Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two New Blogs in the Network!

These are brand new blogs so there's not much on either of them yet. They're being written by two friends of mine who are fired up about the election and want to do everything they can to help get John McCain and Sarah Palin into the White House!

Here's the two new blogs:

Values we Value (http://valueswevalue.blogspot.com) (Pam)

Dots for Dummies (http://dotsfordummies.blogspot.com) (Jeanne)

(Yep, I conspired with my fellow Barracuda Babes to use the phrases we used in one of our blogs and turn 'em into their very own blogs.)

I'll get them added to the blogroll so those of you who're using it don't need to do anything other than add them to your "follow" list (if you're on blogger). For those who still have the old lips and link, please add them to your list of favorite blogs (and your "follow" list).

Thanks for all you're doing! Although we're all blogging like crazy and new blogs are being added every day, the search engines are still doing their thing and blocking us. Keep it up. We're being read and the word is spreading.

Think about joining these two blogrolls also:

www.mccainpalin08.blogspot.com (a member, and also has a blog list we highly recommend you consider joining)
http://theamericansentinel.com/join-the-american-solutions-independent-blogroll/ - American Solutions Independent Blogroll (great list, great cause and extremely helpful to RMLN! Check them out and join their blogroll)

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