Friday, December 19, 2008

Conservatism is...

I've created a new blog titled "Conservatism is..."

I'd like to ask you, and your friends if you'd like to share this, to share your thoughts on conservative values, the reason you're a self-titled conservative, what you think it means to be conservative, and whatever else you'd like to share keeping in mind the title of the blog "Conservatism is...".

I will post your thoughts and essays with a link back to your blog and / or website (s), your name if you'd like it included and a brief bio if you send it. Be as long-winded or brief as you'd like keeping in mind one sentence doesn't constitute an "essay" .

My idea is to 1) share the true meaning of the label conservative, 2) promote you and your writings, 3) sell conservatism to all those who have erroneous views on the label.

I'll be linking the blog on about 200 or so websites and blogs, plus once I have a logo it'll have it's own ads on untold blogs. We've just posted our first "essay" (from Vets on the Watch) and we'll be posting more later today (already have five from some of our great bloggers!).

Hope you have time to help! Send the essays to this email address: readmylipstick at

The address is and (haven't posted anything on the wordpress version yet...)

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