Friday, October 31, 2008

Palin Rally Schedule - Post on Your Blogs Please

Please post this, send this, be there if you can! Click on the links for ticket info.

10/31/2008 6:30:00 AM - Latrobe, PA
Road to Victory Rally in Latrobe, PA
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in Latrobe, PA on Friday October 31st.

10/31/2008 8:00:00 AM - Hanoverton , OH
Road to Victory Rally in Hanoverton, OH
Please join Senator John McCain for a Road to Victory Rally in Hanoverton, OH on Friday October 31st.

10/31/2008 12:00:00 PM - York , PA
Road to Victory Rally in York, PA
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in York, PA on Friday October 31st.
10/31/2008 3:00:00 PM - Columbus, OH

Road to Victory Rally with John McCain & Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus, OH
Please join John McCain & Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for a Road to Victory Rally in Columbus, OH on Friday, October 31st. Doors open at 3pm.

11/1/2008 6:00:00 AM - New Port Richey , FL
Road to Victory Rally in New Port Richey, FL
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in New Port Richey, FL on Saturday November 1st.

11/1/2008 7:00:00 AM - Newport News , VA
Road to Victory Rally in Newport News, VA
Please join Senator John McCain for his final Road to Victory Rally in Virginia before the Election. The event will be held on Saturday November 1st in Newport News, VA.

11/1/2008 9:00:00 AM - Springfield, VA
Road to Victory Rally in Springfield, VA
Please join Senator John McCain for his final Road to Victory Rally in Virginia. The event will be held on Saturday November 1st in Springfield, VA.

11/1/2008 9:00:00 AM - Polk City , FL
Road to Victory Rally in Polk City, FL
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in Polk City, FL on Saturday November 1st.

11/1/2008 12:00:00 PM - Perkasie , PA
Road to Victory Rally in Perkasie, PA
Please join Senator John McCain for a Road to Victory Rally in Perkasie, PA on Saturday November 1st.

11/1/2008 12:00:00 PM - Ocala , FL
Road to Victory Rally in Ocala, FL
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in Ocala, FL on Saturday November 1st.

11/1/2008 4:00:00 PM - Raleigh , NC
Road to Victory Rally in Raleigh, NC
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in Raleigh, NC on Saturday November 1st.

11/1/2008 6:30:00 PM - Glen Allen , VA
Road to Victory Rally in Glen Allen, VA
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for her final Road to Victory Rally in Virginia before election day. The event will be held on Saturday November 1st in Glen Allen, VA. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

11/3/2008 12:00:00 PM - Dubuque , IA
Road to Victory Rally in Dubuque, IA
Please join Governor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally in Dubuque, IA on Monday November 3rd.

Presidential Prayer Team

Rec'd this from a member of

...another chance to pray as a group: scroll down to online prayer rally and sign up.

(There's a ton of info on the site, kind of overwhelming, but well worth looking at all of it!)

Post on All Blogs Please

Today, the McCain-Palin campaign launched the Honest and Open Election hotline to help citizens learn the location of their polling place, as well as report any instances of irregularities at the polls, including voter fraud, intimidation, violence and electioneering. The hotline can be accessed via phone at: 866-976-VOTE.

"With November 4th quickly approaching, our Honest and Open Election hotline will serve as an informative guide for all Americans participating in the electoral process," said McCain-Palin National Political Director Mike DuHaime. "The hotline will allow us to learn about and take steps toward remedying any voter irregularities at polling places across the country. While we are hopeful that Election Day will be free of any wrongdoing, allies of the Democrat Party, such as ACORN, have shown a willingness to commit fraud in both this election cycle and in 2004. Given the tightness of the polls, all examples of fraud must be addressed to preserve the integrity of the election."

In 2004, multiple forms of voter fraud occurred, including voter intimidation, fraudulent registrations, multiple ballots cast and votes bought for money. Already during the 2008 election cycle, a dead woman in Missouri cast an absentee ballot, individuals were arrested for voting twice in Florida and people in Ohio registered and voted on the same day.

Blogger Alerts

Obama jumps the gun and shows his plans again:

On Barracuda Babes:

He's already showing his leanings in many ways... now he's starting the typical shut down of the press that you expect to see in a regime. The campaign has kicked three national newspapers who endorsed McCain off the campaign plane. New York Post, Dallas Morning News and Washington Times. More as I get the facts...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Growin' Growin' Growin' --- Another Great Member of Read My Lipstick Network

We are already an enthusiastic, positive force for the values that brought America into being, and now we have yet another super blogger joining us! Good Works Work (great title!) is our newest blogging member. Here's the link to Dawn's blog:

Be sure to add her to the blogs you follow (bottom of Dashboard, left, for Blogger blogs) or subscribe to, or add the blog as a favorite or somehow figure out a way to support Good Works Work (and all of our other member websites and blogs).

Still can't update the blogroll, just checked. We have so many new blogs to add!

Join us on Team Sarah (we have our own group) and I'm in the process of setting up a Read My Lipstick Network on Facebook. I'm probably going to need to ask for a volunteer to monitor Facebook, not one of my usual haunts, but we were invited and I hate to say no to any method that'll get the words you're writing out to the world.

Pick up the phone and call random people if you can't get hold of a list of voters! If you're Republican, call your local Party or the state Party and ask to help. We only have a few days left and they are critical days!!! Go on-line to and click on the make phone calls button on the right side of the screen. They give you an easy script to follow. If you're shy about calling, do it during the day when everyone is at work and you can just leave a message. It's better to talk to people, but every thing you do is going to help. There are some counties where one, just one, vote will make it a John McCain-Sarah Palin win!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yet ANOTHER Really Great Blog Joins the Ranks of the Read My Lipstick Network

You are going to get lost in this blog and you'll be there for days! You have to check out the sidebar stuff (and the blogs, of course!). Our newest member is Miss Beth's Victory Dance: It is the coolest blog and I know you're going to want some of the stuff on the sidebar for your blogs!

Quick update (again) on the blogroll --- it's still there on your sidebars, but they're still working on getting it hacker proof. For all of you who are new to the Network I apologize that we can't add any at the moment. This is affecting blogrolls across the Internet and we're all anxiously checking for updates regularly. We'll probably crash their site once they get it up and running 'cause we have so many blogs to add!

Thanks to all for the response to the Obama Infomercial Blackout! We had people across the United States joining in to support W.A.M. '08 in their turn off the TV effort! I added it to our group on Team Sarah and sent it out to everyone I could think of earlier. For a last minute effort I think we managed to reach a lot of people. Hopefully his ratings weren't that great (although I'm sure every Obama lover in the country had every TV in their house on ;-)

More on the L.A. Times Video, Obama, Ayers and Khalidi

Posted on one of the Read My Lipstick Network blogs (Go Sarah Palin,

GET US THE TAPE THE L.A. TIMES REFUSES TO RELEASE, AND WE'LL GIVE YOU CASH! By Binyamin L. Jolkovsky For the last week, this site has been receiving mail -- lots of mail -- asking that we somehow shame the Los Angeles Times into releasing a videotape they admit to having that shows then Illinois state Sen. Barak Obama praising Rashid Khalidi, the one-time PLO spokesman/adviser during a 2003 farewell party in Chicago. Shortly thereafter, he became the head of the Middle East Studies Department at Columbia University.


Join us in the following strategic actions to make a real difference in the outcome of this tight race:

Turn off all televisions from 8 - 8:30 tonight.

Thanks for participating in grass roots democracy - it really matters right now.

Find out more about Wake Up America at

Pass the word, time is short!

Read My Lipstick Network

FLOOD the LATimes with Calls People...Demand That Tape!!

From Natalie on Team Sarah:

Below is contact info for the LATimes. I called them twice this morning and emailed them once and will do so every day till election day to put pressure to release this tape. We need to DEMAND as John McCain did for the release. This is an easy one, people, make that call, send that email and do so thru Tuesday. We must do all that we can and leave no stone unturned.

Please do your part to demand fair news when it is very obvious what is going on here. I've listed several different number for you and ultimately, at the bottom, I've posted a direct link to be able to get additional number is you need them.

When I spoke with the operator, it was obvious that she was stressed from people calling. ,
fax: (213) 237-7679.
Telephone message line: (877) 554-4000
Washington, D.C., area: (202) 824-8300
(213) 237-7072
(213) 237-7092,0,64597...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Read My Lipstick Network Continues to Expand!

"Let's Get It Right" has joined our growing group of bloggers! I am always uplifted when I read our member blogs and see the number of quality individuals out there working hard to preserve our values and freedoms. You all give me great hope for the future of our country, and our world.

Here's the link to Carlos Echevarria's blog:

Please add it to your blog lists, your favorite lists and be sure to read his blog.

We're getting down to the wire! I'd like to encourage everyone to visit and sign up to listen to their conference call tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Great words, great marching orders!

If you're Catholic, go check out and sign up. You'll get an invitation to listen to a webcast or phone call tomorrow night at 9 p.m. from The focus of these groups is to elect a pro-life President. If that is an issue of importance to you, please sign up and see what you can do to help their efforts in these last few days.

I've been visiting the McCain website and making phone calls when I have a few minutes. I have had some great conversations with people in Wisconsin and Florida thus far. It's encouraging to DO something positive to reach voters. We're not alone, we are the majority, we need to raise our voices and put every effort towards getting John McCain and Sarah Palin into the White House!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama-Biden Folks Gettin' Nastier...

Just wanted to let you know that if you have NOT turned on the monitoring of comments on your blogs now's a good time to do it. I've gotten some really wacky stuff on some of my blogs and am really glad I get to trash it before it's posted! It has me scratching my head in disbelief that there are people who believe some of the things they write, much less that they're proud to share , or worse, that they think I might be swayed by their vitriol.

Don't believe what the media is telling you... they have a vested interest in trying to make some feel defeated so they'll stay home or not work as hard. I know all of those on Team Sarah, McCain-Palin 2008, the Read My Lipstick Network, and the other great groups out there aren't buying into the hype!

ANOTHER Fantastic New Member

So many, many are coming out to support the wonderful Sarah Palin and the next great President of the United States, John McCain! If you've been on Team Sarah lately it is growing so fast it crashed the system for a short period of time! I just heard a bit more about the polls on this morning's talk shows and, although I discounted them before, I really discount them now!

One thing I found interesting was a short piece on the actual coverage from the media on the campaign. It showed what we have all known, Barack Obama gets a pass and John McCain has been dumped on to the tune of almost triple the percentages. Duh. We don't need an independent group telling us that, we've all turned off mainstream media because of their open bias.

Anyway, we have a new member! Please add Meet the Real Sarah Palin ( to your sidebars, blog rolls, blog lists, the blogs you're following, etc.

Our blogroll is working but we're still unable to add blogs to it or make any changes. Some nasty stupid hacker took it down, they got it back but they're unable to let us make changes right now. They're re-working the system to try and fix the areas hackers can hit.

As soon as it's back up we'll get the last four or five new members added.

Call your friends, call your enemies! Get the vote out for John McCain. Let the silent majority speak and let's not lose our country to someone who's going to take from those who've worked their tails off to make the American dream a reality so they can give it to those who live with their hands out.

I'm not talking about those who work and try, I'm talking about those who expect hand-outs and live on them. All statistics show that Republicans GIVE more than Democrats. We are a caring group of folks who live what the other side talks. There's a false picture that has been painted about us that has nothing to do with reality.

Time is short and John McCain needs your enthusiasm! The country and those American values that built this country need your enthusiasm!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Great New Member of RMLN!

We'd like to welcome Right Wing Chicks to our fantastic list of bloggers! Here's a link to the blog: Please add them to your lists, favorites, subscriptions, etc.

Here's the latest post:

Fairness Doctrine - not so fair is it.
Until yesterday I had never even heard of the Fairness Doctrine. Then in two separate instances yesterday I heard mention of it, so that must mean I should look into it and see what it is and then see if it is good or bad...

On another note... our blogroll.

The blogroll is still there, but the site is still on hold while they update things and try to make it hacker-proof. I'm checking it regularly to see when I can get in to update our list. If you're new to the Network and haven't seen your blog on the blogroll, please accept our apology and know that we'll get them on there as soon as the blogroll site is back in business (they promise it will be soon).

In the meantime...

You can "follow" all blogs if you're on Blogger. Scroll down to the bottom of the page on your Dashboard and add all the websites please.

Add all of our blog members to your blog lists on your sidebar.

Copy the top of posts to other links of interest in the network and link like I just did at the top of this blog (Fairness doctrine post from Right Wing Chicks).

Last but not least:

Talk to people in the grocery line, go up to people you've never talked to in church, talk to your doctor's receptionist, and get them to VOTE for John McCain and Sarah Palin! Give the server at your favorite restaurant a great tip: Vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin!

ACORN and their ilk are out doing their best to steal the election. We need to show them that good can prevail and that doing it the right way, the honest way, can WIN!

Petition re: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Here's a petition that is being distributed in Georgia and given to elected officials. You may want to distribute a variation to your friends via email and get it going:

We the people, citizens of the republic of the United States of America, in order to maintain our beloved union, demand from our elected leaders the creation of an Independent Counsel to investigate the corruption of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which is the root of our current economic crisis. Due to the involvement of both political parties in the oversite of Fannie and Freddie, it is our belief that an impartial investigation cannot be carried out by the Justice Department. For this reason we demand the formation of the Independent Counsel to take place prior to the upcoming electoral vote on November 4th, 2008.

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

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Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Signed_________________________ Address_________________________

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still growing! Welcome to "A Christian Homeschool Mom for Sarah" blog!

We're pleased to annouce yet another new member to our growing list of member bloggers! Please add "A Christian Homeschool Mom for Sarah" ( to your various lists and be sure to read her blog.

We are a strong coalition of Sarah Palin and John McCain supporters and we can send powerful messages with our blogs! Keep blogging, keep talking, keep working.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another New Member!!! Lipstick Republican Joins the Read My Lipstick Network

We'd like to welcome Lipstick Republican ( to the network. We'll be adding the blog to our blogroll as soon as they get through with some maintenance (blogrolls are working on your sites, but we can't get in to make changes at the moment, gather the hacking incident the other day has caused them to make some security changes).

For those who aren't using the code (so much easier as you never have to add anyone to your list, we do it for you), please add to your blog list.

Also, as always, we encourage you to support your fellow bloggers by "following" them if you're on Blogger or subscribing to their feed if you're not on blogger.

The polls are showing we're narrowing the margin between John McCain and Barack Obama! Saw on one of our blogs that Colin Powell is going to be on Meet the Press Sunday and word is out that he'll be endorsing Obama.

Sarah Palin is going to be on Saturday Night Live tomorrow. Talk about walking into the lion's den!

Barack's campaign had filed some ridiculous request for an investigation into John McCain and Sarah Palin's talking about ACORN. Barack sure does get uptight every time someone hurts his feelings. Thin skinned.

I'm still scanning the blogs to see what you guys have come across today! It's great to see the real news by reading all the blogs we're "following". I find out more from the blogs than I do from Fox News!

Be sure to do a TV fast through November 4th for John McCain. More on that coming just as soon as I get through today and tomorrow. What a weekend I have planned... all work, no play. Not whining, don't know what I'd do if I ever had to sit still for a few hours!

Make it a goal to get one new person to vote for McCain-Palin every day!

Go sign up on and find out how you can make a difference!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No logo? No blogroll?

We've been fairly lenient, trusting our members to put the blogroll and / or lipstick logo on their blogs, but there are a few on our list of members who have yet to add the blog roll and / or lipstick logo link.

It's a give-give relationship where we are all helping each other, which includes adding our info on the sidebar of a main page. We in turn promote your blog on all the other members' blogs.

We'll be sending emails or leaving notes on blogs if we don't have an email letting you know we don't see the blogroll and / or lipstick logo link. If it's not added, hate to do it, but we'll have to drop you from our lists. Really hate to do that!

We're going to change things around a bit just to avoid having to go through this and be meanies --- from now on members will have to have the blogroll and / or lipstick logo link on their blogs before we'll add them to our list.

We'd like to keep adding members so if you come across a blog you like, ask them to join! The more we all connect the stronger our voices will be.

New Blog Roll to Join!

The Abomination of An Obama Nation (

The Read My Lipstick Network has requested membership and listing on their blog roll. We've been able to directly contact around 14 of our member blogs and they're interested, thus we sent a request for their membership.

If you'd like to join, here's the link with info:

We asked if they'd like to be a member of our blogroll, will post on here if there are blogs of theirs that want to join our rolls.

Keep on blogging, keep on fighting, let's get the best team for America elected on November 4th! Vote John McCain and Sarah Palin and let's change in the right way!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two New Blogs in the Network!

These are brand new blogs so there's not much on either of them yet. They're being written by two friends of mine who are fired up about the election and want to do everything they can to help get John McCain and Sarah Palin into the White House!

Here's the two new blogs:

Values we Value ( (Pam)

Dots for Dummies ( (Jeanne)

(Yep, I conspired with my fellow Barracuda Babes to use the phrases we used in one of our blogs and turn 'em into their very own blogs.)

I'll get them added to the blogroll so those of you who're using it don't need to do anything other than add them to your "follow" list (if you're on blogger). For those who still have the old lips and link, please add them to your list of favorite blogs (and your "follow" list).

Thanks for all you're doing! Although we're all blogging like crazy and new blogs are being added every day, the search engines are still doing their thing and blocking us. Keep it up. We're being read and the word is spreading.

Think about joining these two blogrolls also: (a member, and also has a blog list we highly recommend you consider joining) - American Solutions Independent Blogroll (great list, great cause and extremely helpful to RMLN! Check them out and join their blogroll)

Please ad the ads!

Stacy at writes: "Let Freedom Ring is beginning a new campaign ad I believe today. They have about 20 new youtube ads that will be on the radio and tv. They are they are great ads. I have one of them "Chicken Button" on my site now. It is hysterical. If we used our network and everyone put a few of these ads on their sites, we could make them go viral.

The ads are consolidated at: Looks like a one-stop shopping place for some very cool posts. Just grab them off the site. Take a look.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oops... Left off Obamatactics!

I just realized that we left off our list of blogs we send to all new members. Big apology owed to Obamatactics! They ARE on the blogroll, just weren't on the list we sent to our newer members. Please add to your list to "follow" and to your blog lists, etc., etc., etc.

Blogroll, "Following" & our new website!

Pretty soon we'll have a website! We've purchased the name and set up the web hosting. Every member blog will have a page on the new site where we post your blog! We'll be talking more about that in the near future. For us to pick up your website verbiage on the website you'll need to insert some code on your blog. It's easy and we'll walk you through it.

It'll help you tremendously when it comes to growing your readership!

We're getting down to the wire! It's critical that you call people, call strangers, go visit your local Republican Party and find out how you can help. Go sign up for updates at John McCain's website. The more I hear the more concerned I am about the future of this country if Obama takes over --- and take over he will. As one of our astute bloggers pointed out, he'll have the Congress, the Presidency and shortly after he takes office he'll have the Supreme Court. What do you think the future of our country will be once he has it all locked up? Toss in the way the world seemingly worships Obama, the current financial mess, the fact that the world is working in concert to stem the financial tsunami and what do you think our world will look like five years, ten years from now? I'm very concerned.

Blogging isn't enough. As a good friend of mine says, we need to put some feet to our prayers. We need to put some feet to our words. We need to be doing something other than just writing!!! We need action, we need knocks on doors, calls, letters, emails and lots of prayers!


I'd like to ask that all who are on Blogger be sure to "Follow" all of our member blogs. This helps the other blogs tremendously as people then see the little link on your blog and the blogs you're following, they travel and read. They read YOUR blog by seeing YOUR symbol on the blog you're following.

We need to be helping promote each other, but more importantly, we need to be promoting all blogs that support John McCain, Sarah Palin and the values we value.

If you don't know how to "follow" a blog, look toward the bottom of the Dashboard, left tab. It's easy and it's helpful to all.

Once you've done that, be sure to go to Layout and add the gadget that shows who's following your blog. It'll grow and your readership will grow.

Here's a list of our blogs to make it easy for you to set up the Follow feature:

On the blogroll: I'm sure most of you have noticed it's back up and running. They fixed it fairly fast. If you don't have the blogroll on your sidebar, please add it! This is another way to help promote all of our member blogs. It helps your blog, too!

If you don't have the code, go here to get it: (all you have to do is copy the code, go to Layout, click add HTML, paste the code into the block and save. Easy).

Friday, October 10, 2008

Blogroll Hacked

Hi all, seems the site we have our blogroll with has been hacked and our blogroll is down. I'll keep an eye on it, see what happens and whether we can get it back. The form / shell is still there, just not any blogs listed.

Some people take great pleasure in doing stupid things that harm a lot of people.

There are a whole lot of blog networks right now that don't have their blogrolls because of some malicious individual (or maybe group, who knows).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

W.A.M. SOS: It's Time to Turn the Tide

There is a dangerous trend happening which, together, we can prevent.

Blocked or impeded Internet activity shows it is time for DIRECT VOTER OUTREACH to our own neighbors, friends and family. That's what the obamanation does-to win this election, shouldn't we do as well?

We all know of Obama's attempts to remove all criticism from the public airwaves through pressure on the FCC and threats of litigation. As part of this pattern, other related violations of freedom of speech have followed:

- On Monday a W.A.M. volunteer reported that both Yahoo and Google refused to produce her prepaid pro-Palin ad on no other basis than "undesirable product"
- the contents of which were in good taste and not inflammatory.
-Today FOX news reported that MSNBC is disallowing any anti-democratic comments from the network's online activity.

On a seemingly unrelated front, informed voters are aware of Obama's repeated voting pattern. in IL Senate, to de-legitimize the rights of infants who survive abortion to survive.

At the same time, his campaign has targeted young women voters with scare tactics about a bogus Sara Palin 'plan' to reverse Roe vs. Wade. Political insiders recognize this invented issue
is a 'political football' used to divert attention from Obama's vague, vacillating position on critical national issues.

This morning's news carries 2 eye-opening events, which nobama activists can capitalize on to start turning the tide of recent pro-Obama polls.

-Good news from California is a NOW leader's very public endorsement of Palin, describing her as "what a (true )feminist looks like". The NOW organization has insisted that this long-time Democrat activist's statement be niched as a mere "personal statement"

- with viral distribution, this event can - with your participation - turn the tide on Obama's scare tactics to turn off Independents from a McCain/Palin vote.

-Bad news from Australia helps to connect the dots, demonstrating that far left attempts to take-over the globe are not limited to North America. This week the Aussie Parliament will vote on a bill to approve all abortions - including final term pregnancies- on demand. Notice how this corresponds to Obama's own baby-killing stand. This is not pro-choice- it is anti-life!

Wake Up America Movement has a strategy to use all this news to turn the public tide to nobama and pro-Palin in one fell swoop. W.A.M.'s new
"Read My Lipstick" KISS campaign will provide bloggers and Internet
activists with an empowering, grass roots Action to take. If all of us who know enough to care outreach to our friends and family who might care to know, we can reshape public opinion this week -
on what a true feminist Sara Palin is and what a 'man of the people' Obama is not! KISS, which means Keep It Simple Stupid is a strategy to inform mainstream voters, in a friendly polite way, of real election facts. If you haven't yet done so, Join W.A.M. now and help turn the tide of public opinion!

-Sign in today to Get Involved at today and check the box: 'Contact friends and family.'
-You'll receive simply stated accurate facts about what's at stake in this election for outreach to mainstream voters, for use as letters to local newspaper editors and to notify Women's groups of "what a real feminist is!"

These send-out-ready Reform Movement News Releases will be yours to use as you choose.

With sign-in today, you'll receive the transcript of CA NOW endorsement of Sara Palin, link to a new Palin video and link to Australia's new people's movement against socialist legislation. (If you are already signed on with W.A.M. watch for this new release for your own forwarding - in your in-box today.)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I'd like to encourage everyone in the network to visit this link: (Wake Up America Movement)

Go sign up. Copy the logo (top right) and link to the site. There is a HUGE movement going on and they're hoping to get people across the spectrum out to take our country back!!!

I'll be part of a conference call tomorrow night and will be sharing information with all of you.

If you want to listen to more about this, here's a link to a discussion on blogtalkradio:

Tell you fellow bloggers to visit both places and get involved.

Thanks Jem!

Thanks Jem for finding the new Sarah Palin blogs! We're going to invite some of them to join us (hopefully they will).

Every member is welcome to invite others to join our Network if you think they're definitely supporters of John McCain and Sarah Palin!

You can send them to this blog and give them our email, readmylipstick at

Thanks to ALL who are writing, looking, working and doing everything they can to elect our duo.

Another Member!

The "Political Mommy" blog has joined the group! (

You're going to love the cream puff analogy on the blog she has out there now!

Our political Mommy is also one of the "right" authors of the blog Pachyderms and Asses (great blog, great idea).

Please add her blog to your favorites and be sure to comment! I've already added her to the self-updating blogroll.

Three New Members and another on the way!

We have three new members and another we'll be adding shortly! The enthusiasm for Sarah Palin, John McCain and the upcoming election is growing.

Members, I continue to be dismayed at what I see when I do a search on Sarah Palin's name. The media is working hard to twist her image and do what they do so well to anyone who doesn't fit their mold. We need more blogs! We need more people out there working to give a voice to the values and beliefs of the majority of Americans! We can not let them Bork our Sarah and we can not let them take the election from John McCain!

Encourage your friends to set up a blog and share their values and beliefs. We are fighting a bigger battle than just the fight for the White House as most of you know. We have to make our voices heard!

OK, I'll get off my soapbox and welcome our newest members!

Here's our newest blogs to add to your lists (if you don't have the self-updating blogroll code at

The Right Daily:
Button Up:
Sweet Insanity:

Please add these to the blogs you're following on your dashboard if you're on Blogger.

We've set up a WordPress blog now also which will allow us to expand our ability to reach people! If you're used to Blogger it's a different format, but easy to learn and it's fun.

Let's get John McCain and the wonderful Sarah Palin elected! With all that's going on in Ohio and other states in regards to voter fraud we're going to need to get everyone we know out to vote. Offer to give rides to people, call everyone, send emails, lets get people excited!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We're on YouTube!

We just set up a You Tube account. Here's the link:

I wasn't shocked, but wasn't happy, when I went to YouTube and popped in Sarah Palin's name to see what was out there. A whole lot of nasty and a whole lot of people are watching. I figure we needed a presence on there just to see if we could elevate the tenor!

If you come across good positive videos on YouTube, leave a comment here or on our YouTube page and we'll add it as a favorite and give it a positive rating, maybe even leave a comment!

We just set up the account so we're not able to add the logo for 48 hours, but it will be there!

Friends, they are trying to do to Sarah what they've done to Bush, Bork and so many other good conservatives. Stay on your knees and keep on your toes (guess that one's kinda hard to do! Look at it this way, you'll get plenty of exercise ;-)

Expanding just a bit... a tiny bit... need your thoughts

Our focus is and has been getting Sarah Palin and John McCain elected. We also support conservative views and family values.

That said, some of the founders of RMLN have been talking about what we'll do AFTER the election.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to need our support more than ever after the election if we're successful in our efforts to put them in the White House. The media, Democrats and liberals will do the same thing to them that they've done to President Bush and to conservatives across the country.

We are going to start expanding our membership rolls just a bit to include blogs that share our values and are willing to do what they can to counter attacks against family values and a broad range of conservative values. We're looking for those who are openly in support of John McCain and Sarah Palin. We're looking for blogs and sites that are willing to focus for the most part on Sarah Palin of course! Getting Sarah into the White House is the reason the Network came into being.

Even if we are unsuccessful in getting McCain-Palin elected we'll continue to support Sarah as we know she's going to make waves in the future! She has arrived on the scene and boy is she a powerhouse!!!

We'll need to be stronger than ever if the Democrats steal the election (put in "voter fraud Obama" or "voter fraud Democat" in your search engine and see what's going on out there!). We have to support the values of the Republican Party --- and I'll clarify that a bit, we're talking about the core principles and values, not a blanket support of the "organization"!

If you have any comments or concerns or thoughts, please let us know. We want to hear from all members of the RMLN so we make sure we're all together on the direction we take.

Let's get John McCain and Sarah Palin elected!!! Let's get our country back on track!!!

Suggested reading: The Obama Nation, by Jerom R. Corsi, Ph.D., published by Threshhold Editions (A Division of Simon & Schuster)

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Members and a correction!

We have two new members today:

Red, Right and True (
Real Women for Sarah (

These are some great blogs and I hope you'll go check them out, add them to your list to follow (or subscribe if offered).

I think I've mentioned Moms in the Right before? If not, here's a link: Wonderful blog, a must read!

On some of your info Red State Feminists is listed incorrectly (our fault, sorry!). It's It's listed as a .com on some lists we sent out.

Just to be on the safe side, here's a list of current members:

Member Websites:

If you're a member and we don't have you listed, please send us an email (readmylipstick at