Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not talking politics this time... curious if Comcast as bad for you as me?

We just had yet another bad experience with Comcast and their pitiful customer service. Box went out on our TV -- option was to drive 40 minutes to exchange the box or wait until they mailed replacement. Opted to drive as we had company coming to watch a ball game with us... Finally found the place, there were close to 50 (yes FIFTY) people in line, one guy working. The guy in front of us had already been there for 30 minutes...

Another rep came in, we asked how long, she said "who knows". Huh.

Called Comcast back, 20 minutes to get someone to answer. Lady said they've consolidated their service centers, long lines at all of them. I said I thought it was time to check out Dish or some other option. No response. We could have the box mailed to us... ummm, what if it turns out it's not the box, maybe it's a cable? Well, we could then do a service call, and go another three or four days without cable.

I said, no, lets just go ahead & put in a service call. We have to wait from Saturday until Tuesday to get someone out here, but at least we'll have them until it's fixed. I guess. I suppose.

Having to cancel friends coming over to watch the ballgame, guess we'll go to someone else's house...

We've had ongoing problems, seems like it's one thing after another. Still have a cable across the back of the yard waiting for them to bury it after the last visit.

I've been out wandering the Internet comparing Comcast to Dish, not looked at Satellite yet. Wondering if any of you have suggestions? I'd be fine without a TV except I like my Fox News!

I see that Dish gets high marks for tech support and service... Comcast gets trashed mightily. I had a problem a while back, wrote a blog and they jumped right on it. Not writing this for that reason, think we're probably on their do not try list at this point... shoot, they ripped us off by not giving us our HBO which was supposed to be included when they "fixed" the last problem, not sure I care to have that kind of fix again...

Anyway, would love to have your input. Watching the upcoming political events, getting my news is tops for me.

Anyone happy with Dish? Satellite? Not sure I know the difference at this point, but I will real, real soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's not just the Presidential election...

There's a lot of focus, and rightfully so, on the battle for the White House. We need to FILL that empty chair with someone of substance, who can begin to fix the problems rather than play the blame game!

We need to do more though than elect a new President --- we need to give him a support team so he doesn't spend his first two years having to battle Congress. If we can give him the Senate in November we'll be giving him the ability to DO something rather than wade through political gamesmanship, one-up-manship.

I just saw an ad on Drudge that sparked this thought process... clicked, went to a page where they're asking for donations. 100% off the donations go to the eight candidate on the page. You choose your candidate or candidates, pop in the amount and they get it. Every one of them is needed. None are in my state but that doesn't mean I can't support them, donate.

Here's the link: (that one has code that gives Drudge a click through. If you don't want to use that one here's the "vanilla" link with no credit to Drudge:

If you can't donate dollars, maybe you can make a few phone calls or send some emails, blog about the candidates, tweet, or think of some other way to support them.

Putting a conservative with the ability to actually do something to put us back on course is extremely important. Giving him a Congress that will enact the policies he proposes is just as important, if not more so.