Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drum roll please... the 150th member joins the Network!

Seems like just a few short months ago we were thrilled to have ten members. Oh wait, it was just a few short months ago! The Read My Lipstick Network came into being during the latter part of the 2008 election cycle. We've lost a few blogs along the way as some who fought for McCain/Palin got discouraged after the election. Temporarily! They'll be back. For every one discouraged blogger a hundred seem to be taking up the cause these days. The energy is fantastic.

Today I announce our 150th member! Fireworks please! Drum roll! 150 gun salute. Whatever. It's neat.

Our newest member is cool with shades. She wears 'em day and night as you'll see when you check out her blog.

Rosie Shades -

I love the shades and I particularly like the background in remembrance of Sept. 11th. She has some very neat stuff on the sidebar (including our blogroll), too.

If you'll scroll down her blog entries you'll see the "Honk if you're paying my mortgage" bumper sticker with a link so you can get your very own. (I want one that says "Honk if I'm paying your mortgage")

Enough about all the extras. You're going to like her writing, too!

Here are a few samples:

Modern Day Eugenics
Welcome to the world of Progressive Eugenics...
Here's a great little tutorial on eugenics if you're not familiar with it.
This new executive order reversing the ban on taxpayer funded research on humans, coupled with the plan Obama has for creating government funded/socialized medicine makes me wonder what these progressives have in mind. It all seems OK as long as you're not the one that's targeted. Right now it's embryos. It's not the first time we've removed morality from science and plunged headlong into ideas that were un American and ungodly at the expense of the innocent so don't kid yourself into believing we're immune.

The Bubbly Fed
There never should have been a central/federal bank in the united states. That was something our founders had fled from. Seeing that the government thinks they can do everything more productively than we can, it hustled in the Federal Reserve bank to supposedly end inflation forever. As usual, the government failed.If you haven't studied up about the Federal reserve bank and the reason we were forced to leave the gold standard, you should.

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