Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Newsbusters poll re: 2012 Candidates... Twitter... Joe the Plumber

You have choices! I was surprised to see they included some of the names they included as I just can't see John McCain making another run for it in four years, ditto Fred Thompson... But Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Huckabee and Romney are on there and they're the ones I'm hearing the most chatter about at the moment.


Vote for your favorite. It'll be interesting to see if the numbers mirror some of the other polls that have been done in recent days. Sarah at the top, then Huckabee and if memory serves, Romney?

Interesting reading out and about from Joe the Plumber re: Sarah Palin. I've just seen the Tweets, haven't had time to go look up info.

BTW - go get a Twitter account and start tweeting! Every conservative who had fingers to tap should have a Facebook and Twitter account and a blog, too. I know there are many other places to tap, do as many as you can. In 2010 and 2012 the Internet is going to rule. We were pathetic in the cyber-realm this go around. We're gonna be more than a contender in the years to come!

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