Saturday, October 4, 2008

We're on YouTube!

We just set up a You Tube account. Here's the link:

I wasn't shocked, but wasn't happy, when I went to YouTube and popped in Sarah Palin's name to see what was out there. A whole lot of nasty and a whole lot of people are watching. I figure we needed a presence on there just to see if we could elevate the tenor!

If you come across good positive videos on YouTube, leave a comment here or on our YouTube page and we'll add it as a favorite and give it a positive rating, maybe even leave a comment!

We just set up the account so we're not able to add the logo for 48 hours, but it will be there!

Friends, they are trying to do to Sarah what they've done to Bush, Bork and so many other good conservatives. Stay on your knees and keep on your toes (guess that one's kinda hard to do! Look at it this way, you'll get plenty of exercise ;-)

1 comment:

BlogMom said...

I love that you set up a youtube channel - awesome!

And this blog is awesome too! Go Palin! I saw her at a rally not too long ago and it was most definitely a major highlight in my life.