Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FLOOD the LATimes with Calls People...Demand That Tape!!

From Natalie on Team Sarah:

Below is contact info for the LATimes. I called them twice this morning and emailed them once and will do so every day till election day to put pressure to release this tape. We need to DEMAND as John McCain did for the release. This is an easy one, people, make that call, send that email and do so thru Tuesday. We must do all that we can and leave no stone unturned.

Please do your part to demand fair news when it is very obvious what is going on here. I've listed several different number for you and ultimately, at the bottom, I've posted a direct link to be able to get additional number is you need them.

When I spoke with the operator, it was obvious that she was stressed from people calling. ,
fax: (213) 237-7679.
Telephone message line: (877) 554-4000
Washington, D.C., area: (202) 824-8300
(213) 237-7072
(213) 237-7092,0,64597...

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