Friday, December 12, 2008

Four new member blogs on the Read My Lipstick Network!

We'd like to welcome our newest members:

Political Pitstop -
Everyone's Favorite Republican -
A Kirkian Conservative Speaks -
Ladyblog -

These are all great blogs. Be sure to check 'em all out and comment on their posts if you're so inclined (a nice "welcome to the Read My Lipstick Network" would be good, too!).

We're continuing to grow, expand, get larger, attract new members... whatever... we're up to 96 members now! We would like to hit 100 before the end of the year, so if you're following any blogs or really like one, tell them about us!

I'd like to wish all of your a very Merry Christmas!

This year our family is making gifts rather than buying them. We're not doing that simply because of the economy, although that is a factor for some in the family. No, we wanted to get away from all the hustle bustle so we could focus on why we celebrate Christmas. Being a potter, it's a little easier for me to find gifts to make for the family... they're all getting homemade ornaments for their Christmas trees. I may get really domestic and bake some bread, too. If I'm really, really going to be industrious I may even make the Christmas plate to put the bread on.

I hope you're all finding time for the important things in life! We have a cause and we blog and twitter to support it, but we mustn't forget all that makes our world special and meaningful.

OK, that's my sermon for the day... Thanks to all of you for giving so much and caring so deeply about our world. I'm appreciative that I've met so many wonderful people since we started the Read My Lipstick Network.

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