Friday, March 20, 2009

President Obama: Respect My Pro-Life Convictions

The following is a petition (link at the end). In addition to signing the petition, if this is an issue for you as it is for me, PLEASE bombard the White House with calls. I think we just need to make it part of our daily routine to call the White House and voice our concern about this and any other issue on the table. We need to be sending emails, calling, writing letters and sending up message balloons to ALL of our elected officials.

Congress and the White House are seemingly completely disconnected from mainstream America, from what the majority of America. We need to stand up, speak out and get involved or we're doing to lose everything we hold precious in our country.

Writing blogs is no longer enough. We definitely need blogs, we need social accounts, we need to be networking and sharing and getting the word out. However, we now have to put some feet with our words. Find out about your local Tea Party, contact your local Republican or Libertarian Party. Fire up your Democrat friends. Start neighborhood discussion groups. Act.

Our country is being destroyed one bill at a time. They're chipping away little by little, sneaking in language that has long term negative repercussions.

Here's the petition. Please sign it, then call, too.

You have strong convictions, but President Obama says that doesn’t matter. He’s ready to rescind the Conscience Clause.

The Conscience Clause was implemented by former President George W. Bush to give physicians and nurses the choice to act according to their conscience — to not participate in abortion procedures if it conflicts with their personal convictions. If President Obama makes this damaging move, if he reverses the Conscience Clause, pro-life doctors and nurses will be forced into performing abortion procedures, despite their individual beliefs.

The announcement was made Friday, March 6, 2009. Since the official announcement was made, the public now has 30 days to file comments with the White House ... so we’ve got 30 days to make our voices heard at the White House.Make a difference in this nation and stand for the freedom to act according to your conscience. Sign the online “Petition to Protect Pro-Life Doctors” below now. It will be delivered and filed at the White House no later than April 8, 2009. Get the word out now.


Petition to Protect Pro-Life Doctors

President Barack Obama, As citizens of the United States of America, we enjoy the freedom to act according to our good conscience. This is not a freedom or responsibility we take lightly, nor one which should be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.We strongly urge you today to uphold the personal convictions of America’s pro-life healthcare providers. Do not use your hand to force them by law to act against their good conscience when it comes to participating in abortion procedures. Please respect the personal convictions of the citizens of America and do not rescind the Conscience Clause.

Be heard! Sign — add your name!

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