Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yet another new member today... and a blog you just have to read!

I was checking out our newest member's blog to make sure it had the blogroll and that it "fit" our parameters... and found a real kicker of a post that you guys MUST read! It's scary, it's what we probably have to expect to have happen across the country, it's scary, did I say it's scary???

Our newest very welcome member is Sarah's Full Court Press ( Here's the blog post (you'll have to click the link or visit the site to see the whole thing):

Ready for Obama Day?
As if it weren't enough for federal workers to already have plenty-a-holiday like Memorial Day or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we can go ahead and add another one to the list - that's right - it's Barack Obama Day. Why, you ask? How can this be? He's not even the President until January 20th! Well, rest assured, it may just be the first of many special days to be named for the One. Maybe we'll be adding his birthday to Washington and Lincoln's so as not to appear racist or culturally insensitive. Gimme a break, people.... Click the title or visit the blog to read the rest.


Palinista said...

Thanks for posting this from my blog. That's awesome. Appreciate it and what y'all are doing here.

Tracy Karol said...

All I can say is - GAG ME!