Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks to our Network members!

You are all a great bunch of bloggers and people as a whole. Thanks for the suggestions and support for the change in blogroll / logo placement.

A few questions were asked:

- Could we make it the first half of the blog instead of the top 1/3 for blogroll / logo placement?

Sure. That's still fair. We appreciate everyone's support. Some of your blogs are getting dynamite traffic, others are still struggling for readership - you've all responded positively thus far! Wow. I was so impressed with your willingness to support the "cause", especially some of our high readership bloggers. Good people all. (On readership: We have some more things we'll be doing to help. See below.)

- Logo color change?

It was a fun suggestion and a tongue-in-cheek reply. Being in public relations and marketing for years, one of the things I know is that branding is extremely important. It's not just the Coca-Cola name and shape of the lettering, it's the color of the logo. You know that Coca-Cola red. They may do a black & white in an ad that doesn't offer color, but generally you're going to see that red.

However, that said, we're thinking about having a 2nd blogroll with just the name at the top with a tiny little lipstick logo to the left. Time is the problem with that one. Hard to re-key all those blogs into a new blogroll, etc. Just know we heard you and we're thinking about it.

- Indenting blog names on the blogroll so they read better

We're going to see if we can figure that one out. I think it might take coding experience and we had to have help on what we already did. It's easy to center, left justify, etc. I'll have someone look at it and see if it's possible. We agree, it would look better.

New subject - Upcoming things we're doing to help your readership.

1. We're going to finish setting up your free rss page on the main site. We got started a while back on providing all of our members a free page with blog information and an rss feed that showed the last 15 blog posts (title link and a few lines). We got sidetracked with the holidays, and then Feedburner started transitioning to Google we discovered they didn't support multiple accounts, kept bumping blogs, etc. However, we have all the blogs transferred over now and we're going back to getting the free (full) pages set up.

2. We've added a long, long blogroll on the side of this blog where we're adding all our member blogs. As you update or write, you move to the top. We haven't added our newest members yet, will have it done by the weekend.

3. We're going to start grabbing random blogs and highlighting them on the front page of our main site.

4. We're going to continue grabbing blogs and popping them on here. However, we thought that rather than grab a chunk like we've been doing, we'd try to highlight one at a time. That way your blog gets seen on here, on the main site (where this blog feeds), our Twitter account and our Facebook account.

5. We're thinking about a newsletter that's comprised simply of our member blogs. I may have mentioned that before. There's a reason it's number 5 on this list --- it's labor intensive if we do it the "right" way. There is an "easy" way to do it using blogger. We could set up a Read My Lipstick Newsletter, give each of you posting access and let you post one blog a week OR just the title link and the first 2 or 3 lines whenever you wanted. We would feed the newsletter onto our main site.

6. I own the Georgia Front Page and the Fayette Front Page. We're setting up special political sections on each where we'll be feeding your blogs. We get thousands of hits a day on each of the sites so that should give you some more exposure, albeit in a targeted area (but nothing is really area specific in the web world, is it?).

7. We're networking with some other really dynamic groups who are asking us to recommend blogs, exchange links and logos, etc. As we continue to network we're getting access to your blogs out into new areas you might not typically venture into. All the cross promotion is going to help.

One really good thing that happened is that BLOGROLLING is back!!! I checked stats on the blogroll and we had over 3,000 hits on it in the past month or so. And it wasn't even active until about a week ago. Imagine what is going to happen now that it's back and we have all the blogs listed? We have the blogroll on a number of non-member sites, too.

IF you made it through this entire post, kudos and an extra gold star!

Instead of posting comments on here about the above, please send them to readmylipstick at live dot com.

(In case some of you are wondering why I don't just list the address, it's to try and thwart those pesky bots that scour the Internet looking for addresses. They have many other ways of getting them, but I figure no reason to hand it to them on a silver platter. Or a lipstick smeared platter.)

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