Sunday, September 21, 2008

Growing, growing, growing! Welcome Kirly!

Another new member of our growing list! I'm going to post the entire list for everyone so you can double check to make sure you have all the blogs on your blogroll.

Here's our newest member:

This is a post from the Kirly (not a bald stooge) site that I hope everyone will check out and go VOTE! Let's keep the straw poll states all red for McCain-Palin!

The makings of a Landslide
New straw poll on AOL show McCain-Palin up 62% to 38%. Please, go vote! Turn the entire map RED for McCain-Palin!


Here's another site we're in the process of checking out: We'd love your comments! Personally I like the idea of Red State Feminists who put God, Family and Woman Power together.


Current membership list:

Let me know if I left anyone off the list or there are any errors! We're going to need to start communicating via an email list in the very near future.

Please send an email to so we can get you on the email list. We won't do anything with the list other than send you a note when we've added a new member and won't share the list with anyone.

At some point maybe someone will share how to do one of the nifty self-updating lists that some blog memberships have, then we can dispense with having you add the new members yourselves. I'm all for taking the easy route when coding permits.

Have a great week and keep up the good fight!

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Kirls said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for letting me join the network! I think Sarah Palin is just what this country needs - a NORMAL person!

You might want to try feedburner for the email situation.