Sunday, October 5, 2008

Three New Members and another on the way!

We have three new members and another we'll be adding shortly! The enthusiasm for Sarah Palin, John McCain and the upcoming election is growing.

Members, I continue to be dismayed at what I see when I do a search on Sarah Palin's name. The media is working hard to twist her image and do what they do so well to anyone who doesn't fit their mold. We need more blogs! We need more people out there working to give a voice to the values and beliefs of the majority of Americans! We can not let them Bork our Sarah and we can not let them take the election from John McCain!

Encourage your friends to set up a blog and share their values and beliefs. We are fighting a bigger battle than just the fight for the White House as most of you know. We have to make our voices heard!

OK, I'll get off my soapbox and welcome our newest members!

Here's our newest blogs to add to your lists (if you don't have the self-updating blogroll code at

The Right Daily:
Button Up:
Sweet Insanity:

Please add these to the blogs you're following on your dashboard if you're on Blogger.

We've set up a WordPress blog now also which will allow us to expand our ability to reach people! If you're used to Blogger it's a different format, but easy to learn and it's fun.

Let's get John McCain and the wonderful Sarah Palin elected! With all that's going on in Ohio and other states in regards to voter fraud we're going to need to get everyone we know out to vote. Offer to give rides to people, call everyone, send emails, lets get people excited!

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