Monday, March 16, 2009

Palin Keynotes Major Fundraiser

Palin Keynotes Major Fundraiser
Atlantic Online - USA
Sarah Palin (R-AK) will keynote the Republican campaign committees' top fundraiser in June, a sign of her enduring popularity with the Republican base and a ...


Greg said...

My guess is that SarahPAC is cutting into RNC fundraising, and the RNC has finally realized that. I've already sent back two RNC fundraising letters with the annotation that all my donations are going to SarahPAC. Others have been doing the same.

The Virginia GOP is already sending out a fundraising letter invoking Palin's name, Gov. Perry of TX requested, and received Palin's endorsement for reelection.

The pro-life event she is addressing in April usually draws 2,000 guests, and they've already sold out, and they have opened another site in the same complex that seats 2,500 move so they can watch the event on TV.

Palin 2012

Shane Vander Hart said...

Not confirmed yet unfortunately. I think they jumped the gun announcing it.