Friday, September 24, 2010

Love Chris Christie! Video with Meg Whitman, shutting up a heckler...

We hafta clone this guy somehow.

Spitzer Says Cuomo is "Dirtiest, Nastiest" Player

In a fascinating interview on CNN, former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) makes clear he's not a big fan of Andrew Cuomo (D).

Said Spitzer: "The problem that Andrew has is that everybody knows that behind the scenes, he is the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there and that is his reputation from years in Washington."

"When his father was governor, he was the tough guy. He has brass knuckles and he played hard ball. He has a lot of enemies out there. Nobody's been willing to stand up to him. When it appeared he was going to win, it was inevitable. If it appears not to be inevitable, things may change."

"He has a lot of folks, he's really been on the wrong side of who may stand up and say, wait a minute, he may not want to pretend he plays that game. He does, and he's worse at it." Spitzer Says Cuomo is "Dirtiest, Nastiest" Player 

Seems to me there are a LOT of nasty, hard-hitting, rotten eggs in political office AND running for political office. It's amazing how much I've learned since starting to pay attention to those who shape our future. So glad for the Internet which gives us the ability to read all sides of issues (usually it's more than two sides, more like a circle of swirling opposing ideas!).
I know it takes someone with high regard for their own abilities to run for office. You also have to have super strong skin and the ability to think fast, talk smart. But some of these people are certifiable or psychopaths it seems. Not saying Cuomo is either, don't know much about him... Thought it was interesting that a fellow Dem, albeit one with questions attached to his reputation, would come out with the above.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fantastic ad, please watch and share

Someone just zapped a link to this on Twitter... sorry, didn't catch who it was or I'd say thanks on here. This is a great ad, hope you'll help make it viral, spread it around.

Note: I haven't checked out Citizens for the Republic, but watched a few of their videos, saw their president talking with Cavuto on Fox News. Seems like a group I could get behind...

Ms. Big Stuff Murkowski

Change the lyrics very slightly... and think Lisa Murkowski... or maybe even Barack Obama. Big Stuff. Who do you think you are?

Jean Knight, Mr. Big Stuff

(Oh yeah, ooh)
Mr. Big Stuff
Who do you think you are
Mr. Big Stuff
You're never gonna get my love

Now because you wear all those fancy clothes (oh yeah)
And have a big fine car, oh yes you do now
Do you think I can afford to give you my love (oh yeah)
You think you're higher than every star above

Mr. Big Stuff
Who do you think you are
Mr. Big Stuff
You're never gonna get my love

Now I know all the girls I've seen you with
I know you broke their hearts one after another now, bit by bit
You made 'em cry, many poor girls cry
When they try to keep you happy, they just try to keep you satisfied

Mr. Big Stuff, tell me tell me
Who do you think you are
Mr. Big Stuff
You're never gonna get my love

I'd rather give my love to a poor guy that has a love that's true (oh yeah)
Than to be fooled around and get hurt by you
Cause when I give my love, I want love in return (oh yeah)
Now I know this is a lesson Mr. Big Stuff you haven't learned

Mr. Big Stuff, tell me
Who do you think you are
Mr. Big Stuff
You're never gonna get my love

Mr. Big Stuff
You're never gonna break my heart
Mr. Big Stuff
You're never gonna make me cry

Mr. Big Stuff, tell me
Just who do you think you are
Mr. Big Stuff
You're never gonna get my love
Mr. Big Stuff

Morning laugh... and rant...

Murkowski Campaign Misspells its Candidate's Name

Given that Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) hopes thousands of Alaskans will write her name onto their ballots, she can't be happy that her campaign pulled an ad after urging voters to go to "", the Washington Post notes.

Ironically, the ad aimed to inform voters how to correctly file a write-in ballot.


Loved it that Republicans are punishing Murkowski. She is the poster child for "it's all about me, Me, ME". She is putting her own ego above that of not just the people of Alaska, but the Republican party as a whole, conservatives across the country and the overall future of our country.

Ya know, sometimes you just have to be willing to put your own hurt and anger aside and try to channel your better side. She probably could have used her loss and status to garner respect and a good job of some sort, maybe even come back in a few years to run for another seat successfully. The fact that she chose to hurt and lash out rather than do the right thing shows that she is not someone we want in office. The sense of entitlement that some of our political 'elite' have is shameful.

One note on the Murkowski name misspelling -- from what I've heard, it's doubly critical for her because if anyone misspells her name on the ballot, it's tossed. SO, if someone puts an "a" instead of the "o" or a "y" instead of the "i", the ballot is tossed. Let's hope that there are a lot of ballots tossed, or better yet, so few that they give her ego the beating it deserves.

If Joe Miller loses and the seat goes to a Democrat because of her ego, she will be a pariah forever. I hope Joe Miller trounces both his opponents.

Friday, September 10, 2010

We may be dependent upon election "quirks" to stop Dems

I read a couple of articles over the past few days on election 'quirks' that might be to our benefit in November. We all know that the Dems are planning on ramming their agenda down our throats AFTER the Nov. 2nd election if they lose the majority, probably even if they don't. Come January hopefully they won't have the ability to cripple our country any further... as long as the Republicans stay smart and hang tough.

It's kind of crazy when you think about it. They've had the majority plus the Presidency for 18 months and could have passed anything they wanted. Instead they're going to wait until after the elections to do the worst of the worst in hopes that a few Dems won't be forced to vote and lose their election. If some of these all-of-a-sudden-sorta converted leaning-more-to-the-right Dems win, they'll become back-sliders the day after the election.

Anyway, there's a possibility that election laws may keep the Dems from having enough votes to slam stuff through regardless of their desire and attempts. Per the article below, and a similar one in the Wall Street Journal, they may not have as many votes as they'd like.

The article in the Wall Street (New Spat: Senator's Swearing-In Date, Sept. 10) highlights a dispute over what happens when someone is appointed. The Republicans officials are saying the state law indicates that Michael Bennet (D) steps down Nov. 2nd if his opponent, Ken Buck (R), wins.

This is interesting stuff and will be worth watching... Let's hope the courts interpret the law the way the Republicans see it for a change.

Quirks May Cut Senate Democrats' Majority in Lame-Duck Session

Quirks in state election laws may reduce Senate Democrats’ majority right after the November election, making the always-difficult task of legislating during a possible lame-duck session even tougher. The terms of Democrats Roland Burris of Illinois, Ted Kaufman of Delaware and West Virginia’s Carte Goodwin, all appointed to their seats, will expire with the Nov. 2 elections...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Box office $'s down this summer...

I just read the article posted below on the dismal dollars pulled in from movies this summer. It caught my eye mostly because of John Cusack's rant over the weekend. I scanned the article, which was linked from Breitbart's Big Hollywood site. It has all kinds of reasons, bad movies, social media letting everyone know immediately that a movie was bad, higher ticket costs, etc.

I have a few reasons movies aren't bringing in the audiences that article author Paul Dergarabedian didn't list, probably didn't even think of when writing the article.

1. People like me whose movie attendance has declined as the rhetoric from Hollywood "starts" ratcheted up. We're putting our money where our principles are these days, paying attention and aren't going to support people who are contributing dollars and influence to those trying to destroy America. (see yesterday's blog)

2. People are hanging onto their money. Duh. If you have cable or a DVD player, you'll get to see the movie sooner or later if you care. Why spend $10, $15 or whatever on a ticket, plus the cost of overpriced (understandably) popcorn and sodas? At home you can spend time with your family, pause when you want to go to the bathroom and the popcorn is cheap. Have a few friends over and make it fun!

3. The messages in the movies aren't the kind that many parents want their children learning. I am personally so tired of the social engineering that's going on in movies... and television programs, in particular those cute little kids things they feed straight into the minds of our impressionable children.

4. We have better things to do. Been to a 9-12 meeting? a tea party rally? your local political party group meeting? watching Glenn Beck and thinking there are more important things afoot these days? paying more attention to the 'real world'? The elections this year are attracting much, much more interest than in the past. We're more involved, there's more at stake. Sure we all need a break from non-stop gloom, doom, working out butts off to save the country type activities, but we're more discerning now. Plus, I think many of us are spending more quality time with our families. Going to a movie is not a 'real' family activity -- you can't talk, interact, you can't comment when they push a Hollywood idea of the world at your kids...

I could come up with some more if I put my mind to it, but I am heading out the door in about ten minutes. After yesterday's article on Cusack and Dave Radio I had to comment... Have a fantastic day, register a new conservative voter and make it better than fantastic .
Summer 2010 box office: What went right, what went wrong (HWD)
By Paul Dergarabedian
The opening line of Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" sums up the summer movie season of 2010 most accurately: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." and so it goes as we hit a revenue record of $4.35 billion, yet find ourselves with the lowest attendance since 1997.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cusak, Hate, Satanic Death wishes

John Cusack has gone of the deep end... the same deep end that many other libs have jumped into with open arms. He's called for a 'Satanic death cult center' at Fox News HQ, Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich, GOP, etc. on Twitter over the weekend.

Every time I see a mean-natured twisted comment or rant, get attacked, read the stuff that comes out of so many liberal / progressive type's mouths these days I wonder what happened to the peace and love the left has claimed as their mantle from the 60's forward.

I got into it slightly over the weekend with a local radio personality who tweeted some maybe-not-quite-so-Cusack tweets about Glenn Beck, but hateful none the less. One of his fellow DJ's joined the conversation, making it two from Dave radio. I retweeted a tweet from someone who'd seen the same comments I saw which attracted the DJ's attention, rightfully so since the tweet had his name in it ;-)

I don't do hate. I can debate issues with people who don't attack individuals, who don't wish for satanic death cult centers, who don't spit venom. Once I see that kind of anger I'm done, no point. I blocked the radio DJs, took their radio station off my presets in the car... and now I will never be able to watch a movie with John Cusack in it again. That's a sacrifice of sorts as I have enjoyed some of his movies, usually put them on the "going to see list" when he's in one.

It used to be you could watch movies and not know a darn thing about the people in them aside from fluff. It was great to get lost in a movie and sorta believe the actor could be the person they portrayed. Once Hollywood and music-types started opening their mouth and spewing hate it became impossible for me to transcend reality and get into some of their movies.

It's impossible to see a hate-a-conservative type playing someone in the military or a political type... or even in some cases a business person... and feel they're credible, ignore their well-voiced comments in opposition to the type character they're playing.

Since some of you are going to fuss at me and say that Cusack has been a long-time Obama supporter, left winger type, I'll have to admit that I don't hear most of the stuff they have to say until it hits the current Cusack-level. When it reaches my non-Hollywood following attention level, it's gotta be pretty rabid.

I watched a good portion of Glenn Beck's Kennedy Center thing on Friday night. It was nothing but good stuff, positive talk. On the sidebar there was a running commentary by viewers. A whole bunch of lefties and haters were making very nasty, snide, ugly comments about Beck. Personal stuff, attacks on his motivation, his personality, etc. Nothing of substance. Ditto the comments by the radio DJs. Just hateful stuff, personal attacks. It was interesting, as always, to see the same talking points being typed by the haters.

At least Cusak was original in his hate-mongering.

What's so weird is these same people who are slapping at conservatives for being racist, evil, horrible people are doing so in such a stinkin', evil, horrible, nasty way. Kettle black scenario, except they're talking about a kettle that's pretty shiny for the most part (yes, there are some uglies on the right side, too). But the hypocrisy of saying evil things and thinking it's OK is mind boggling. If I said the exact same things some of them are saying about a progressive, a liberal, a Democrat, or one of their icons, I'd be forever under attack and vilified. They say that stuff and the lib left pats 'em on the back. Skewed world.

So, OK, no more Cusak movies. Darn, darn, darn. He's cute and funny... oh wait, no, he's really not funny, I just saw who he really is via his Twitter messages.

I'm in mini-mourning. Because of a couple of stupid radio DJs I gave up my Dave radio station this weekend and now I'm choosing to give up John Cusak movies. Pretty soon the only people who'll going to movies will be progressives. At least I have a number of good rock radio station alternatives!

I've been reading all the articles and comments as to why various people think it's becoming so vicious. I think it's probably a combination of most of the factors I read. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts if you'd like to share.

I think social media is a part of it. We're anonymous and can vent our deepest, darkest thoughts. It's immediate so people can have a few drinks and then shoot off their mouth, no second tries.

It's more than just social media though, it's more than the main-stream media, more than the availability of news, more than the war... Did 9-11 trigger something or release something in us that was already there? Was it a trigger or just part of a series of events that brought us to this clear divide?

If we survived the next few years and history isn't re-written as they're trying to re-write it now, it will be interesting for our kids to look back at all the triggers. Those in the future will have much more information available to them about this time in history. We'll be able to chronicle thoughts that went out via blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.

John Cusack Calls for 'Satanic Death' of Fox News, GOP Leaders

Actor John Cusack went on a caustic Twitter rampage Sunday evening, attacking former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Fox News.