Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Change in Membership "Rules"

We're making a slight change in the requirements for membership: The RMLN linking logo or blogroll must be displayed in the top third of the member blog or website.

We expend a lot of effort promoting our member blogs, sharing your columns on other blogs, maintaining and paying for websites, keeping up with membership lists, blogrolls, etc. We do it simply to "help the cause" --- there's no money involved in this for us and every single one of us working on the RMLN do it without any expectation of ever making a penny.

When the blogroll or linking logo is displayed in the basement of a page, it's not doing what it was designed to do --- help promote every Network member equally. It's an unfair partnership. Those with the logo or blogroll prominently displayed are promoting everyone else's blogs while those with the logo or blogroll hidden somewhere are not reciprocating.

Of course, another reason for displaying the logo/blogroll is to help grow membership in the Network, which in turn helps get more attention for all member's blogs.

If you have the Read My Lipstick Network blogroll or logo off in never-never land somewhere, please be nice, fair, helpful and move it up on the page. We're changing all our info to reflect the change.

We're hearing from various circles that the Network is getting ready to be promoted like crazy. Yahoo!

We hope you're proud to be a member of the Network and that you'll proudly display the logo or blogroll.


pundette said...

I'd be happy to move mine up higher. But it clashes with my color scheme. Do you have anything in a turquoise?


Shane Vander Hart said...

Moved mine up :)