Monday, December 8, 2008

UNC and Duke University Banning Christmas Trees

Last night I posted info re: the University of North Carolina and the Seattle Airport banning Christmas trees. UNC did it because some complained they were offended. The Seattle Airport because they didn't want to put up a Menorah.

Now I understand that Duke University is following the lead (or maybe they did it first and I missed it).

No Christmas trees.

I suggested on Twitter, Facebook and my Barracuda Babes blog that we send Christmas cards with Christmas trees to the staff and faculty at UNC. I want to expand that and suggest that we all consider buying boxes of cards and sending them to any business, school, government agency, or other organization that does the same.

I would suggest that we also think about expanding this one to include other symbols of our religious heritage. I am not Jewish, but I would think that sending a Happy Hanukkah card to the Seattle Airport might be something my Jewish friends might want to do.

We are getting PC stupid. I'm sure I don't have to go into any long diatribes about the injustice of what is going on, the misinterpretation of our founding father's intent, religious freedoms, etc. I'll let you all blog about that (and I'll do the same on my non-RMLN blog ;-).

Here's a couple of addresses from a Team Sarah member (you'll need to go to the websites to get the names of faculty and staff if you want to do more than send one card to the main office):

UNC. Walter Royal Davis Library, CB#3900, 208 Paleigh Street, Chapel Hill NC. 27512-8890. Also Duke University is doing the same thing, here is the address...Duke University, Divinity School Library, Box 90972, 102 Chapel Drive, Durham NC. 27708-0972.

I'll let you decide what you'd like to write, if anything, but I would hope we'll all represent our respective faiths well and keep it civil and non-threatening.

While you're sending cards, why not send a few to your elected officials and tell 'em you're tired of being offended and would appreciate their help in stopping this craziness.

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