Thursday, October 30, 2008

Growin' Growin' Growin' --- Another Great Member of Read My Lipstick Network

We are already an enthusiastic, positive force for the values that brought America into being, and now we have yet another super blogger joining us! Good Works Work (great title!) is our newest blogging member. Here's the link to Dawn's blog:

Be sure to add her to the blogs you follow (bottom of Dashboard, left, for Blogger blogs) or subscribe to, or add the blog as a favorite or somehow figure out a way to support Good Works Work (and all of our other member websites and blogs).

Still can't update the blogroll, just checked. We have so many new blogs to add!

Join us on Team Sarah (we have our own group) and I'm in the process of setting up a Read My Lipstick Network on Facebook. I'm probably going to need to ask for a volunteer to monitor Facebook, not one of my usual haunts, but we were invited and I hate to say no to any method that'll get the words you're writing out to the world.

Pick up the phone and call random people if you can't get hold of a list of voters! If you're Republican, call your local Party or the state Party and ask to help. We only have a few days left and they are critical days!!! Go on-line to and click on the make phone calls button on the right side of the screen. They give you an easy script to follow. If you're shy about calling, do it during the day when everyone is at work and you can just leave a message. It's better to talk to people, but every thing you do is going to help. There are some counties where one, just one, vote will make it a John McCain-Sarah Palin win!!!

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