Wednesday, October 8, 2008

W.A.M. SOS: It's Time to Turn the Tide

There is a dangerous trend happening which, together, we can prevent.

Blocked or impeded Internet activity shows it is time for DIRECT VOTER OUTREACH to our own neighbors, friends and family. That's what the obamanation does-to win this election, shouldn't we do as well?

We all know of Obama's attempts to remove all criticism from the public airwaves through pressure on the FCC and threats of litigation. As part of this pattern, other related violations of freedom of speech have followed:

- On Monday a W.A.M. volunteer reported that both Yahoo and Google refused to produce her prepaid pro-Palin ad on no other basis than "undesirable product"
- the contents of which were in good taste and not inflammatory.
-Today FOX news reported that MSNBC is disallowing any anti-democratic comments from the network's online activity.

On a seemingly unrelated front, informed voters are aware of Obama's repeated voting pattern. in IL Senate, to de-legitimize the rights of infants who survive abortion to survive.

At the same time, his campaign has targeted young women voters with scare tactics about a bogus Sara Palin 'plan' to reverse Roe vs. Wade. Political insiders recognize this invented issue
is a 'political football' used to divert attention from Obama's vague, vacillating position on critical national issues.

This morning's news carries 2 eye-opening events, which nobama activists can capitalize on to start turning the tide of recent pro-Obama polls.

-Good news from California is a NOW leader's very public endorsement of Palin, describing her as "what a (true )feminist looks like". The NOW organization has insisted that this long-time Democrat activist's statement be niched as a mere "personal statement"

- with viral distribution, this event can - with your participation - turn the tide on Obama's scare tactics to turn off Independents from a McCain/Palin vote.

-Bad news from Australia helps to connect the dots, demonstrating that far left attempts to take-over the globe are not limited to North America. This week the Aussie Parliament will vote on a bill to approve all abortions - including final term pregnancies- on demand. Notice how this corresponds to Obama's own baby-killing stand. This is not pro-choice- it is anti-life!

Wake Up America Movement has a strategy to use all this news to turn the public tide to nobama and pro-Palin in one fell swoop. W.A.M.'s new
"Read My Lipstick" KISS campaign will provide bloggers and Internet
activists with an empowering, grass roots Action to take. If all of us who know enough to care outreach to our friends and family who might care to know, we can reshape public opinion this week -
on what a true feminist Sara Palin is and what a 'man of the people' Obama is not! KISS, which means Keep It Simple Stupid is a strategy to inform mainstream voters, in a friendly polite way, of real election facts. If you haven't yet done so, Join W.A.M. now and help turn the tide of public opinion!

-Sign in today to Get Involved at today and check the box: 'Contact friends and family.'
-You'll receive simply stated accurate facts about what's at stake in this election for outreach to mainstream voters, for use as letters to local newspaper editors and to notify Women's groups of "what a real feminist is!"

These send-out-ready Reform Movement News Releases will be yours to use as you choose.

With sign-in today, you'll receive the transcript of CA NOW endorsement of Sara Palin, link to a new Palin video and link to Australia's new people's movement against socialist legislation. (If you are already signed on with W.A.M. watch for this new release for your own forwarding - in your in-box today.)

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