Friday, December 5, 2008

Poll on the Auto Bailout from American Solutions

As you may know, the Big Three were back on Capitol Hill today to ask for a $34 billion bailout.
Times are tough right now, and we need the best solutions to get the economy back on the right track. We want to know what the American Solutions community thinks about the auto bailout.
Please take a moment to vote in this online poll and leave us your comments.

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Biased Girl said...

This Bailout Mania is just a sign of how Spoiled Americans have become. They don't believe we should ever feel 'pain' and by Pain I mean you might have to buy the 47in flat screen TV this Christmas and not the 52in that you wanted...

The Liberals and the MSM would have you believe that we are living in the Great Depression, yet if We ever have Bread Lines this go round, People will be standing in $150 sneakers, talking on their Iphone and listening to their Ipod.

Spoiled Brats. This Handout Mania will ruin our economy for years...