Sunday, October 26, 2008

ANOTHER Fantastic New Member

So many, many are coming out to support the wonderful Sarah Palin and the next great President of the United States, John McCain! If you've been on Team Sarah lately it is growing so fast it crashed the system for a short period of time! I just heard a bit more about the polls on this morning's talk shows and, although I discounted them before, I really discount them now!

One thing I found interesting was a short piece on the actual coverage from the media on the campaign. It showed what we have all known, Barack Obama gets a pass and John McCain has been dumped on to the tune of almost triple the percentages. Duh. We don't need an independent group telling us that, we've all turned off mainstream media because of their open bias.

Anyway, we have a new member! Please add Meet the Real Sarah Palin ( to your sidebars, blog rolls, blog lists, the blogs you're following, etc.

Our blogroll is working but we're still unable to add blogs to it or make any changes. Some nasty stupid hacker took it down, they got it back but they're unable to let us make changes right now. They're re-working the system to try and fix the areas hackers can hit.

As soon as it's back up we'll get the last four or five new members added.

Call your friends, call your enemies! Get the vote out for John McCain. Let the silent majority speak and let's not lose our country to someone who's going to take from those who've worked their tails off to make the American dream a reality so they can give it to those who live with their hands out.

I'm not talking about those who work and try, I'm talking about those who expect hand-outs and live on them. All statistics show that Republicans GIVE more than Democrats. We are a caring group of folks who live what the other side talks. There's a false picture that has been painted about us that has nothing to do with reality.

Time is short and John McCain needs your enthusiasm! The country and those American values that built this country need your enthusiasm!

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