Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Send a message to Obama re: Right of Conscience

President Obama has decided that if a doctor or nurse refuses to participate in procedures they believe are morally wrong, like an abortion, they can be punished by their employer.

We have just a couple of weeks to tell President Obama and HHS how horrified we are that he intends to take away the Right of Conscience for health care professionals. By law, President Obama is required to open this policy change up to public comments for 30 days.

Our time is almost up!

Send your comments today.

Recently we received an e-mail from Mary, a health care worker and SBA List member, in Virginia, who told us, “I can assure you that my colleagues and myself will leave the profession rather than be forced to participate in such activities...I will not go against the beliefs I have lived my entire life following. Our country already has a critical shortage of nurses, doctors, and technicians to care for the growing population who require experienced, dedicated workers to provide the extremely difficult and highly technical procedures available. We have to take an oath to 'do no harm' before we receive our license to work. I honor my promises, no matter the cost to me personally."

Mary, we are with you! We are shocked and heartsick about this. Maybe others are too. We are making our voices heard!

This does not apply only to abortion.

President Obama’s actions are a direct assault on the rights and freedoms of all doctors and nurses.

Click below to be taken to a page where you can tell the Obama administration to protect the rights of conscience for thousands of people like our friend Mary!

Make your voice heard. Especially if you are a health care professional, but its best that they hear from as many of us as possible.

Doctors and nurses should not be forced to participate in abortions.

The deadline is fast approaching. Please make your voice heard now.


(I rec'd the above from Team Sarah)

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the revolution will not be televised...............