Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No logo? No blogroll?

We've been fairly lenient, trusting our members to put the blogroll and / or lipstick logo on their blogs, but there are a few on our list of members who have yet to add the blog roll and / or lipstick logo link.

It's a give-give relationship where we are all helping each other, which includes adding our info on the sidebar of a main page. We in turn promote your blog on all the other members' blogs.

We'll be sending emails or leaving notes on blogs if we don't have an email letting you know we don't see the blogroll and / or lipstick logo link. If it's not added, hate to do it, but we'll have to drop you from our lists. Really hate to do that!

We're going to change things around a bit just to avoid having to go through this and be meanies --- from now on members will have to have the blogroll and / or lipstick logo link on their blogs before we'll add them to our list.

We'd like to keep adding members so if you come across a blog you like, ask them to join! The more we all connect the stronger our voices will be.

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