Friday, March 6, 2009

Great group

I'm involved in a lot of political action groups, couldn't list them all if I were forced (have to depend on email updates!). There are some that jump to the top of the list though, some that are really organized, working hard to keep us informed, and acting to try and change things. The Wake Up American Movement is one that I encourage everyone to check out. Once you join (free) you'll start getting an occasional email when something big is happening. They give you tools to fight and / or inform. You can become as involved as you'd like. They have tele-vents where they discuss options, answer questions, suggest courses of action.

Hope you'll sign up and let them know the RMLN sent you in their direction.

sign in to Get Involved here:

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adagioforstrings said...

Thanks for the info! I signed up today!