Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tedisco Update: Obama raises stakes in NY vote

If you have friends in NY, get them energized. The vote is March 31st in this special election and Jim Tedisco wins, we win. Not only do we gain a much-needed seat in Congress, but we send a powerful message to the Obama team. They are fighting tooth and nail for this seat and throwing everything they have at winning. If you can spare time to make phone calls, go to his website and volunteer. If you can send $5, $10, $50, $1,000 to help, do it.

Obama raises stakes in NY vote
Uses campaign database to support Dem candidate
President Obama on Wednesday endorsed the Democratic candidate in a New York special congressional race that will be decided next week, raising the stakes in an already high-profile contest that is being viewed as the first political bellwether vote of the Obama era.

The president praised businessman Scott Murphy as an ally for change in an e-mail sent Wednesday morning to around 60,000 supporters on voter lists run by the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America (OFA), the Obama presidential campaign's database that has been turned into a semi-independent political organization.

From the National Republican Trust

An Urgent Message From Scott Wheeler

Re: Defeating Obama's Candidate in SpecialCongressional Election
Dear Newsmax Reader:

The race between Republican Jim Tedisco and liberal Democrat Scott Murphy is very tight.
As you know, this special congressional election in New York is very important. If Tedisco wins, it will send a powerful message to Washington and the media: Americans don't want Obama's radical, socialist plan for America.

That's why we at The National Republican Trust have already committed more than $500,000 to help defeat Wall Street Democrat Scott Murphy and elect Republican Jim Tedisco.

Today, we are launching our new TV ad exposing Scott Murphy's support for the AIG bonuses — bonuses that were protected by Obama's stimulus plan that was not even read by members of Congress before they voted for it!

Please take a moment to watch our new TV ad — Go Here Now.

You can make a powerful difference!

Yours for America,
Scott Wheeler
Executive Director

P.S. The Democrats are continuing to money into the race and are even trying to lock up TV air time. It's urgent we make our last minute TV buys.

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Christopher Vic said...

I'm voting Jim Tedisco for fiscal responsibility. Let's see if the times union does it's job and asks Murphy about this.

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