Saturday, March 7, 2009

Four new blogs join the Read My Lipstick Network

You are going to love this new group of bloggers who've joined our Network!

The Spyglass

The author shares a "wandering eye over religion, politics, and other important matters". It's a great mix of conservative thought and an excellent blending of religion, politics and... other important matters".

The News Factor

You're going to want to bookmark this great conservative news site. It's another blend with just the right kinda news. I'm adding it to my rss feed. Guarantee you'll like it.

Common Sense Conservatism

As promised in the title, loads of common sense in this blog! I found myself reading every post, nodding my head in agreement, and wishing that there were more people with Laura's brand of common sense! Here's a sampling:
Mr. President, you need a lesson in Economics 101
The President just doesn’t understand economics and his policy team doesn’t seem to understand either. The markets like specifics and the Obama administration has yet to provide them with any...
A Republican come back?
The Republicans in the House took a giant risk against this new president by voting NO twice on the porkulus bill. It was a risk I think was worth taking...

Notoriously Conservative

Great blog! I got a kick out of the Twelve Step Program for Liberals. And, I'd been meaning to go check out the video of 14-year old Jonathan Krohn speaking at CPAC - it's on there. I watched. I will share with you on my personal blog later, long after you've visited Notoriously Conservative to see it!


I'm going to toss in another plug for Twitter. I "met" a few of the bloggers above on Twitter. It is a fantastic way to connect with other conservatives and to keep up with all the news. It can be a bit intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it you'll be hanging out on it.

You can set you blogs to feed to Twitter. And set Twitter to feed to Facebook. You maximize your writing efforts by utilizing all the various social networks you can find time for. In the upcoming election, in the days ahead as we're fighting tooth and nail for our country, we're going to need every tool imaginable. I strongly encourage you to stretch yourself and go beyond blogging if you're not already doing so.

Twitter, Facebook, and the various Ning sites are a few of the great ways to network.

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