Friday, September 10, 2010

We may be dependent upon election "quirks" to stop Dems

I read a couple of articles over the past few days on election 'quirks' that might be to our benefit in November. We all know that the Dems are planning on ramming their agenda down our throats AFTER the Nov. 2nd election if they lose the majority, probably even if they don't. Come January hopefully they won't have the ability to cripple our country any further... as long as the Republicans stay smart and hang tough.

It's kind of crazy when you think about it. They've had the majority plus the Presidency for 18 months and could have passed anything they wanted. Instead they're going to wait until after the elections to do the worst of the worst in hopes that a few Dems won't be forced to vote and lose their election. If some of these all-of-a-sudden-sorta converted leaning-more-to-the-right Dems win, they'll become back-sliders the day after the election.

Anyway, there's a possibility that election laws may keep the Dems from having enough votes to slam stuff through regardless of their desire and attempts. Per the article below, and a similar one in the Wall Street Journal, they may not have as many votes as they'd like.

The article in the Wall Street (New Spat: Senator's Swearing-In Date, Sept. 10) highlights a dispute over what happens when someone is appointed. The Republicans officials are saying the state law indicates that Michael Bennet (D) steps down Nov. 2nd if his opponent, Ken Buck (R), wins.

This is interesting stuff and will be worth watching... Let's hope the courts interpret the law the way the Republicans see it for a change.

Quirks May Cut Senate Democrats' Majority in Lame-Duck Session

Quirks in state election laws may reduce Senate Democrats’ majority right after the November election, making the always-difficult task of legislating during a possible lame-duck session even tougher. The terms of Democrats Roland Burris of Illinois, Ted Kaufman of Delaware and West Virginia’s Carte Goodwin, all appointed to their seats, will expire with the Nov. 2 elections...

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