Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Facebook Account; RMLN Shut Down

I should have read the fine print I guess... Facebook shut down the Read My Lipstick Network account. Seems they have a rule that you have to be an individual, no groups, companies, etc., etc.

We just lost hundreds and hundreds of friends on the old account, not to mention I now have to set up everything again.

I've set up a new account under my name, Janet McGregor Dunn. I'd appreciate it if you'd take a moment and go "friend" me. I'll still be running the Read My Lipstick Network stuff through that account same as before. It was "mine" anyway as I was the only one in our group with the time to keep up with it (and I had a lot of my personal friends and family on there).

Hassle, hassle, but no one's fault but my own for using Read M Lipstick instead of my name...

I had a number of friends on there who weren't using names either, some who are members of our Network. If there's a way to change your name without losing all the contacts, you might want to see about doing it.

Look forward to sharing with you on Facebook! Now, back to getting my Twitter account to feed to Facebook and to reconnecting with as many friends as possible!

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