Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Conservative Voice for Moms joins the Read My Lipstick Network!

I'd like to welcome our newest member to the Network: - A Conservative Voice for Moms

I love the look of her blog --- it makes me want to reach out and try to touch it! Very nice. The content's good, too .

Happy New Year to all.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Palin videos of note to take you through the New Year... great tunes, great thoughts...

I like 'em all although I hafta say the last one from is my favorite... I'm adding it to the sidebar and to the website videos. Another one of our blogger members popped out "Backyard Barbie Dolly Parton for Caribou Barbie Sarah Palin" which is great, too! I'll be spotlighting it, also. (If you're a Read My Lipstick Network member and you have a YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other social network, make sure you send me a link and I'll add it to the main site. ReadMyLipstick AT Live dot com)

I figure 2009 will have many ups and downs, however life is what you make it, even in the bad times. Attitude counts! Lookin' forward to times with all the new friends I've made this year during the election! You are all fantastic and I love your enthusiasm for a better future. We ARE having an impact and if we keep the momentum going we are going to change the Internet and change the world!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sarah Palin, Conservative of the Year (Human Events) PLUS Ann Coulter Comments

Sarah Palin: Conservative of the Year
by Ann Coulter
Sarah Palin wins HUMAN EVENTS’ prestigious “Conservative of the Year” Award for 2008 for her genius at annoying all the right people. The last woman to get liberals this hot under the collar would have been … let's see now … oh, yeah: Me!

EXCLUSIVE Interview With Sarah Palin
by Human Events
“Thank you, sir. It is an honor to be named your ‘‘Conservative of the Year.’”That’s how Sarah Palin began her third interview this year with HUMAN EVENTS Political Editor John Gizzi. She spoke to Gizzi last April as the first of 16 Republicans he interviewed for HE’s “Veepstakes” election-year feature and then she sat down with him during the National Governors Association meeting in Philadelphia in July. The Alaska governor last week again spoke to Gizzi, this time about her historic candidacy as the Republican vice presidential nominee as well as about current issues and her future.

Thanks to BowlMeOverVA (Twitter: and Carlos Echevarria (Facebook and Read My Lipstick Network:

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Logo reminder...

All members are invited to send their blog or website logo to readmylipstick at live dot com. We'll add them to our banner slide show to help maximize your exposure! Every little bit of advertising helps, free advertising is even more helpful.

Logos should be in gif or jpg format, size isn't important as we'll resize if needed. We will not post your logos anywhere else nor will we share them with anyone.

3 new members!

Many of you are probably already checking Read My Lipstick Network member Michelle McIntosh's website ( on a regular basis, some of you are friends with her on other networking sites... now she has added a new blog on Blogger.

We're also adding our latest blogs "Conservatism is..." to the roster. We set Conservatism is... up on Blogger and Wordpress to maximize the exposure. - Michelle McIntosh (blog) - Conservatism Is... - Conservatism is... (2)

Thanks to those of you who've taken the time to send your thoughts on conservatism for the blog. We're putting one a day out to try and give your thoughts some time alone in the spotlight. I'll remind you off and on about the blog in hopes that more of you will send your words. Send info to: readmylipstick at live dot com.

I'd like to again (broken record) encourage each of you to network to the max... consider Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, all the ning sites and any other networking site you find. If we're going to protect the values we have and hold, we're going to need to get the word out and do everything we can to reach people wherever they go!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Maximus Politics and Navitor Join the Network!

Welcome to our two newest blog / website members.

Maximus Politics - You can also follow MP on Twitter at and you may also want to check out his list of conservative websites at

Navitor - (Welcome to The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy! "Exspectata ut Conitor! Nos Tutus Vos! Narro Amicus , quod Penetro!"). You can find Navitor on Twitter at

We're now up to 102 member blogs with a new goal of 5 million .

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Conservatism is...

I've created a new blog titled "Conservatism is..."

I'd like to ask you, and your friends if you'd like to share this, to share your thoughts on conservative values, the reason you're a self-titled conservative, what you think it means to be conservative, and whatever else you'd like to share keeping in mind the title of the blog "Conservatism is...".

I will post your thoughts and essays with a link back to your blog and / or website (s), your name if you'd like it included and a brief bio if you send it. Be as long-winded or brief as you'd like keeping in mind one sentence doesn't constitute an "essay" .

My idea is to 1) share the true meaning of the label conservative, 2) promote you and your writings, 3) sell conservatism to all those who have erroneous views on the label.

I'll be linking the blog on about 200 or so websites and blogs, plus once I have a logo it'll have it's own ads on untold blogs. We've just posted our first "essay" (from Vets on the Watch) and we'll be posting more later today (already have five from some of our great bloggers!).

Hope you have time to help! Send the essays to this email address: readmylipstick at

The address is and (haven't posted anything on the wordpress version yet...)

U.S. Two States Away from Constitutional Convention

Tx to Russell James on Twitter for bringing this one to my attention. Somehow I've missed even a whisper about this one! I plan to do a little research, find out more about this one as I do not like the timing and the potential harm. The following is from American :

This is the most urgent, most important action alert the American Policy Center has ever issued! The Ohio state legislature is expected to vote today, Wednesday, Dec. 10th, to call for a Constitutional Convention (Con Con). If Ohio calls for a Con Con only one more state need do so and Congress will have no choice but to convene a Convention, throwing our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights up for grabs. Ohio's vote today poses a grave threat to the U.S. Constitution. Please immediately call the Ohio lawmakers listed below. ACT FAST - time is of the essence!

Al Franken Storms to Within 5 Votes of Coleman

More than six weeks after the Nov. 4 election, Democratic challenger Al Franken threatened to take his first lead Thursday over incumbent GOP Sen. Norm Coleman in the recount of votes in the hotly contested Minnesota Senate race.

The State Canvassing Board ended its day Thursday with Franken having moved within just five votes of Coleman.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 5:02 PM
By: David A. Patten

Stop the Abortion Bailout

A message to all members of Team Sarah
December 19, 2008

Dear Team Sarah,
Tired of bailouts? Well they aren't going away anytime soon. Now the abortion industry wants one!

We all knew that Planned Parenthood (the number one abortion provider in the country) was going to have a special seat at the table in the Obama administration. Well it hasn't taken them long at all to roll out their extreme agenda.

Tell your Senator today that Planned Parenthood should not get a bailout. Go to

Abortion groups have submitted their 50 page proposal to the Obama-Biden transition team. At the top of the list? More taxpayer dollars for abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood. How much more? Over 1.5 billion dollars more!

The Abortion Bailout Package:

**$1 BILLION dollars in taxpayer funding for International Abortion Groups like UNFPA, an international aid organization connected to coercive abortion as part of China's coercive one-child policy

**$700 million in taxpayer funding for "Title X" Health Clinics (aka your local Planned Parenthood affiliate)

**Repeal the Hyde Amendment -- Vastly expanding federal taxpayer funding for abortions

**Include Abortion coverage in any taxpayer-subsidized national health care program

**Expand taxpayer-funded abortions through the Peace Corps program

It is an outrage for Planned Parenthood to expect you to give your hard earned dollars to fund the destruction of innocent life.

Join citizens across our great country in telling their Senators to keep your tax dollars out of the abortion providers.

Tell them to Stop the Abortion Bailout! Sign the Petition today!

All my best, Marjorie Dannenfelser
Team Sarah Co-Founder
SBA List President

The Debt We Owe Laura Bush

Rec'd this from the National Federation of Republican Women and just had to share. It is so perfectly "right". Thanks to Matt Towery for writing so beautifully about our beautiful (inside and out!) First Lady Laura Bush.

The Debt We Owe Laura Bush
By Matt Towery of

With so many newspapers columns about bailouts and debt, I thought I might just change the pace by paying tribute to a woman to whom we as Americans are indebted -- First Lady Laura Bush.

I know President Bush doesn't read columns, but with all due respect, he needs to read this one. So, I'm writing it to him.

Dear Mr. President,

This message has nothing to do with you or your presidency. I'll leave that to others. But, then again, it has everything to do with you and your presidency.

Being an ex-elected official and candidate for statewide office -- now permanently "reformed" by not participating anymore -- I know what the wives of political leaders go through. Not that I can ever know how tough it gets when one reaches the level of the presidency. But I can imagine.

For this and other reasons, I want to thank you personally and on behalf of a great number of Americans for the service your wife, Laura, has given to America.

Like plenty of us political men, you married "over your head," which I'm sure you know. Many of us are lucky to have bright, devoted and strong wives who not only help hold our families together during our years in political office, but who could themselves tackle many of the issues we do, often with superior skill to our own.

In the case of your own Laura, she helped raise two bright and beautiful young women. Sure they had a few teenage incidents. Whose kids don't? But they have brought honor to your family and have been a great reflection on their parents.

Then there is the side of your wife for which we as a nation owe a huge debt.

I know that most Americans know that Mrs. Bush was a librarian when you met her. But I'm not sure everyone knows that she earned not only her bachelor's degree from Southern Methodist University but also a master's degree from the University of Texas. This woman is no wallflower.

And, as you know Mr. President, she has in her always friendly, warm and articulate manner, put her keen mind to work for America.

While she has been best known for her tireless efforts to promote global literacy, Laura Bush has been just as active on a range of issues -- from her "Women's Health and Wellness Initiative," to her fight to end oppression against women in nations such as Afghanistan, where she actually took the place of her husband in presenting the weekly presidential radio address in 2001.
But you know all of that, Mr. President.

But I want others to recognize how active she has been on behalf of people who need help and often can't fight for themselves. And we all recognize that while this is a kind and caring woman, she can be passionate and, in her own way, fight effectively for others. In fact, she is still fighting for the women of Afghanistan.

I can only imagine how proud you were of her performance on "Meet the Press" recently, where she deftly handled a range of issues in a way that seemed to me to be as competent and articulate as say, Sen. Hillary Clinton or Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. In fact, I was blown away by her ability to take anything Tom Brokaw asked of her and ace it.

What makes this all the more interesting is to see her just a week or so later, live in the White House showing the Christmas decorations to a national audience. I loved the part when the dog ran right past her, and she cracked a joke and never missed a beat.

So whether it's the Christmas tree or denouncing the disfigurement of young girls in a nation so very far away, Laura Bush is able to handle the task with grace and ease.

I guess it is a bit presumptuous to write a sitting president in a national column. But we all know this will never reach George W. Bush. But it just would not be fair, particularly given the tough years this nation and her husband have endured, not to at least recognize one of the greatest first ladies in American history.


Matt Towery

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Petition asking Gov. Sarah Palin to run for Prez in 2012

Rec'd from We Need Sarah:

If you haven't signed our petition yet asking Governor Palin to run in 2012 please do so and email the link to any Palin supporters that you know.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Read My Lipstick Network Blog Sampler

Here's another sampling of posts from some of our member blogs:

Not with a bang but with a whimper
posted by pundette at Pundit & Pundette
Gateway Pundit brings this to our attention: Mall of America plans to create prayer rooms for Muslims. This is exactly the kind of incremental capitulation of our national cultural identity that Mark Stey...

Firestarter: Alaska
posted by Josh Painter at Sarah Palin for President
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has determined that the arsonist who torched Gov. Sarah's home church attempted to start fires in multiple locations around the building, and acceler...

Fair and Balanced is a Relative Term
posted by Geri at Red Right and True
My mom brought up a good point today...remember how the media SCRUTINIZED Sarah Palin's political background over her GIANT 7 week campaign? How they scrutinized WASILLA??!!! Where was all the scrutiny whe...

American Presidential Election Held... Today?
posted by Grammy Cracker at Grammy Cracker's Crumbs
We're electing the president of the United States today. Really. From today's Detroit News: ...And the 2.88 million Michigan voters who mistakenly thought they were voting for Barack Obama on Nov. 4 were ...

287-G Debacle in Wake County
posted by Tabitha Hale at Pink Elephant Pundit
Here we go again. Let’s protest measures that help us uphold the law. From ABC 11: RALEIGH (WTVD) — More than 100 members of the Southern Human Rights Organizer conference, organized in front of the Wake C...

State Governments Continue to Step on Business as They Beg for Bailouts
posted by Stacy at Smart Girl Politics
The United States economy has hit a road block in the last year. Day by day, we continue to watch industries step up to the coffer with their hands held out high. Today, we watch in horror as to whether Pr...

Sarah Palin on with Greta Van Susteren Tonight

Sarah Palin with Greta Van Susteren tonight, 10PM EST, Fox News

(Thanks Carlos!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We made it!!!! Welcome to our 100th Blog!

Appropriately, our 100th blog is Sarah Palin in 2012! The Read My Lipstick Network came into being due to Sarah Palin's move into the spotlight during the Presidential election. So many of us fell in love with her inner beauty, her strength of character, her ability to stand strong under the horrific pressure from both the left and unfortunately some of the right who bought into the media hype, and her intelligence during the election. Now entire movements have come into being in support of Sarah!

It's only fitting that the blog that takes us to our goal of 100 by the end of the year should be a blog supporting Sarah! - Sarah Palin in 2012

I'll be leaving here and heading over to add them to our website...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Donations to Benefit Sarah Palin's Wasilla Bible Church

It would be a wonderful thing for all of us to send a donation to Sarah Palin's church to help rebuild / repair the damage. I know they probably have insurance but chances are there's a hefty deductible. I think it would show that there are more folks who support Sarah and her church if we sent donation to help out.

Here's the address if you'd like to send a check of some sort:

Wasilla Bible Church
1651 W. Nicola Avenue
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

Please pass along the word to various groups and in your blogs.

Round the Reader anyone?

Girl Politicized posted the following and I thought it was a cool idea, something you might want to do with GP... you may note that some of your blogs are included in her first Round the Reader post.

'Round The Reader
The Specifics:
...A long time ago I used to be part of a 'Round The Reader group where a blogger adopted one day of the week and scanned the blogosphere for the good reads of the previous week and then would post them all in a blog post. So I'm stealing that idea and using it as my title and blog post today. Personally I think we need to bring 'Round The Reader back to the blogosphere. Does anyone want in? ...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Blogs for you to check out...

Thought I'd share portions of some of our member's blogs just to give all of you a sampling:

Coulter names Palin person of the year
posted by Josh Painter at Gov. Sarah Palin for President - 1 hour ago
Ann Coulter nominates Sarah Palin for TIME magazine's Person of the Year: I name Sarah Palin for her genius at annoying all the right people. I haven't seen liberals so enraged by a woman since me. Once Jo...

The Effects of Corruption
posted by Tabitha Hale at Pink Elephant Pundit - 2 hours ago
We’re all aware of the corruption surrounding this election - on every level. A new phenomenon? No. Unique to the US? Certainly not. In fact, according to our Corruption Perception Index, we’re the 22nd LE...

Interesting Comments on the Call to Boycott Alabama Due to Bailout Stance
posted by Barracuda Babes at Lipstick Smears - 8 hours ago
In Response To Part 1 Dec 11th, 2008 by Bradley Hankins. was developed in response to Alabama Senator Richard Shelby response to the Big 3 Automakers (Chrysler, G...

Bush on sports
posted by Jem at America Needs Sarah Palin - 8 hours ago
I really enjoyed this WaPo article yesterday about Bush as a sports fan and fitness nut. He's a likable guy. I've never been able to connect him with the demon-monkeyman I've read and heard about in the me...

The Republicans who Voted FOR the Auto Bailout 10/11/08
posted by Fayette Front at Republican News Sweep - 8 hours ago
Bond (R-MO) Brownback (R-KS) Collins (R-ME) Dole (R-NC) Domenici (R-NM) Lugar (R-IN) Snowe (R-ME) Specter (R-PA) Voinovich (R-OH) Warner (R-VA)

About Caroline Kennedy
posted by c.a. Marks at Girl Politicized - 11 hours ago
Um yeah, they want to put precious Caroline in the Senate. No experience? No problem. Sure you can have the job; I mean after all the president that you helped elect also doesn't have any experience so why...

Rezko talking, Emanuel declining to comment
posted by pundette at Pundit & Pundette - 11 hours ago
That's one tangled web they've woven in Chicago. From page A6 of yesterday's Washington Post: Case Confirms Rezko is Talking With Prosecutors A footnote to the 76-page criminal complaint and affidavit cha...

Oprah’s Almost Perfect Life
posted by Waddie at The Admonition - 1 day ago
Now that Barry has been elected President, Oprah can finally give up dieting and just be herself. From a story in the UK Guardian, Forget about a black man becoming president. America has passed a new mile...

Three More New Read My Lipstick Network Members

Three more blogs have joined the ranks. - Good Government - Potluck Politics - State and National Politics

All three are part of the Georgia Front Page network of blogs but they are maintained by independent conservative writers. One, Potluck Politics, is brand new so it will be interesting to see how that one develops. If I didn't know the author personally I wouldn't be adding it yet as we usually vet our blogs.

The Good Government blog is Georgia based and hasn't been maintained in a while. A few new bloggers have volunteered to help keep it active and I'm expecting some politics with a Christian flair from the group.

State and National Politics will lean more towards posting press releases and new items than commentary, but it promises to be news that typically doesn't cross the normal paths.

I hope you'll welcome the three new members!

Getting closer to being able to update Blogroll!

Here's the message from blogrolling:

Development Update
Hi Everyone!
Sorry for the lack of updates. The development team has been hard at work on rebuilding and we’re gtting very close to a public release. The main user interfaces are code-complete, and we are working on tweaks to how the interfaces look and work. The hard work lies with re-building the Pinger and RPC infrastructure. We’ve made several changes to how things work, but we also need to guarantee backwards compatibility with the old services so that nothing on your end breaks when we go live. We have another code-review today.
In the meantime, thanks so much for all your patience and support. While updates have been few and far between, there has been no shortage of work going on. I know how frustrating that it has been for some of you not being able to update your blogrolls, but the end of the ‘rolling drought is near!

Four new member blogs on the Read My Lipstick Network!

We'd like to welcome our newest members:

Political Pitstop -
Everyone's Favorite Republican -
A Kirkian Conservative Speaks -
Ladyblog -

These are all great blogs. Be sure to check 'em all out and comment on their posts if you're so inclined (a nice "welcome to the Read My Lipstick Network" would be good, too!).

We're continuing to grow, expand, get larger, attract new members... whatever... we're up to 96 members now! We would like to hit 100 before the end of the year, so if you're following any blogs or really like one, tell them about us!

I'd like to wish all of your a very Merry Christmas!

This year our family is making gifts rather than buying them. We're not doing that simply because of the economy, although that is a factor for some in the family. No, we wanted to get away from all the hustle bustle so we could focus on why we celebrate Christmas. Being a potter, it's a little easier for me to find gifts to make for the family... they're all getting homemade ornaments for their Christmas trees. I may get really domestic and bake some bread, too. If I'm really, really going to be industrious I may even make the Christmas plate to put the bread on.

I hope you're all finding time for the important things in life! We have a cause and we blog and twitter to support it, but we mustn't forget all that makes our world special and meaningful.

OK, that's my sermon for the day... Thanks to all of you for giving so much and caring so deeply about our world. I'm appreciative that I've met so many wonderful people since we started the Read My Lipstick Network.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WorldNet on Obama / Birth Cert

Eligibility dispute, Part 2, scheduled by Supremes
Court rejects claim challenging candidacy, schedules another for Friday conference

Not even the U.S. Supreme Court can kill the dispute that has developed over Sen. Barack Obama's eligibility to occupy the Oval Office based on questions raised over his birthplace and citizenship and his steadfast refusal to provide documentation on the issue.

Thanks to Laurie on Team Sarah for sending me this link!

Two conservative networks

Seems that every day I'm finding another conservative network, grassroots movement, or gathering of great conservative minds. For a while I was signing up on each but quickly realized I couldn't hope to write on all of them or begin to keep up with the chatter.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's fantastic that so many are setting up websites and attracting so many to talk and strategize. I know I've talked about this before, so won't bore you to tears by repeating my previous thoughts... other than to say: as long as we all come together and walk along the same broad path to get there, it's a good thing.

I found two new sites (new to me) today that I wanted to pass along: - One Million Conservatives (or .com?) - Conservatives Head Quarters

I haven't had a chance to look at them closely and am NOT endorsing either one. I am passing them along so you can look at them and see if they're of interest. I'll try to get back to them and look more later, time is short and my work list is long.

Newsbusters poll re: 2012 Candidates... Twitter... Joe the Plumber

You have choices! I was surprised to see they included some of the names they included as I just can't see John McCain making another run for it in four years, ditto Fred Thompson... But Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Huckabee and Romney are on there and they're the ones I'm hearing the most chatter about at the moment.

Vote for your favorite. It'll be interesting to see if the numbers mirror some of the other polls that have been done in recent days. Sarah at the top, then Huckabee and if memory serves, Romney?

Interesting reading out and about from Joe the Plumber re: Sarah Palin. I've just seen the Tweets, haven't had time to go look up info.

BTW - go get a Twitter account and start tweeting! Every conservative who had fingers to tap should have a Facebook and Twitter account and a blog, too. I know there are many other places to tap, do as many as you can. In 2010 and 2012 the Internet is going to rule. We were pathetic in the cyber-realm this go around. We're gonna be more than a contender in the years to come!

Follow up on Court Case / Obama Birth Cert.

The following was a comment on previous blog from Go Sarah! ( I know many won't see it without reading the prior blog so I'm posting here.

Scalia added this one to Supreme Court docket:

There are other sides to the story than what these writers claim, imo.

(Docket/case info below):

No. 08A469
Cort Wrotnowski, Applicant
Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State
Lower Ct: Supreme Court of Connecticut
Case Nos.: (SC 18264)

~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nov 25 2008 Application (08A469) for stay and/or injunction, submitted to Justice Ginsburg.
Nov 26 2008 Application (08A469) denied by Justice Ginsburg.
Nov 29 2008 Application (08A469) refiled and submitted to Justice Scalia.
Dec 8 2008 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 12, 2008.
Dec 8 2008 Application (08A469) referred to the Court by Justice Scalia.

Monday, December 8, 2008

On the other side of Obama Birth Certificate Issue

Here's a story from Newsmax on the Obama Birth Certificate issue. As most know, the Supreme Court won't review the case (not sure which one, I understand there are many in the works).
Obama Was Born in the United States
Monday, December 8, 2008 11:30 AMBy: Ronald Kessler
Article Font Size
For months, I have been bombarded by e-mails claiming Barack Obama was born in Kenya and therefore does not meet the constitutional requirements to be president. I have also received hundreds of e-mails from readers asking why I do not expose the truth about his birth.
The truth is that Obama was born in Hawaii. Hawaii, by law, does not make original birth certificates public, and this has enabled conspiracy theorists to claim that there is something nefarious about the circumstances of Obama’s birth.

UNC and Duke University Banning Christmas Trees

Last night I posted info re: the University of North Carolina and the Seattle Airport banning Christmas trees. UNC did it because some complained they were offended. The Seattle Airport because they didn't want to put up a Menorah.

Now I understand that Duke University is following the lead (or maybe they did it first and I missed it).

No Christmas trees.

I suggested on Twitter, Facebook and my Barracuda Babes blog that we send Christmas cards with Christmas trees to the staff and faculty at UNC. I want to expand that and suggest that we all consider buying boxes of cards and sending them to any business, school, government agency, or other organization that does the same.

I would suggest that we also think about expanding this one to include other symbols of our religious heritage. I am not Jewish, but I would think that sending a Happy Hanukkah card to the Seattle Airport might be something my Jewish friends might want to do.

We are getting PC stupid. I'm sure I don't have to go into any long diatribes about the injustice of what is going on, the misinterpretation of our founding father's intent, religious freedoms, etc. I'll let you all blog about that (and I'll do the same on my non-RMLN blog ;-).

Here's a couple of addresses from a Team Sarah member (you'll need to go to the websites to get the names of faculty and staff if you want to do more than send one card to the main office):

UNC. Walter Royal Davis Library, CB#3900, 208 Paleigh Street, Chapel Hill NC. 27512-8890. Also Duke University is doing the same thing, here is the address...Duke University, Divinity School Library, Box 90972, 102 Chapel Drive, Durham NC. 27708-0972.

I'll let you decide what you'd like to write, if anything, but I would hope we'll all represent our respective faiths well and keep it civil and non-threatening.

While you're sending cards, why not send a few to your elected officials and tell 'em you're tired of being offended and would appreciate their help in stopping this craziness.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

David Horowitz, Barack Obama, Hank Rand, Birth Certificate

Rec'd the following from "The Intellectual Redneck" as a comment on a previous blog. We can't publish things on here in their entirety from other blogs or publications, can only publish links and a few lines (professional courtesy, and it's illegal, too ;-). Thus, I'm including a link to The Intellectual Redneck (cause it's a good blog even though they're not a member of our Network) here:, and then I'm liking to the comment and the original story.

The following, which is excellent as The Intellectual Redneck pointed out, is posted on the History News Network as a comment on "David Horowitz: Obama Derangement Syndrome ... Conservatives Need to Shut Up About the Birth Certificate".

(#129849)by Hank Rand on December 6, 2008 at 9:44 PM
"What difference does it make to the future of this country whether Obama was born on US soil? Advocates of this destructive campaign will argue that the Constitutional principle regarding the qualifications for President trumps all others. But how viable will our Constitution be if 5 Supreme Court justices should decide to void 64 million ballots?"A proponent of the reality that there is an outstanding question that exists relating to Barack Obama's natural born citizenship (not that I have an answer, but rather simply that no answer has been given), my personal opinion is that this has less to do with the merit of this particular Constitutional law...and more to do with the character and integrity of a man who may have gone to such great lengths to, knowingly, break it. And in that course of action, our entire country (not just those who didn't vote for him) and our most coveted process of Democracy (our vote), were defrauded.

David Horowitz: Obama Derangement Syndrome ... Conservatives Need to Shut Up About the Birth Certificate
Source: Special to HNN (12-6-08)
The continuing efforts of a fringe group of conservatives to deny Obama his victory and to lay the basis for the claim that he is not a legitimate president is embarrassing and destructive. The fact that these efforts are being led by Alan Keyes, an unhinged demagogue on the political fringe who lost a senate election to the then unknown Obama by 42 points should be a warning in itself.

Operation Fight the Bailout (TCOT)

Top Conservatives on Twitter (TCOT) is asking for Twitterers to join Operation Fight the Bailout. If you are on Twitter, and you are a conservative, please go check out TCOT, sign up, follow as many of the conservatives listed on their site, and then go sign up to help fight the bailout if you're so inclined.

Link to Op Fight Bailout:

Link to TCOT:

Happy Twittering. I'm getting the hang of it (much easier than I thought) and having fun.

Draft Sarah Palin for President movement has begun

It will be another two years or so before it’s apparent what sort of Republican should run against incumbent Obama. The apothegm that voters pick the next president to remedy the most critical defects in her or his predecesser is crystal clear this year, depending on how you look at it.

Louisiana Gives One, Keeps One

Yesterday's election in Louisiana brought the GOP one seat, long held by a Democrat, and kept one... barely. Last I read Flemming won over Carmouche (D) by a few hundred votes. Flemming had declared victory (and it was given by AP, etc.), but Carmouche was not conceding. I'll have to check to see if the narrow margin will result in an automatic recount, or whether Carmouche will pick up the tab to have one.

For a Party that the media portrays as rich and white, we sure do have a diverse group of elected and appointed officials... We now have the FIRST Vietnamese-American Congressman! I write this as I listen in the background to Condeleza Rice on the talks. She is first-class and brilliant.

On a side note, which should be a blog of its own, today is the day we remember Pearl Harbor. I hope all will take at least a moment to remember those who lost their lives that day and all the ensued from that day forward.

Here's the results on local New Orleans station:

Jefferson loses to a Republican
Associated Press - December 7, 2008 7:03 AM ET
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - An indicted Democratic congressman has lost his seat in 1 of Louisiana's two elections delayed by Hurricane Gustav. Congressman William Jefferson, who was trying for an 11th term, was beaten yesterday by Republican Anh "Joseph" Cao, who will become the first Vietnamese-American in Congress. Jefferson blames his loss on low voter turnout.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Logos... and photos... and twittering

I meant to include this in our welcome message, but have forgotten to do so!

On the top of the home page of our website we have a scroll of blog logos, photos, etc.

If any of you would like some additional promotion, send your jpg or gif logo / photo to: read my lipstick at live dot com.

On another note... I'm beginning to get the hang of the Twitter stuff I think. If you're on twitter, we're here: Hope you'll follow us on there. I've added a twitter feed on the sidebar of this blog. There's so much on the sidebar you may not be able to find it .

Conservative Principles

One of our member blogs, Governor Sarah Palin for President, also has a blog, Conservative Web Brigade. On it he has condensed Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles into four. I am heading back over to his blog to read the four in more detail, then to read the ten more closely. I thought I'd share links to both with you and get your opinion on the principles. It would be nice for us to have something similar for the Network. It could be that all we really need to do is link to one or both of these groups. I don't see any need to reinvent wheels if they're made correctly!

If you have time, please read through both and let me know if you think we can improve, expand or if they sound fine to you.
What we believe:
We believe in Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles, and we organize them into four essential categories:
1. Individual Liberty - Our basic rights have been bestowed upon us by our Creator. Government must not interfere in our lives. With these rights given to us, we are charged with taking responsibility for our actions and to endeavor to make our society a better one for all. We the people, not government, have the indiviual responsibilty of helping the disadvantaged through our own voluntary charitable...

Ten Conservative Principles
by Russell Kirk
Adapted from The Politics of Prudence (ISI Books, 1993). Copyright © 1993 by Russell Kirk. Used by permission of the Estate of Russell Kirk.
Being neither a religion nor an ideology, the body of opinion termed conservatism possesses no Holy Writ and no Das Kapital to provide dogmata. So far as it is possible to determine what conservatives believe, the first principles of the conservative persuasion are derived from what leading conservative writers and public men have professed during the past two centuries. After some introductory remarks on this general theme, I will proceed to list ten such conservative principles...

Speechless...Silencing the Christians

From Team Sarah member:

Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire e-mail list of family and friends.

"Speechless...Silencing the Christians" airs at 9:00 pm Eastern tonight on INSP. Also available on

Tonight's episode is "Defending the Faithful"

Facing rising persecution and discrimination, many Christians feel hopeless, uncertain what to do. This episode of “Speechless . . . Silencing the Christians” is filled with practical advice and realistic suggestions. People who have been on the frontline share their insights. Hear the first-hand accounts of agencies that assist people who experience faith-based discrimination. You’ll learn what Christians can do to combat bias and prejudice in the workplace, schools, courts, and other areas. And how you can be prepared if you feel the pressure to be silenced for your faith.

"Speechless . . . Silencing the Christians” airs on INSP cable network each Saturday night at 9:00 pm Eastern. INSP is available on cable systems nationwide (Check your local listings) and on satellite services Dish Network (Channel 259) and DIRECTV (Channel 364.) You can watch Speechless anytime on the Web at Click on the Speechless banner.

Don Donald E. Wildmon,
Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

Friday, December 5, 2008

Poll on the Auto Bailout from American Solutions

As you may know, the Big Three were back on Capitol Hill today to ask for a $34 billion bailout.
Times are tough right now, and we need the best solutions to get the economy back on the right track. We want to know what the American Solutions community thinks about the auto bailout.
Please take a moment to vote in this online poll and leave us your comments.

Sarah in the news and blogs

I have Google Alerts set up on a number of subject, Sarah Palin being one of them. You might find it interesting to set one up for your blog title (be sure to include the title in "parentheses" so it doesn't give you things that just include the words). Here's today's Palin alerts:

Google News Alert for: "sarah palin"

McCain Campaign Spent $110000 on Palin’s Stylists
New York Times - United States
Sarah Palin’s traveling makeup artist was paid $68400 and her hair stylist received more than $42000 for roughly two months of work, according to a new ...See all stories on this topic

Los Angeles TimesClockwise from top left: Robert Pattinson, Sarah Palin, Katy Perry ...
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Sarah Palin became the first hockey mom-pitbull to ever run for VP. Katy Perry kissed a girl, and radio liked it. (A lot). David Cook became the first ...See all stories on this topic

Los Angeles TimesSarah Palin
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, was quite possibly the most famous and infamous character on television in 2008. Her surprise pick as John McCain's ...See all stories on this topic

Barbara Walters most fascinated by Obama, but Cruise over Palin?
Portsmouth Herald News - Portsmouth,NH,USA
Fey calls the Sarah Palin situation a “strange storm” and “a stroke of luck.” She’s always been funny and a favorite, but this year’s political race really ...See all stories on this topic

Sarah Palin hits Republican talking points while stumping in Georgia
Capital City Weekly - Juneau,AK,USA
Sarah Palin was back on the stump today, this time campaigning for Sen. Saxby Chambliss in cities across Georgia and laying groundwork for her own possible ...See all stories on this topic

Sarah Palin Not the Only Candidate Who Received Wardrobe Help
It turns out Sarah Palin was not the only candidate who got help with her wardrobe. At least five other federal candidates spent campaign cash on new ...See all stories on this topic

Palin II: Quayle or Reagan?
USA Today - USA
By Chuck Raasch, GNS Political Writer
WASHINGTON — Sarah Palin obviously retains national ambitions despite the pounding she took as the Republican vice ...See all stories on this topic

Women Say That Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin Received Unfair ...
U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC,USA
By Katherine Skiba
Women say female candidates are held to different standards on the campaign trail, but believe Hillary Clinton's and Sarah Palin's runs ...See all stories on this topic

Rendell Open Mike 2: What he said about Palin
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Sarah Palin, praising her "very good political instincts" in a conversation picked up near the podium. In dispute is whether Rendell is also heard saying, ...See all stories on this topic

Group wants Utahns to vote Palin in 2012
KSL-TV - Salt Lake City,UT,USA
(KSL News) A political action committee hopes it can sway Utah voters to vote for Sarah Palin in four years. The 2012 Draft Sarah Committee based in ...See all stories on this topic

Google Blogs Alert for: "sarah palin"

Oprah Winfrey reacts to Sarah Palin not appearing on her show
By olivia (ChattahBox) — Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey spoke out regarding rumors that Sarah Palin wasn’t invited as a guest on her talk show. The chatshow queen says that the former Republican vice-presidential candidate snubbed offers to be ...ChattahBox -

Is Sarah Palin snubbing Oprah Winfrey?
By Mark Bieganski
"[I] went and tried to talk to Sarah Palin and instead she talked to Greta [Van Susteren]. She talked to Matt [Lauer]. She talked to Larry [King]. But she didn't talk to me. But maybe she'll talk to me now that she has a [multi-million ...The Oprah blog -

Oprah Winfrey vs. Sarah Palin!
By (Hilton Hater)
Oprah Winfrey told Extra earlier this week that she asked former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin to appear on her talk show. But the Alaska Governor snubbed Oprah, possibly because she was busy keeping an eye on Russia for us. ...The Hollywood Gossip -

Sarah Palin tells Oprah to stuff it
By hillbuzz VIA CNN.
Oprah refused to allow Sarah Palin on her daily yawnfest during the campaign, but wants her on the show now. Palin, apparently, told her to stuff it. You betcha! We like Sarah Palin more and more each day. ...HillBuzz -

CBS: Arianna Huffington Laments Sarah Palin’s ‘Lack of Curiosity’
By Kyle Drennen
During a discussion with co-host Maggie Rodriguez on Thursday’s CBS Early Show, liberal blogger Arianna Huffington, remarked that: "The problem with Sarah Palin was not anything to do with her being a woman. - Exposing Liberal... -

Google Web Alert for: "sarah palin"

Chambliss: Palin 'allowed us to peak' - Andy Barr -
Dec 3, 2008 ... Georgia's Chambliss credited Gov. Sarah Palin with firing up his base. See also: Chambliss wins runoff.

Gov. Sarah Palin to speak at CPAC 2009

Rec'd this comment from CPAC Directors on a previous post and wanted to make sure you all knew so you won't bombard them with emails!!!

"Gov. Sarah Palin is already a confirmed speaker for CPAC 2009. You can register to attend at"

I hope everyone that is able will register and attend, it's going to be a GREAT line up of speakers and well worth attending.

(p.s., I learned my lesson, I should sent them an email asking if she was on the agenda before posting. I did go to the website to see if I could find speakers and didn't see listing for this year yet.)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Woo hoo!!! We're bein' talked about...

We're famous (cough, cough)... we made The FundamenaList / The American Prospect, "Liberal Intelligence"...

Sorry, I've never heard of it, but they've heard about us... I guess now we're all going to have a lot more libs popping onto our blogs writing nasty comments... gotta tell you, there are some pretty bad-talkin' folks on the liberal side... things sure have changed since the free-speech, brotherly love days...

Just thought I'd warn you since the link they used in their article goes directly to our list of blogs on the main website. Put on your battle gear and be prepared to delete comments. I would suggest that ALL of our blogs turn on "comment moderation" which allows you to preview comments before posting. (Blogger users: I'll tell you how at the end of this blog)

Here's what they wrote:

4. Palin's Recruiters Plot 2012 Run.

A recent Gallup poll showed that 67 percent of Republicans want Palin to run for president in 2012, with Romney (62 percent) and Huckabee (61 percent) her closest competitors.

Among the Palin faithful is Stephen Maloney, a Pennsylvania-based activist who says he's devoting himself to recruiting Sarah Palin to run for president in 2012 through his new blog, where he writes that "a key for Gov. Palin in getting elected in 2012 is to increase her appeal to moderate and independent voters. Bloggers can help her do [this] by emphasizing ? her moderation and her independence. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is." It is? Maloney doesn't tell us how.

Maloney joins Team Sarah, a coalition of 60,000 women launched by the anti-abortion group the Susan B. Anthony List, an early booster of Palin's vice-presidential run, and the Read My Lipstick network and its affiliated bloggers.


How to turn on Comment Moderation in Blogger (blogspot)

- click on "settings" under the title of your blog on the Dashboard
- click on "Comments"
- scan down to "Comment Moderation" and click "always"
--- a window will open where you can put in an email address; any comments left on your blog will be sent to that email address so you can approve prior to posting (or delete if you choose)

Note: at the top there's a place for you to choose "Who can comment?". I usually keep it on anonymous because, much as I dislike chickens who won't stand behind their comments, some people really do have good reason not to want their name left on blogs. If you have comment moderation turned on it's no biggie to allow anyone to comment. However, you may want to click on any of the other options.

Note 2: I highly recommend going through the settings options and looking to see if there are other things you'd like to consider doing. I have it set up so anytime something is posted on my blogs, I get an email. That could save you if someone hacks your blog somehow, which has happened.

Two great new members!

I love the creativity many of you have when naming your blogs!

1. Pitbulls with Lipstick -

Katy (Pitbulls) is new to blogging but I can tell she's going to be great! I'm excited about having her as a new member and think you will be too when you read her first blog.

2. Red Virginia Conservative Railroad -

For those of you who aren't familiar with Twitter, it's something I'd suggest we all learn about. Ken has a good post and link on his Railroad blog regarding Twitter.

Here's a message from Ken that I think is well worth passing along:

CPAC is going to have a Conservative Convention in February (Washington DC) with the normal conservative brain train (Newt, Huckabee, Romney, etc.). I am requesting everyone email CPAC to request Governor Sarah Palin also be included in the speakers list. We shouldn't let others decide our fate ;-) Please help get Governor Sarah Palin as a guest speaker for the February CPAC 2009.
email requests to

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yet another new member today... and a blog you just have to read!

I was checking out our newest member's blog to make sure it had the blogroll and that it "fit" our parameters... and found a real kicker of a post that you guys MUST read! It's scary, it's what we probably have to expect to have happen across the country, it's scary, did I say it's scary???

Our newest very welcome member is Sarah's Full Court Press ( Here's the blog post (you'll have to click the link or visit the site to see the whole thing):

Ready for Obama Day?
As if it weren't enough for federal workers to already have plenty-a-holiday like Memorial Day or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we can go ahead and add another one to the list - that's right - it's Barack Obama Day. Why, you ask? How can this be? He's not even the President until January 20th! Well, rest assured, it may just be the first of many special days to be named for the One. Maybe we'll be adding his birthday to Washington and Lincoln's so as not to appear racist or culturally insensitive. Gimme a break, people.... Click the title or visit the blog to read the rest.

How to become a member of the Read My Lipstick Network

We post a bit of info at the top of our main blog page and on our website, but often-times people come directly to the post and they miss the info. I thought I'd include the info here on occasion so those who are interested in joining know the tiny little bit we ask of members. Here's the message we send when someone asks about membership (some of our older blog members may want to read it, too, since we've added some new features):

We’re excited to have you as a new member to the Read My Lipstick Network (RMLN)!

Please visit this link:, copy the code and place it on your sidebar (if you haven’t already done so). It is a self-updating blogroll with a list of all current members. Anytime we add a new member it will automatically show on the list.

If your blog doesn’t accept / allow blogroll codes, please add the attached RMLN logo to your sidebar or other prominently visible place and link it to: The larger logo works great on the sidebar of most blogs. We've included a smaller one just in case you'd like to have one elsewhere. We would appreciate it if you would add the member blogs and websites to your link list or favorite list!

Send us an email when you’ve posted the blogroll or added the logo link. If we haven’t already done so, we’ll check out your blog and of it meets our guidelines, we’ll get your blog added! (If for some reason we can’t add your blog, we’ll let you know, and let you know why, too!)

We promote all of our members to others and encourage you to “follow” and / or subscribe to as many member blogs and websites as you possibly can and they will do the same for your blog or website.

We focus on supporting conservative views, family values, and promoting conservative precepts. With the new White House and major shift in our political makeup, we’re really going to be needed as most of us will be working to support Sarah Palin for 2012 and all of us will be doing everything we can to help preserve our values and freedoms.

The RMLN is a member of all the “Suggested sites and other groups to join” sites listed below. We encourage you to join (please let them know you’re with the RMLN!).

One fun thing we’d like to ask you to do is visit: and put a pin in the map so we know where you’re located! Feel free to add a photo or comment, too.

We have a Facebook page, our “name” is Read M Lipstick if you’d like to find us! We also have a MySpace page,

***One more thing we’d appreciate – please sign up on the RMLN blog ( or on for email notification when we post a message.*** That’s how we’ll notify you when another member has joined so you can update other lists, check out their blogs and maybe even comment on them! If you’re on Blogger or have the ability to “follow” the blog, that will work just as well. We don’t send out many updates, but we do want you to know when we add a new blog or when major changes are getting ready to happen. On occasion we may send out an email but we’ll try not to do it very often.

If you have any questions about any of the above send us an email and we’ll try to do better at explaining (chances are we’ll just confuse you more ;-)! Thanks for supporting the values that our country was built upon and those that make us the best place in the world to live!

Suggested sites and other groups to join: (Look for the Read My Lipstick Network group)
Nobama Network Blog Roll!

ANOTHER new member joins our ranks...

We're up to 90 blogs and websites now! Our newest member is Dixi for Life! I think you'll like her blog. If you do, please add it to your favorites, follow it, comment, and / or send her a welcome message!

Here's a current list of our blogs / websites. Let me know if I missed yours somehow. - Read My Lipstick Network (blog) - America Needs Sarah Palin - Barracuda Babes - Coyote Bluejay - Go Sarah!! - Go Sarah Palin! - Goatees and Lipstick - Lipstick Smears - Moms 4 McCain - More Moms for McCain - JMac Politics - Republican Candidates - Scared of Sarah - Smart Girl Politics - Lipstick Smear Campaign - Superwoman Sarah Palin - McCain Palin 2008 - Draft Sarah Palin for VP - We Love You Sarah Palin - You Can Call Her Governor - Kirly (Not a bald stooge) - Lasso of Truth - Red, Right and True - Real Women for Sarah Palin - Button Up - Sweet Insanity - The Right Daily - Red State Feminists - Moms in the Right - Political Mommy - State & National Elections - Obamatactics - Values We Value - Dots for Dummies - Lipstick Republican - Republican News Sweep - Right Wing Chicks - A Christian Homeschool Mom for Sarah - Meet the Real Sarah Palin - Let's Get It Right - Miss Beth's Victory Dance - Good Works Work - Domestic Divapalooza - A Voice in the Wilderness - Crypt News and Views - An Obamanation - Pennsylvania for John McCain - Draft Sarah Palin 2012 - Real World Libertarian - Vets on the Watch - The Drone Report - Mainstream Media Blackout - Michelle McIntosh - Pink Elephant Pundit - Palintology - Conservative Unity - Red Girl in a Blue State - Pundit & Pundette - Black n Right - Read My Lipstick Print - Sarah-cuda 2012 - Sarah for President - Palin 2012 - Steve Maloney - Tracy Karol - Home Educators Under Grace - Lipstick Underground - Chicago Blues Girl's Blog - Excuse Me For Kickin' - Logistic Monster - Faultline USA - Rochester Conservative - The New Republican - Veterans Support Governor Sarah Palin for President 2012 - Moreover! Sarah Palin for President 2012 - The Sarah Palin Blog - Praying Pundit - Red Mom, Blue State - Young Red Elephants - Homeschool Patriot - Men for Palin - Governor Palin for President - Blue Dot Blues - Blatherings Blog - Nolin Insipientium Iniurias Pati - Girl Politicized - Annie Oakley PAC - Conservatives for Palin - The Admonition - Dixi for Life

Update on Obama's Birth Certificate...

From Linda Shaw:

December 3, 2008

Hawaii Hospital: Obama not born here!

Honolulu, HI -- Questions about where Barack Obama was born and if he is eligible to become President are reaching fever pitch after every hospital in Honolulu, HI has denied he was born in any of them!

... According to investigative efforts between November 20 and December 2, the following Hospitals have denied Barack Obama was born at their facility and have further denied his mother was ever a patient:

The Queen’s Medical Center - Honolulu, Hawaii Obama claims as his birth hospital
Kapi’ olani Medical Center Obama’s sister claims Barack Obama born here
Honolulu Shriners Hospital Never a patient Mom or Obama
Straub Clinic & Hospital Never a patient Mom or Obama
Hawaii Health Systems Corporation - Honolulu, Hawaii Never a patient Mom or Obama
Cancer Institute of Maui - Wailuku, Hawaii No Comment ???
Kuakini Hospital - Honolulu, Hawaii Never a patient Mom or Obama
Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific - Honolulu, Hawaii Never a patient Mom or Obama
St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii - Hawaii Never a patient Mom or Obama
Straub Heatlh - Honolulu, Hawaii Never a patient Mom or Obama
Tripler Medical Center - Honolulu, Hawaii Never a patient Mom or Obama
Wahiawa General Hospital - Wahiawa, Hawaii Never a patient Mom or Obama
Wilcox Memorial Hospital - Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii Never a patient Mom or Obama

We were pretty detailed in our calls. You can look at every hospital here and call any of them. You can file freedom of information act requests or speak to the media relations people at every hospital. Do everything and anything you wish. Barack Obama was never born in a hospital in Hawaii as claimed.

Hal Turner Show Blogspot

Our newest member is Conservatives for Palin

Sarah is garnering SO much support, it's like a wild fire without any fire breaks!

Here's our latest blog member: - Conservatives for Palin

Please go check 'em out and add them to your individual blogrolls, etc. I've added all of our blogs to the main site (I believe... let me know if I've missed any).

Here are direct links to the two pages with our blog / website members:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

AP, Fox, etc. are saying Saxby WINS!!!

Great news! Now if Coleman can squeak by we'll at least be able to stop some of the nonsense that's getting ready to happen.

And, more importantly, my phone won't be clogged with robo calls and my mail volume will go back to normal...

Chambliss still up with 71% reporting

United States Senator, Chambliss
71% of precincts reporting

% of Votes

Saxby Chambliss

Jim Martin


Update on Saxby Chambliss / GA race

Right now 10% of the vote counted and Saxby is up with 66.1%.

Atlanta and Dekalb will make it a much closer race I'd think, I doubt they've been counted. It took them days to tally Fulton County (Atlanta) in the Presidential election.

New member! The Admonition

I'd like to welcome The Admonition ( to our list of blog members! It's a fairly new blog, but one I think you'll like. Be sure to click on "About" so you can see the little cutey who was not a happy camper when the photo was snapped! I'm with Shannon on the caption!


Blogroll is STILL down. I'm STILL out trying to find another option. This has gone on long enough. I haven't even been able to find a paying choice. One thing I'm going to do, in addition to listing your blogs on the main website (, is to list them on the sidebar of this blog site, plus I'm going to add them to our Ning site (which I'll admit I haven't been pushing much, nor do I go check it often...), and I'm going to see if there's some way to add them to our MySpace and Facebook pages. Not sure if those last few are possible, but I'm going to do it if it is possible.

I have set up a page for almost all of our blogs on the main site. If you go and click "read our blogs" on the sidebar it'll take you to an alphabetical list of blogs. Click the link to go to "your" page. That should help you get more readership.

Some of the blogs and websites aren't set up with RSS so there's no way I can add them (yet). I should have all of the blogs / websites set up that can be set up by tomorrow. If you check back this weekend and yours doesn't have its own page, know that I can't capture you feed for one reason or another. I'll try to contact you if I can match up email addresses to blogs .

Monday, December 1, 2008

Barack Obama to buy rare £20,000 gold ring for his wife to say 'thanks for your support'

From Drudge Report / Facebook tip from Rick Moore

Michelle Obama is to receive this £20,000 thank you from her husband for her support during the election.

The Harmony ring is made of rhodium - the world's most expensive metal --and encrusted with diamonds. It is being hastily made by Italian designer Giovanni Bosco in time for January's inauguration ceremony.

Only about 25 tons of rhodium are mined each year, mostly in South Africa, and as a result its price is typically around £5,000 an ounce.

(That's roughly $30,000 in U.S. dollars...)

Just a comment on Sarah in Georgia today...

On the news today, in an attempt to be even-handed in their reporting, our local stations said that Sarah Palin was here campaigning for Saxby Chambliss... and that Ludicrous was here for his Democratic opponent Jim Martin.

I don't think I need to point out the obvious difference in the two candidates .


Sarah in Georgia

If you'd like to see some videos of Sarah in Georgia today Carlos (Let's Get It Right) has a collection on his blog:

He finds the neatest stuff...

Poll for RNC Chairman

Rec'd this from the Support Michael Steele Coalition. There are four choices. Far be it from me to tell you who to vote for... I happen to like Steele but I don't know much about the other three names in the poll. Check it out:

The Republican blog The Next Right has a poll up for the next RNC Chairman. Show your support and vote for Michael Steele today!

Visit this link to vote for Michael Steele.

Thank you,
The Support Michael Steele Coalition

More on Barack Obama birth certificate

Full page ad by We The People; hat tip to Carlos, Let's Get It Right blog via our Facebook page: