Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Video sets record straight on Kincaid comments at CPAC

Video sets record straight on Kincaid comments at CPAC

AIM editor Cliff Kincaid gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday, in which he made some comments perceived to be controversial about where Presidents Reagan and Obama were born. These comments were deliberately misrepresented by a George Soros-funded "think tank" called the Center for American Progress. In order to understand how the comments were misrepresented, we offer you access to this YouTube video, produced by a website called 24ahead.com. This video sets the record straight about what Cliff Kincaid said and didn't say. This effort to set the record straight is greatly welcomed and appreciated. The lies told by the Soros-funded "Think Progress" should be exposed.

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Lisa Graas said...

Thanks for this. I plan to blog on the whole birth certificate issue soon and am glad to have this video to add. I received a letter from both of my U.S. Senators when I wrote to them about this (Bunning and McConnell of Ky, both Republicans) and they both said their (and our) hands are tied. They are right. More later.


Lisa Baker Graas