Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Morning laugh... and rant...

Murkowski Campaign Misspells its Candidate's Name

Given that Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) hopes thousands of Alaskans will write her name onto their ballots, she can't be happy that her campaign pulled an ad after urging voters to go to "", the Washington Post notes.

Ironically, the ad aimed to inform voters how to correctly file a write-in ballot.


Loved it that Republicans are punishing Murkowski. She is the poster child for "it's all about me, Me, ME". She is putting her own ego above that of not just the people of Alaska, but the Republican party as a whole, conservatives across the country and the overall future of our country.

Ya know, sometimes you just have to be willing to put your own hurt and anger aside and try to channel your better side. She probably could have used her loss and status to garner respect and a good job of some sort, maybe even come back in a few years to run for another seat successfully. The fact that she chose to hurt and lash out rather than do the right thing shows that she is not someone we want in office. The sense of entitlement that some of our political 'elite' have is shameful.

One note on the Murkowski name misspelling -- from what I've heard, it's doubly critical for her because if anyone misspells her name on the ballot, it's tossed. SO, if someone puts an "a" instead of the "o" or a "y" instead of the "i", the ballot is tossed. Let's hope that there are a lot of ballots tossed, or better yet, so few that they give her ego the beating it deserves.

If Joe Miller loses and the seat goes to a Democrat because of her ego, she will be a pariah forever. I hope Joe Miller trounces both his opponents.

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