Senate's attempt at modifying a bill already in existence from 1998.

My NOTE: The House version HR 1388 was voted for Cloture last night. I'm not sure of the status of that measure. If both bills conflict there can be a status to put both into Conference (or committee) for a hammering out of both bills to make it into one. If they cannot agree neither versions of this bill do not get forwarded to the President.

The 1st and 2nd Amendments are endangered only to those who choose to enter this program. (emphasis mine - RMLN) The rest of Americans are left unaffected.

The affect of putting millions into this program and having them used to be silenced can be a problem.

Again, most Federal employee's cannot lobby congress, etc.

So that's all I have to chime in with today.

I had called Sen. Reids office yesterday and gave my opinion. You all can this too.


There are 2 versions of Bill Number S.277 for the 111th Congress

1 . Serve America Act (Introduced in Senate)[S.277.IS]
2 . Serve America Act (Reported in Senate)[S.277.RS]

There are 4 versions of Bill Number H.R.1388 for the 111th Congress
1 . GIVE Act (Introduced in House)[H.R.1388.IH]
2 . GIVE Act (Reported in House)[H.R.1388.RH]
3 . GIVE Act (Engrossed as Agreed to or Passed by House)[H.R.1388.EH]
4 . GIVE Act (Placed on Calendar in Senate)[H.R.1388.PCS]

HB 1388 "Forced Servitude Bill Is Now S 277

I'm getting a LOT of emails regarding this Bill. As I type it may already have passed and be on its way to the President's desk. I hope not based on what I've read. I highly encourage you to do an Internet search on this bill, read the info and then act. According to the info I've rec'd a lot of dangerous items were slipped into this supposedly benign bill.

In the House Bill the word "mandatory" was included in regards to the 3 years of "voluntary" service. Also I've read that included in the Bill is language that revokes your right to assemble or protest (H Amdt. 49 os HB 1388) and some sort of gun-control and land grab (S 22)

S 277 Full Text
S 277 PDF
S 277

I am in the Facebook group that is trying to stop the Bill and have read some of the House amendments through being a member. I am not sure if the language all translated over to the Senate version. I usually try to research info myself before passing it along, but I frankly don't have time and so am trusting in the info I've rec'd from others.

I understand this is on the Floor NOW. Time is short, call.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Phone number to call re: National Service Reauthorization Act

HR. 1388 The GIVE Act has been relisted in the Senate as S. 3577



Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Please read:

They want NO DEBATE on this bill!!

(I'm getting alert after alert on this... just does to show how critical it is that you get involved! Please.)

Brownshirt Bill Alert - HR 1388 is now S 3577 Vote is Today!

They are now trying to mask it!!!

HR 1388 has been listed again!


Senator Reid passed a motion Thursday night to vote for cloture at 6pm, March 23.

That's Monday. TODAY!!!

This thing may be passed without debate. CLOSURE BY 6PM!!! CALL YOUR SENATORS!!!



(rec'd via the Facebook group trying to stop the Bill. This one is important, PLEASE get involved!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

More New Members of the Read My Lipstick Network

Four great new blogs have joined our ranks. - Recovery Countdown

Isn't the name hopeful? Positive? This is a cool site. I think many of our bloggers and readers are going to be checking this one frequently as it's chocked full of great articles, tips and news. - Stix Blog

Loved the "Dear President Obama" letter. I found myself scrolling down to read every single cartoon on the page. - Pal 2 Pal

Seasoned opinion with an attitude and sometimes a wink. I found myself reading one post, then heading to the next. Sarah Palin for President 2012

I may have already told you about this phenomenal blog. It's late, I'm way behind on everything and I'd rather tell you about it twice than overlook it. Excellent blog. Love the top banner, too.

I hope you'll all go visit, say hello, read and comment on the blogs, and follow those that interest you. I know it's not possible to follow all of our members. I try!

NFRW: ACORN is Back!

They will serve as a "national partner" with the United States Census Bureau. ACORN's role will be to hire nearly 1.4 million workers to canvass for the 2010 census.

Why should we be alarmed?

ACORN has a long history of voter fraud charges and now they are going to be a part of the 2010 census! Republicans are already leading the fight against ACORN's illegitimate role in the census. "

ACORN has been accused of voter fraud, embezzlement, and more... and yet this is a group that the federal government wants helping with the census?" asks Bobby Eberle of GOPUSA.

"It's a concern, especially when you look at all the different charges of voter fraud. And it's not just the lawmakers' concern. It should be the concern of every citizen in the country," Rep.. Lynn A. Westmoreland, R-Ga., vice ranking member of the subcommittee for the U.S. Census, told "We want an enumeration. We don't want to have any false numbers."

Why should we be further alarmed?

The census count not only determines congressional allocation, but it also provides the raw data by which government allocates spending on everything from roads to schools. Fraudulent or invalid data could skew congressional redistricting and enable public policy decisions that would unfairly favor the Democratic Party.

(National Federation of Republican Women)

W.A.M.: HR1388 Petition


March 20, 2009

The House of Representatives sailed through HR1388 this Wednesday- without conscience or attention to consequence - in keeping with their voting record so far this year. A version of this
measure is now in the hands of the Senate. If passed into law, it will fulfill Obama/Axelrod's largest linchpin to take over our country and our society- by taking over our youth (and even attempt to lure in our needy senior citizens by "paying" them to co-operate.

More details on this looming danger-the greatest we have faced since Obama took over are revealed at Wake Up America movement website. COVERING UP THIS GIVE ACT IS THE REASON for all the intentionally-timed commotion on AIG.

What they stand to gain on this National Service Laws rewrite is far greater than anything they lose on temporary criticism for their AIG conduct! Among its other shockers it allows for a national Commission of AmeriCorp to create MANDATORY SERVICE - with virtually unlimited power - to be required all our children- to teach and disseminate Values of this adminstration's design!

AN URGENT PETITION to the SENATE - for the signature of you and your readership- is ready and waiting for everyone's signature. W.A.M. will send with all signers on Monday A.M. so do act fast!

(After signing this PETITION, you will gain immediate access to other ACTION TOOLS on this critical issue.)

RIGHT NOW: will you please OFFER PROTECTION to our country's future generations, your children, your aged relations (plus all existing American charities and authentic community service groups) by POSTING THIS LETTER TO THE SENATE on YOUR WEBSITE OR FORUM TODAY! (Also please forward to all email lists - below dotted line on this send.)

This Letter to the Senate will briefly update your readers on what's really happening in D.C.
and give them an opportunity to make our voices heard immediately. WE MUST STOP THE
GIVE ACT- we can only do so by acting TOGETHER IMMEDIATELY!

PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE LINK TO THE NO-G.I.V.E Petition - where more details on this dreadful distortion of "National Service" are also located:



HERE IS A FAX LETTER to SEND YOUR SENATORS showing WE KNOW what's really GOING ON in D.C. All are welcome to send this letter as is- or revise to suit. Link below will provide free FAX access plus all contact info for all US Senators after you sign the Petition.
For more information and to sign NO G.I.V.E Petition, go to:


To: U.S.Senator (name here)
Fax # here
Regarding: Taking Away American Rights in the name of G.I.V.E Act

As a voter and political activist, I am appalled at the lack of diligence and conscience with which our Congress has been conducting itself. It is clear to all informed citizens by now that the AIG fiasco lies directly in the lap of Congress itself.

Whatever the Treasury Secretary did or did not know, it is known that the Stimulus Bill which Capitol Hill made law contained a loophole for the controversial AIG bonuses. If you all were taking responsible time to study legislation before you, irresponsible outcomes like this would not be happening!

Other incidents of questionable contents which your bodies have voted through to law this year are too numerous to mention. When the consequences of these new laws also become more apparent to the American public, will you all just continue to play the blame game - without accepting responsibility for your negligence? Like the billions for A.C.O.R.N., L.C.C.R. and the recent CARD CHECK push to make American workers and businesses subject to the demands of an International Union (SEIU). At least one of these organizations is already recognized for criminal conduct. We need you to pay attention!

We the People are disgusted with the misuse of Mainstream Media to divert attention from critical issues as one scandal after another is used to distract the public from the controversial, misguided, massive spending which you, as a body, are voting through. This includes your own recent pay raise while the rest of America is losing financial ground, stock value, jobs and their homes.

The current legislation to rewrite the “National Service Act” into a government-run indoctrination of American youth - and government take-over of the role of charitable institutions and community service organization (including pay-offs to involve hapless senior citizens) is absolutely the very last straw! The lengths to which the Obama regime is going to push its agenda into a permanent alteration of the face and fabric of our nation - all under the guise of “rushed emergency measures” - has become glaringly obvious and revolting to all our country stands for!

If you have the integrity to hold the Senate seat to which We the People have elected you - and you perform with due diligence on this measure - you will certainly stop this G.I.V.E Act take-over from becoming law. This letter from one voter is an urgent plea, representing millions of Americans, who look on in horror as our trusted officials undercut our economy - with ill-timed and ill-advised sweeping, rushed revisions of our nation’s laws which undermine our entire way of life.

I pray you will recall we are meant to be “One Nation Under God” - not one nation under Obama and urgently request that you demonstrate respect for your constituents, our Constitution and the United States by doing the job we have hired you to do. Please apply the full power of your office to withdraw any and all legislation re: U.S. National Service standards and requirements and its further funding and return your attention to the really critical matters at hand - to preserve our security, liberties and prosperity- not to undo them all in this dangerous manner.

Your actions on this matter will be scrutinized and your responsible conduct on costly, damaging National Service revisions will move quickly to public attention with lasting consequence!

From a voter and activist in the state you are sworn to represent,

Sign Petition to Protect Pro-Life Medical Professionals

President Obama said it. He wants to hear from you.

But he's given you a deadline: You've got two weeks to voice your concerns - to speak out for America's pro-life medical professionals ... and their moral conscience - before it's too late.

Right now, the Department of Health and Human Services is accepting public comment on this very critical issue - but the deadline is quickly approaching.

Stand for life and speak to the President on this serious issue! Add your name to our online PETITION TO PROTECT PRO-LIFE DOCTORS now!

Here's some background....The Conscience Clause was implemented by former President George W. Bush to give physicians and nurses the choice to act according to their moral conscience - to not participate in abortion procedures if it conflicts with their personal convictions.

Now, President Obama wants to change that. He's angling to remove Conscience Clause protection for healthcare providers and force them into performing abortion procedures. In other words, if you've got strong moral convictions - or pro-life Christian views - President Obama says they don't matter.

I'm urging every committed, pro-life member of the ACLJ to raise the volume on this critical issue. The President says he wants to hear from you ... so add your name to the online PETITION TO PROTECT PRO-LIFE DOCTORS now and speak out for life!

I cannot stress this strongly enough - this move by President Obama to remove Conscience Clause protection is nothing more than a ''piecemeal application'' of the deadly Freedom of Choice Act.

The Obama Administration is on the march against pro-life America. And they're moving fast. Piece by piece, one issue at a time, they're dismantling every advance for life that was made under the previous Administration.

So we can't wait. We must be vigilant and forceful on behalf of life. And we must let the President know exactly where we stand on this issue.

Voice your concerns NOW. Tell President Obama to respect the conscience rights of pro-life medical professionals by adding your name to our PETITION TO PROTECT PRO-LIFE DOCTORS immediately.

And be sure to use our online forward-to-friend tool to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to add their names as well!We've got two weeks to make our voices heard. Please let me hear from you quickly!

American Center for Law and Justice
P.O. Box 90555, Washington, D.C. 20090-0555
Phone: (800) 296-4529

RedState: GOP Wants Your Story

During this unprecedented time in our nation's financial history, Americans everywhere are experiencing hardships and personal crises they never would have imagined.

But with these difficult times often come great courage and perseverance.

Republicans in the United States House of Representatives want to know your story.

While President Obama's team tells us that only the most successful Americans will soon be subject to a massive tax hike, the simple truth is that every single American who flips on a light switch is taxed under the President's budget. In fact, an MIT study examining the effects of an energy tax similar to the President's plan will cost American households an average of $3,128 per year. Republicans want to hear how this tax increase will affect your ability to pay your health care premiums, send your children to college, start a small business, or otherwise achieve your American Dream.

Please go here and share with the House Republicans what you will have to give up to send Barack Obama the extra $3,128 he demands from you.

Sincerely yours,
Erick Erickson

President Obama: Respect My Pro-Life Convictions

The following is a petition (link at the end). In addition to signing the petition, if this is an issue for you as it is for me, PLEASE bombard the White House with calls. I think we just need to make it part of our daily routine to call the White House and voice our concern about this and any other issue on the table. We need to be sending emails, calling, writing letters and sending up message balloons to ALL of our elected officials.

Congress and the White House are seemingly completely disconnected from mainstream America, from what the majority of America. We need to stand up, speak out and get involved or we're doing to lose everything we hold precious in our country.

Writing blogs is no longer enough. We definitely need blogs, we need social accounts, we need to be networking and sharing and getting the word out. However, we now have to put some feet with our words. Find out about your local Tea Party, contact your local Republican or Libertarian Party. Fire up your Democrat friends. Start neighborhood discussion groups. Act.

Our country is being destroyed one bill at a time. They're chipping away little by little, sneaking in language that has long term negative repercussions.

Here's the petition. Please sign it, then call, too.

You have strong convictions, but President Obama says that doesn’t matter. He’s ready to rescind the Conscience Clause.

The Conscience Clause was implemented by former President George W. Bush to give physicians and nurses the choice to act according to their conscience — to not participate in abortion procedures if it conflicts with their personal convictions. If President Obama makes this damaging move, if he reverses the Conscience Clause, pro-life doctors and nurses will be forced into performing abortion procedures, despite their individual beliefs.

The announcement was made Friday, March 6, 2009. Since the official announcement was made, the public now has 30 days to file comments with the White House ... so we’ve got 30 days to make our voices heard at the White House.Make a difference in this nation and stand for the freedom to act according to your conscience. Sign the online “Petition to Protect Pro-Life Doctors” below now. It will be delivered and filed at the White House no later than April 8, 2009. Get the word out now.


Petition to Protect Pro-Life Doctors

President Barack Obama, As citizens of the United States of America, we enjoy the freedom to act according to our good conscience. This is not a freedom or responsibility we take lightly, nor one which should be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.We strongly urge you today to uphold the personal convictions of America’s pro-life healthcare providers. Do not use your hand to force them by law to act against their good conscience when it comes to participating in abortion procedures. Please respect the personal convictions of the citizens of America and do not rescind the Conscience Clause.

Be heard! Sign — add your name!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thanks to friends on Facebook and Twitter

As most of you know, Facebook shut down the Read M Lipstick account last night without any warning. They said it was because the account was a group, not an individual.

At first I said fine, my mistake. However, as the day has gone on and I've been out trying to reconnect with friends I have come across hundreds of Facebook accounts set up as group names. Churches, groups, obvious fake names and even some pretty blatant slurs with a letter twisted to fool the monitors.

I'm more convinced now that we were simply targeted. Especially since I've been receiving emails and comments from others who had the same thing happen.

Well, we have another account set up in my personal name (Janet McGregor Dunn) and we've hit 99 friends in one day. That's pretty darned good for a partial day effort. Most of it is thanks to friends in the Network, Twitter friends and all those on Facebook who've been sending out emails to their conservative friends asking them to friend us!

We still have a long way to go. Hundreds and hundreds of contacts have been lost.

I think it's time we targeted Facebook and took it over for conservatives.

It's easy to set up an account, it's easy to keep up with it. Give it a shot. Find Janet McGregor Dunn and friend me. I'll be happy to help you get going!

Send a message to Obama re: Right of Conscience

President Obama has decided that if a doctor or nurse refuses to participate in procedures they believe are morally wrong, like an abortion, they can be punished by their employer.

We have just a couple of weeks to tell President Obama and HHS how horrified we are that he intends to take away the Right of Conscience for health care professionals. By law, President Obama is required to open this policy change up to public comments for 30 days.

Our time is almost up!

Send your comments today.

Recently we received an e-mail from Mary, a health care worker and SBA List member, in Virginia, who told us, “I can assure you that my colleagues and myself will leave the profession rather than be forced to participate in such activities...I will not go against the beliefs I have lived my entire life following. Our country already has a critical shortage of nurses, doctors, and technicians to care for the growing population who require experienced, dedicated workers to provide the extremely difficult and highly technical procedures available. We have to take an oath to 'do no harm' before we receive our license to work. I honor my promises, no matter the cost to me personally."

Mary, we are with you! We are shocked and heartsick about this. Maybe others are too. We are making our voices heard!

This does not apply only to abortion.

President Obama’s actions are a direct assault on the rights and freedoms of all doctors and nurses.

Click below to be taken to a page where you can tell the Obama administration to protect the rights of conscience for thousands of people like our friend Mary!

Make your voice heard. Especially if you are a health care professional, but its best that they hear from as many of us as possible.

Doctors and nurses should not be forced to participate in abortions.

The deadline is fast approaching. Please make your voice heard now.


(I rec'd the above from Team Sarah)

New Facebook Account; RMLN Shut Down

I should have read the fine print I guess... Facebook shut down the Read My Lipstick Network account. Seems they have a rule that you have to be an individual, no groups, companies, etc., etc.

We just lost hundreds and hundreds of friends on the old account, not to mention I now have to set up everything again.

I've set up a new account under my name, Janet McGregor Dunn. I'd appreciate it if you'd take a moment and go "friend" me. I'll still be running the Read My Lipstick Network stuff through that account same as before. It was "mine" anyway as I was the only one in our group with the time to keep up with it (and I had a lot of my personal friends and family on there).

Hassle, hassle, but no one's fault but my own for using Read M Lipstick instead of my name...

I had a number of friends on there who weren't using names either, some who are members of our Network. If there's a way to change your name without losing all the contacts, you might want to see about doing it.

Look forward to sharing with you on Facebook! Now, back to getting my Twitter account to feed to Facebook and to reconnecting with as many friends as possible!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Win 2 Tickets for Senate-House Dinner June 8th

John Randall posted an announcement to the cause Elect Republicans to the House. (This is a Facebook group the Read My Lipstick Network participates in).

I wanted to let everyone know the NRCC is sponsoring a Basketball Pick'em Challenge. The winner will receive two tickets for the Senate-House Dinner June 8 in Washington DC - with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the keynote speaker.

You can register to receive log-in information at

Palin Keynotes Major Fundraiser

Palin Keynotes Major Fundraiser
Atlantic Online - USA
Sarah Palin (R-AK) will keynote the Republican campaign committees' top fundraiser in June, a sign of her enduring popularity with the Republican base and a ...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Palin plans Outside political trips

Political action committee will cover her expenses.
Published: March 11th, 2009 07:15 PM
Last Modified: March 12th, 2009 07:37 AM
JUNEAU -- Gov. Sarah Palin is planning at least two trips out of state paid for by her political action committee, which told backers on Wednesday she'll be traveling the country to support those who share her vision.

Thanks to our Network members!

You are all a great bunch of bloggers and people as a whole. Thanks for the suggestions and support for the change in blogroll / logo placement.

A few questions were asked:

- Could we make it the first half of the blog instead of the top 1/3 for blogroll / logo placement?

Sure. That's still fair. We appreciate everyone's support. Some of your blogs are getting dynamite traffic, others are still struggling for readership - you've all responded positively thus far! Wow. I was so impressed with your willingness to support the "cause", especially some of our high readership bloggers. Good people all. (On readership: We have some more things we'll be doing to help. See below.)

- Logo color change?

It was a fun suggestion and a tongue-in-cheek reply. Being in public relations and marketing for years, one of the things I know is that branding is extremely important. It's not just the Coca-Cola name and shape of the lettering, it's the color of the logo. You know that Coca-Cola red. They may do a black & white in an ad that doesn't offer color, but generally you're going to see that red.

However, that said, we're thinking about having a 2nd blogroll with just the name at the top with a tiny little lipstick logo to the left. Time is the problem with that one. Hard to re-key all those blogs into a new blogroll, etc. Just know we heard you and we're thinking about it.

- Indenting blog names on the blogroll so they read better

We're going to see if we can figure that one out. I think it might take coding experience and we had to have help on what we already did. It's easy to center, left justify, etc. I'll have someone look at it and see if it's possible. We agree, it would look better.

New subject - Upcoming things we're doing to help your readership.

1. We're going to finish setting up your free rss page on the main site. We got started a while back on providing all of our members a free page with blog information and an rss feed that showed the last 15 blog posts (title link and a few lines). We got sidetracked with the holidays, and then Feedburner started transitioning to Google we discovered they didn't support multiple accounts, kept bumping blogs, etc. However, we have all the blogs transferred over now and we're going back to getting the free (full) pages set up.

2. We've added a long, long blogroll on the side of this blog where we're adding all our member blogs. As you update or write, you move to the top. We haven't added our newest members yet, will have it done by the weekend.

3. We're going to start grabbing random blogs and highlighting them on the front page of our main site.

4. We're going to continue grabbing blogs and popping them on here. However, we thought that rather than grab a chunk like we've been doing, we'd try to highlight one at a time. That way your blog gets seen on here, on the main site (where this blog feeds), our Twitter account and our Facebook account.

5. We're thinking about a newsletter that's comprised simply of our member blogs. I may have mentioned that before. There's a reason it's number 5 on this list --- it's labor intensive if we do it the "right" way. There is an "easy" way to do it using blogger. We could set up a Read My Lipstick Newsletter, give each of you posting access and let you post one blog a week OR just the title link and the first 2 or 3 lines whenever you wanted. We would feed the newsletter onto our main site.

6. I own the Georgia Front Page and the Fayette Front Page. We're setting up special political sections on each where we'll be feeding your blogs. We get thousands of hits a day on each of the sites so that should give you some more exposure, albeit in a targeted area (but nothing is really area specific in the web world, is it?).

7. We're networking with some other really dynamic groups who are asking us to recommend blogs, exchange links and logos, etc. As we continue to network we're getting access to your blogs out into new areas you might not typically venture into. All the cross promotion is going to help.

One really good thing that happened is that BLOGROLLING is back!!! I checked stats on the blogroll and we had over 3,000 hits on it in the past month or so. And it wasn't even active until about a week ago. Imagine what is going to happen now that it's back and we have all the blogs listed? We have the blogroll on a number of non-member sites, too.

IF you made it through this entire post, kudos and an extra gold star!

Instead of posting comments on here about the above, please send them to readmylipstick at live dot com.

(In case some of you are wondering why I don't just list the address, it's to try and thwart those pesky bots that scour the Internet looking for addresses. They have many other ways of getting them, but I figure no reason to hand it to them on a silver platter. Or a lipstick smeared platter.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drum roll please... the 150th member joins the Network!

Seems like just a few short months ago we were thrilled to have ten members. Oh wait, it was just a few short months ago! The Read My Lipstick Network came into being during the latter part of the 2008 election cycle. We've lost a few blogs along the way as some who fought for McCain/Palin got discouraged after the election. Temporarily! They'll be back. For every one discouraged blogger a hundred seem to be taking up the cause these days. The energy is fantastic.

Today I announce our 150th member! Fireworks please! Drum roll! 150 gun salute. Whatever. It's neat.

Our newest member is cool with shades. She wears 'em day and night as you'll see when you check out her blog.

Rosie Shades -

I love the shades and I particularly like the background in remembrance of Sept. 11th. She has some very neat stuff on the sidebar (including our blogroll), too.

If you'll scroll down her blog entries you'll see the "Honk if you're paying my mortgage" bumper sticker with a link so you can get your very own. (I want one that says "Honk if I'm paying your mortgage")

Enough about all the extras. You're going to like her writing, too!

Here are a few samples:

Modern Day Eugenics
Welcome to the world of Progressive Eugenics...
Here's a great little tutorial on eugenics if you're not familiar with it.
This new executive order reversing the ban on taxpayer funded research on humans, coupled with the plan Obama has for creating government funded/socialized medicine makes me wonder what these progressives have in mind. It all seems OK as long as you're not the one that's targeted. Right now it's embryos. It's not the first time we've removed morality from science and plunged headlong into ideas that were un American and ungodly at the expense of the innocent so don't kid yourself into believing we're immune.

The Bubbly Fed
There never should have been a central/federal bank in the united states. That was something our founders had fled from. Seeing that the government thinks they can do everything more productively than we can, it hustled in the Federal Reserve bank to supposedly end inflation forever. As usual, the government failed.If you haven't studied up about the Federal reserve bank and the reason we were forced to leave the gold standard, you should.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We've had a request... for a new lipstick color

I know it was in jest, but I thought it was something to consider. After all, many of us ARE ladies, and we do change our lipstick to match what we're wearing... so why not a logo with lipstick to match the decor... of a website???

I'll put it on my list of things to do.

Just so you all can keep up, it's item number 2, 354. I'll keep you posted as it moves up .

(I just got back from a meeting that should have been an hour that stretched into three... yawn. Heading over to add our newest blog members to the blogroll, sorry for the delay, things like these killer meetings really steal time.)

Change in Membership "Rules"

We're making a slight change in the requirements for membership: The RMLN linking logo or blogroll must be displayed in the top third of the member blog or website.

We expend a lot of effort promoting our member blogs, sharing your columns on other blogs, maintaining and paying for websites, keeping up with membership lists, blogrolls, etc. We do it simply to "help the cause" --- there's no money involved in this for us and every single one of us working on the RMLN do it without any expectation of ever making a penny.

When the blogroll or linking logo is displayed in the basement of a page, it's not doing what it was designed to do --- help promote every Network member equally. It's an unfair partnership. Those with the logo or blogroll prominently displayed are promoting everyone else's blogs while those with the logo or blogroll hidden somewhere are not reciprocating.

Of course, another reason for displaying the logo/blogroll is to help grow membership in the Network, which in turn helps get more attention for all member's blogs.

If you have the Read My Lipstick Network blogroll or logo off in never-never land somewhere, please be nice, fair, helpful and move it up on the page. We're changing all our info to reflect the change.

We're hearing from various circles that the Network is getting ready to be promoted like crazy. Yahoo!

We hope you're proud to be a member of the Network and that you'll proudly display the logo or blogroll.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Conn. Group Files To Back Sarah Palin For President

Conn. Group Files To Back Sarah Palin For President
Hartford Courant - United States
AP WATERBURY - A Connecticut group says it is the first in the nation to register to raise money to draft Sarah Palin for president. ...

E-Verify Needs Your Help - Tonight!

E-Verify Expires: Time for Congress to Reauthorize the Program On March 6, Congress allowed E-Verify to expire. This program gave employers a method by which to confirm the eligibility of employees to work in the U.S. Letting E-Verify expire was a mistake and a step backward in efforts to enforce America's immigration laws. Heritage Foundation - Mar 09 9:51 AM

Please read the following info (rec'd via email) and make a call. This is a BIG issue and it's getting very little play because there are so many other really big issues on the table.


CAN YOU MAKE ONE PHONE CALL TODAY (or first thing in the morning)? JUST ONE??

I just received a very important update from Please go to the website for the full story. Here is the short version.

Your phone calls to your Senators are especially important today to ensure that E-Verify opponents don't kill the 5-year re-authorization by just "running out of time. Call your Senators now at 202-224-3121. Check for talking points, and here are a few suggestions:

Do NOT vote for "cloture" (cloture= to terminate debate by calling for a vote) to shut off debate on the Omnibus before the E-Verify amendment comes up for a vote.

A vote for cloture before an E-Verify vote will be graded by NumbersUSA as a vote AGAINST E-Verify and a vote FOR hiring illegal aliens.

Because of your activism, Sen. Sessions' Amendment 604 to the Omnibus Bill (HR 1105) is on the list of amendments to be debated and voted on tonight and tomorrow. Please call your Senator to urge them to support E-Verify! Go to:

Since December of 2007, 4.4 million jobs have been lost while the federal government continues to bring in approximately 1.5 million foreign workers per year. Go to: for a fast and effective ways to help.

The jobless rate jumped to 8.1% according to numbers released by the Labor Department this morning. It's the highest rate since 1983. Another 651,000 jobs were cut in the month of February. We Need Immigration Reform and We Need To Start With E-Verify!!! Please share this information with everyone you know and call today. Go to: They make it very easy and quick. If we all made one phone call think of the impact we would have.


More info:

Senate votes to preserve controversial earmarks in 1,000-page plus spending bill
Major Amendment dropped from the STIMULUS! YOUR JOBS! It is the Last chance to save American jobs and to demand our lawmakers reinstate E-Verify as a MANDATORY law.
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - Mar 04 9:38 AM

Lack of E-Verify provision in stimulus bill irks some Anderson-area politicians
Many Anderson-area political leaders are expressing anger that the final version of the federal economic stimulus bill does not include a provision requiring the use of the E-Verify system to hire employees for federal stimulus projects.
Anderson Independent-Mail - Feb 21 7:16 PM

Texas: Don't Forget: Rally for the Voter ID Bill at the Capitol Tomorrow!

Join fellow supporters of Voter ID on the South steps of the Capitol at 7:45 AM tomorrow, Tuesday, March 10!

Tomorrow the Texas Senate hears debate on SB 362, a bill that would reduce voter fraud by requiring a photo ID in Texas to vote. Even though this legislation has the support of more than 70% of Texans and politicians from both sides of the aisle, liberal special interests are intent on burying this bill and denying Texans a fair election process.

To show your support for this important legislation, join Texans from around the state at the Capitol tomorrow at 7:45am and wear red. If you'd like to testify any time during the day, head to the 2nd floor of the East Wing, and sign up at the table in front of the Senate Chamber. You can also register your support by filling out the card for SB 362 outside the Senate chamber in the Capitol. Simply check "Support," and "Does not wish to provide oral testimony" to encourage the Texas Senate to pass this legislation.

If you would like any further information or wish to leave comments about Voter ID, please visit our Web site to share your thoughts.

Get involved! Visit to join the conversation, join the Governor's Facebook page, or follow the Governor on Twitter.

The above rec'd via email from Rick Perry campaign.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

House Schedule for Next Week

MONDAY, MARCH 9, 2009:
On Monday, the House will meet at 12:30 p.m. for Morning Hour and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business. Unlimited One Minutes per side. Votes will be postponed until 6:30 p.m.

Suspensions (3 Bills)
1) H.Res. 210 - Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that providing breakfast in schools through the National School Breakfast Program has a positive impact on classroom performance (Rep. Moore (WI) – Education and Labor)
2) H.Res. __ - Congratulating the National Assessment Governing Board on its 20th Anniversary in measuring student academic achievement (Rep. Castle – Education and Labor)
3) H.R. 131 - Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act (Rep. Gallegly – Oversight and Government Reform)

TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 2009:
On Tuesday, the House will meet at 10:30 a.m. for Morning Hour and 12:00 p.m. for legislative business.

Suspensions (11 Bills)
1) H.Con.Res. 64 – Urging the President to designate 2009 as the ‘‘Year of the Military Family’’ (Rep. Skelton – Armed Services)
2) H.Con.Res. 37 - Authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the Greater Washington Soap Box Derby (Rep. Hoyer – Transportation and Infrastructure)
3) H.Con.Res. 38 - Authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the National Peace Officers' Memorial Service (Del. Holmes Norton – Transportation and Infrastructure)
4) H.Con.Res. 39 - Authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the District of Columbia Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run (Del. Holmes Norton – Transportation and Infrastructure)
5) H.R. 813 - To designate the Federal building and United States courthouse located at 306 East Main Street in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, as the "J. Herbert W. Small Federal Building and United States Courthouse" (Rep. Butterfield – Transportation and Infrastructure)
6) H.R. 837 - To designate the Federal building located at 799 United Nations Plaza in New York, New York, as the "Ronald H. Brown United States Mission to the United Nations Building" (Rep. Rangel - Transportation and Infrastructure)
7) H.R. 842 - To designate the United States Courthouse to be constructed in Jackson, Mississippi, as the "R. Jess Brown United States Courthouse" (Rep. Thompson (MS) - Transportation and Infrastructure)
8) H.R. 869 - To designate the Federal building and United States courthouse located at 101 Barr Street in Lexington, Kentucky, as the "Scott Reed Federal Building and United States Courthouse" (Rep. Chandler - Transportation and Infrastructure)
9) H.R. 887 - To designate the United States courthouse located at 131 East 4th Street in Davenport, Iowa, as the "James A. Leach United States Courthouse" (Rep. Loebsack - Transportation and Infrastructure)
10) H.Res. 194 - Supporting the goals of International Women's Day (Rep. Schakowsky – Foreign Affairs)
11) H.Res. __ - Recognizing the plight of the Tibetan people on the 50th Anniversary of His Holiness the Dalai Lama being forced into exile, and calling for a sustained multilateral effort to bring about a durable and peaceful solution to the Tibet issue (Rep. Holt – Foreign Affairs)

On Wednesday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for legislative business.
On Thursday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for legislative business.
On Friday, the House is not expected to be in session.
Last Vote: Thursday p.m.

H.R. 1262 - Water Quality Investment Act of 2009 (Rep. Oberstar – Transportation and Infrastructure) (Subject to a Rule)

Possible Consideration of H.R. 157 - District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2009 (Del. Holmes Norton – Judiciary) (Subject to a Rule)

* Conference Reports may be brought up at any time.
* Motions to go to Conference should they become available.
* Possible Motions to Instruct Conferees.

Conservatism for a Millennial Joins the Read My Lipstick Network

I'm beginning to think that I could give up work and do nothing but read our member's blogs! We have the best of the best on our list and we're adding more every day. I am inspired by all of you who care enough to share your thoughts, research hot topics, design blogs, network and do all of the other things you do for our country and to protect our values.

Here's another fantastic new blog member:

Conservatism for a Millennial
A twenty-something wises up.

Palin lovers are going to love Anne's blog! Conservatives in general are going to love it, too. She has some great info and excellent insights in her posts that I think will attract quite a few of you as regular readers.

I just popped over to grab some of her writings and decided that I had to share the video that's on her current post. Here's the link so you can read what she has to say about it: Trig, Piper and Sarah: Filling Your Heart up with Joy

Here's another post that caught my eye:

Ed Rollins: "A Good Night for Sarah Palin"
Fellow GOP'ers: Chill on Jindal. Yes, he was off of his game last night, and talked like he was selling a ShamWow to 5 year olds, but don't count him out; don't tear him down because of one speech. He is a strength in the Republican Party - a smart, intuitive, progressive, young rising star. You don't attack those on your team. And we need all of the help we can get. However, I am on Team Palin, and I believe that anything Jindal does, she can do better...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Four new blogs join the Read My Lipstick Network

You are going to love this new group of bloggers who've joined our Network!

The Spyglass

The author shares a "wandering eye over religion, politics, and other important matters". It's a great mix of conservative thought and an excellent blending of religion, politics and... other important matters".

The News Factor

You're going to want to bookmark this great conservative news site. It's another blend with just the right kinda news. I'm adding it to my rss feed. Guarantee you'll like it.

Common Sense Conservatism

As promised in the title, loads of common sense in this blog! I found myself reading every post, nodding my head in agreement, and wishing that there were more people with Laura's brand of common sense! Here's a sampling:
Mr. President, you need a lesson in Economics 101
The President just doesn’t understand economics and his policy team doesn’t seem to understand either. The markets like specifics and the Obama administration has yet to provide them with any...
A Republican come back?
The Republicans in the House took a giant risk against this new president by voting NO twice on the porkulus bill. It was a risk I think was worth taking...

Notoriously Conservative

Great blog! I got a kick out of the Twelve Step Program for Liberals. And, I'd been meaning to go check out the video of 14-year old Jonathan Krohn speaking at CPAC - it's on there. I watched. I will share with you on my personal blog later, long after you've visited Notoriously Conservative to see it!


I'm going to toss in another plug for Twitter. I "met" a few of the bloggers above on Twitter. It is a fantastic way to connect with other conservatives and to keep up with all the news. It can be a bit intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it you'll be hanging out on it.

You can set you blogs to feed to Twitter. And set Twitter to feed to Facebook. You maximize your writing efforts by utilizing all the various social networks you can find time for. In the upcoming election, in the days ahead as we're fighting tooth and nail for our country, we're going to need every tool imaginable. I strongly encourage you to stretch yourself and go beyond blogging if you're not already doing so.

Twitter, Facebook, and the various Ning sites are a few of the great ways to network.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Great group

I'm involved in a lot of political action groups, couldn't list them all if I were forced (have to depend on email updates!). There are some that jump to the top of the list though, some that are really organized, working hard to keep us informed, and acting to try and change things. The Wake Up American Movement is one that I encourage everyone to check out. Once you join (free) you'll start getting an occasional email when something big is happening. They give you tools to fight and / or inform. You can become as involved as you'd like. They have tele-vents where they discuss options, answer questions, suggest courses of action.

Hope you'll sign up and let them know the RMLN sent you in their direction.

sign in to Get Involved here:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Help protect conscience rights of health care workers

It only takes a minute to send an email through the the Action Alert tool linked in this email. This is an urgent call for action. I'm still investigating the impact this would have on our health care system, particularly where Christian hospitals are concerned. Feel free to pass this on to others. Silence is complicity! Thanks so much. - Why Mommy is a Republican

As noted previously on Why Mommy is a Republican here and here, the Obama Administration has announced that it is considering the rescinding of the Bush Administration's policy which has protected the conscience rights of health care workers who do not want to participate in abortion.

Since this President is the most pro-abortion in history and has even supported the practice of infanticide by opposing the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, we can consider that it is practically a given that the conscience rule will be rescinded.

It remains vitally important that Americans who value not only the inalienable right to life but also freedom of conscience let the Obama Administration know in no uncertain terms that we do not approve of any attempt to force health-care workers to participate in abortion or risk losing their jobs. The issue is open for public comment for a very short time (only thirty days) so it is urgent that all people of good will take the opportunity NOW to send the Obama Administration a message -- that freedom of conscience MUST BE PROTECTED.

As of Friday, the full notice hadn't yet been drafted and my own search for a public comment area on the conscience rule at the White House website yielded no results, however you may easily send a quick email to the White House on this specific issue through this Action Alert tool at the website of the American Family Association.

House Republican Leader John Boehner issued a statement about this on Friday and provided much more detailed information in a post on the House Leader Blog yesterday which you may find at this link.

In that post, Boehner referred to Senator Tom Coburn's comments about this in an informal interview with CNS News. Coburn is an OB/GYN who says he and many other health care providers would go to jail before submitting to the President's will that people opposed to abortion on moral grounds must participate in it. Boehner also shares comments made by former President Ronald Reagan to CPAC in 1982 where he called abortion "a great moral evil" as well as the public statement released by Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence in which Pence refers to the "devastating impact" that rescinding of the policy would have not only for health care providers, but also patients.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops expresses "grave concern" and urges the public to take advantage of the public comment period to voice the opposition that surely most Americans still possess in regard to violation of conscience. Boehner, in his blog post, noted that the conscience clause decision will come "on the heels" of a "stinging rebuke" by the Vatican which had been issued in immediate response to Obama's decision to repeal the ban on taxpayer funding of abortion overseas. [TIME offers details in a report entitled "The Vatican Slams Obama Over Abortion."]

NRLC, in a press release dated on Friday, calls Obama's move to rescind the conscience rule the "next step in enactment" of the "expansive Obama abortion agenda".

Rob Stein, writing in The Washington Post, notes his belief that the public comment period "could result in a compromise" but adds that the Administration "acknowledged that [middle ground will] not always be possible."

Please act immediately by sending an email today to the White House through this Action Alert tool at the website of the American Family Association!

Ready to Rumble for Rush

The Saul Alinksy-ites are continuing to go after Rush Limbaugh. Love him, hate him or happen to be somewhere in the middle, this is a MUCH bigger issue than Rush Limbaugh. This is about free speech, talk radio, an attempt to split conservatives, and much more.

We've mentioned it before, but here's the blog that focuses on the issue: The Read My Lipstick Network has also dedicated a page on the main site to "the cause".

You are welcome to snitch the logo (above or left depending on your browser). If you'd like to link it to the blog that's fantastic, great, much appreciated and preferred. If you'd like to set up a page on your own site instead, go for it. However, a mention and link on the page would be appreciated as the logo, title and blog are "owned" by Ready to Rumble for Rush Limbaugh.

With everything we do, we're not in it for the glory, we're in it to preserve our freedoms and our country. As conservatives we need to work together and get our egos out of the way. This is too important to squabble and divide. That's another one of the tactics used to win wars. Don't succumb --- step above it and work together.

OK, that's my pep talk for the day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

E-Verify Expires March 6th (screening of illegal aliens)


The E-Verify Program, on which businesses across the country rely to screen employment of illegal aliens expires this Friday, March 6. E-Verify has been in use since 1997 by businesses nationwide - but Congress appears to be 'hoping' Americans won't notice that they removed the extension of this regulation from the "Stimulus Plan" and the issue has been ignored and screened out of Mass Media news coverage.

LET'S SHOW WASHINGTON WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION and we are opposed to the hiring of illegal aliens.

SIGN the Urgent E-VERIFY PETITION Now - and send this link to your friends to sign on in support of this "Smart Business Practice."

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ALG: A Defective Drug Czar

With everyone from the NAACP to Second Amendment groups – and the vast majority of his own police officers – having risen up in protest, R. Gil Kerlikowske, Barack Obama's drug czar designee has engendered more than his share of controversy. And with good cause. If Mr. Kerlikowske's past is prologue, the new “Office of Drug Control Policy” may soon be dangerously drug out of control.

Gil Kerlikowske has been involved in law enforcement for over three decades. Starting in Florida, he oversaw two tiny police departments where he seemed able to escape offending his small constituency. Then he shuffled off to Buffalo, and the controversies began.

In Buffalo, his highest praise seemed to come from his own captain of administrative planning who excitedly told the Buffalo News that his boss “almost singlehandedly took this department from using typewriters and carbon paper into the latest and greatest computer technology.”

Others not in Mr. Kerlikowske's direct employ were far less enthusiastic. In particular, they criticized his frequent absences from the job, as well as his decided tendency to spend his time consulting with college professors and social workers when he did deign to stop by the office.
Following a stint at the Justice Department—where he worked with Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder and issued grants to community policing projects—Mr. Kerlikowske was hired as Seattle police chief, the position he has held since 2001. And it was there that controversy exploded.

That same year, the infamous drug-infested Seattle Mardi Gras riots broke out, in which marauders brutally attacked revelers. They sexually assaulted a number of women, injuring 72 people in all. And they ultimately killed 20-year-old Kris Kime who was attempting to defend one of the assaulted women. During the height of the riots, Kerlikowske instructed police to not intervene, but rather to simply enclose the rioters and establish a perimeter for three whole hours.

Instead of taking action to interdict the riots, he opted only to contain them, ordering his troops to ignore pleas for help and allowing the mayhem to continue unabated. His excuse: He said he didn't want to add to the violence, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Sgt. Daniel Beste later sent a letter of apology to Kris Kimes' mother, saying "we also were aware of the rising tide of violence long before your son was killed and continually asked, 'Why don't we stop this?' Unfortunately, my question was never answered." Sgt. Beste also enclosed the $200 he had received for the "amount of overtime I was paid by the taxpayers of this city to stand by while they were beaten and your son killed." The $200 was later used to help pay for Kris Kimes' last hours, spent on a life-support system.

Following the Mardi Gras tragedy, the city government announced that the actions (or, lack of the same) taken by police were unwise and had put the city at risk. Eventually, as a direct result of Kerlikowske's order to his troops to stand down, the city of Seattle was forced to settle with the family of the murdered youth, giving them $2 million as restitution.

As a result of this—and other incidents, including the public reprimand of an officer who was accused of being “rude”—Chief Kerlikowske received a “no-confidence” vote by the local police union. A full 90 percent of the beat officers voted against their chief. Said one of the officers: "We hope the mayor and the City Council understand that it's not a few whining officers. It's a significant frustration of the vast majority of the department." That did not sway the mayor, however, who kept Kerlikowske on the job, despite his disagreement over how the riots were handled (and undoubtedly his pleasure over the department's disposal of typewriters and carbon paper).

Only a few short years later, the chief was again in the news for what many felt was malfeasance on the job. This time, it was over his personal weapon—a Glock 9mm handgun—which was stolen from his unlocked unmarked police car while he was shopping with his wife. Second Amendment groups immediately criticized him for the incident, labeling it as ironic because of his strict anti-gun stance. Said Alan Gottleib, chairman of Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA):

"During his eight-year tenure as Seattle's police chief, Gil Kerlikowske has established himself as a devoted lobbyist for every restrictive gun law proposal. That's pretty hypocritical of a guy whose own gun was stolen out of his department car on a downtown Seattle street. He may pass an FBI background check for an appointment, but he flunked the responsible gun owner's test."
Gun groups aren't the only ones whose ire has been drawn by the Seattle police chief. In 2006, the local NAACP called for his resignation, after word broke that Kerlikowske interfered in an investigation of two officers who were accused of 'roughing up' a black man. As a result, the officers got off with only a slap on the wrist.

Added to all these incidents is the disturbing pattern of his dealings with marijuana. In drug-laden Seattle, the police chief was lenient on pot users, causing some marijuana advocates to express joy at his presumed appointment. Comments range from calling the appointment “brilliant” to “what a blessing – the karma gods are smiling on the whole country, man.” The latter comment inspired no doubt by Mr. Kerlikowske's enthusiasm for speaking at Seattle's “Hempfest.”

In fact, the police chief stated that pursuing marijuana arrests was a “low priority” for his department, and drug-related arrests dropped during the drug czar nominee's tenure. With little wonder.

When the people of Seattle pushed forward a ballot measure calling for stricter enforcement of laws against marijuana, Chief Kerlikowske not only opposed the ballot measure, he drug up a red herring by arguing that citizens should not be able to pick what laws are enforced. The fact of the matter, of course, was that the citizens were not trying to “pick what laws are enforced,” they were simply asking that the man charged with enforcing the laws act in accordance with the law itself. Kerlikowske, instead, maintained the prerogative of deciding for himself which laws were “low priority.”

This disturbing flaw—that the rights he denies the people can only accrue to himself—is the same logic by which he can carelessly lose his own weapon and then work to limit gun ownership by law-abiding citizens who are far more careful than he. And it makes one wonder exactly which laws Mr. Kerlikowske will choose to enforce – or deny – should he don the mantle of drug czar.

In a short two months in office, Barack Obama has established an unenviable reputation for appointing associates to top positions who show little, or no regard for the laws they are expected to enforce. Surely, it is not too much for the American people to ask that the new Office of National Drug Control Policy not be allowed to go to pot from day one. They can do it in memory of Kris Kimes.

Author Isaac MacMillen is a contributing editor to ALG News Bureau.

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