Thursday, September 2, 2010

Box office $'s down this summer...

I just read the article posted below on the dismal dollars pulled in from movies this summer. It caught my eye mostly because of John Cusack's rant over the weekend. I scanned the article, which was linked from Breitbart's Big Hollywood site. It has all kinds of reasons, bad movies, social media letting everyone know immediately that a movie was bad, higher ticket costs, etc.

I have a few reasons movies aren't bringing in the audiences that article author Paul Dergarabedian didn't list, probably didn't even think of when writing the article.

1. People like me whose movie attendance has declined as the rhetoric from Hollywood "starts" ratcheted up. We're putting our money where our principles are these days, paying attention and aren't going to support people who are contributing dollars and influence to those trying to destroy America. (see yesterday's blog)

2. People are hanging onto their money. Duh. If you have cable or a DVD player, you'll get to see the movie sooner or later if you care. Why spend $10, $15 or whatever on a ticket, plus the cost of overpriced (understandably) popcorn and sodas? At home you can spend time with your family, pause when you want to go to the bathroom and the popcorn is cheap. Have a few friends over and make it fun!

3. The messages in the movies aren't the kind that many parents want their children learning. I am personally so tired of the social engineering that's going on in movies... and television programs, in particular those cute little kids things they feed straight into the minds of our impressionable children.

4. We have better things to do. Been to a 9-12 meeting? a tea party rally? your local political party group meeting? watching Glenn Beck and thinking there are more important things afoot these days? paying more attention to the 'real world'? The elections this year are attracting much, much more interest than in the past. We're more involved, there's more at stake. Sure we all need a break from non-stop gloom, doom, working out butts off to save the country type activities, but we're more discerning now. Plus, I think many of us are spending more quality time with our families. Going to a movie is not a 'real' family activity -- you can't talk, interact, you can't comment when they push a Hollywood idea of the world at your kids...

I could come up with some more if I put my mind to it, but I am heading out the door in about ten minutes. After yesterday's article on Cusack and Dave Radio I had to comment... Have a fantastic day, register a new conservative voter and make it better than fantastic .
Summer 2010 box office: What went right, what went wrong (HWD)
By Paul Dergarabedian
The opening line of Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" sums up the summer movie season of 2010 most accurately: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." and so it goes as we hit a revenue record of $4.35 billion, yet find ourselves with the lowest attendance since 1997.

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