Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Great New Member of RMLN!

We'd like to welcome Right Wing Chicks to our fantastic list of bloggers! Here's a link to the blog: http://rightwingchicky.wordpress.com/. Please add them to your lists, favorites, subscriptions, etc.

Here's the latest post:

Fairness Doctrine - not so fair is it.
Until yesterday I had never even heard of the Fairness Doctrine. Then in two separate instances yesterday I heard mention of it, so that must mean I should look into it and see what it is and then see if it is good or bad...

On another note... our blogroll.

The blogroll is still there, but the site is still on hold while they update things and try to make it hacker-proof. I'm checking it regularly to see when I can get in to update our list. If you're new to the Network and haven't seen your blog on the blogroll, please accept our apology and know that we'll get them on there as soon as the blogroll site is back in business (they promise it will be soon).

In the meantime...

You can "follow" all blogs if you're on Blogger. Scroll down to the bottom of the page on your Dashboard and add all the websites please.

Add all of our blog members to your blog lists on your sidebar.

Copy the top of posts to other links of interest in the network and link like I just did at the top of this blog (Fairness doctrine post from Right Wing Chicks).

Last but not least:

Talk to people in the grocery line, go up to people you've never talked to in church, talk to your doctor's receptionist, and get them to VOTE for John McCain and Sarah Palin! Give the server at your favorite restaurant a great tip: Vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin!

ACORN and their ilk are out doing their best to steal the election. We need to show them that good can prevail and that doing it the right way, the honest way, can WIN!

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