Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yet ANOTHER Really Great Blog Joins the Ranks of the Read My Lipstick Network

You are going to get lost in this blog and you'll be there for days! You have to check out the sidebar stuff (and the blogs, of course!). Our newest member is Miss Beth's Victory Dance: It is the coolest blog and I know you're going to want some of the stuff on the sidebar for your blogs!

Quick update (again) on the blogroll --- it's still there on your sidebars, but they're still working on getting it hacker proof. For all of you who are new to the Network I apologize that we can't add any at the moment. This is affecting blogrolls across the Internet and we're all anxiously checking for updates regularly. We'll probably crash their site once they get it up and running 'cause we have so many blogs to add!

Thanks to all for the response to the Obama Infomercial Blackout! We had people across the United States joining in to support W.A.M. '08 in their turn off the TV effort! I added it to our group on Team Sarah and sent it out to everyone I could think of earlier. For a last minute effort I think we managed to reach a lot of people. Hopefully his ratings weren't that great (although I'm sure every Obama lover in the country had every TV in their house on ;-)

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