Thursday, September 18, 2008

More members of Read My Lipstick

Three new members to add to your blog rolls and watch.

1 - Republican Candidates ( --- they post all the official releases from the McCain campaign and a few others on occasion. Well worth adding to your blog rolls and the sites you're following just to see the latest and greatest from our guy McCain.

2. JMac Politics ( --- Fayette County Georgia lady who shares her opinions on a wide assortment of political matters. She's focusing on the election at the moment and is a strong supporter of McCain-Palin.

3. My favorite of the day: Goatees and Lipstick ( - new blog by a newly fired up supporter of John McCain and Sarah Palin! With a title like that you know it's going to be a fun blog to read.

Here's his first post: Up from the couch
I have to begin with my brand new involvement in blogging. After hearing Sen. J. McCain speak from Min. this morning, I rose off the couch with cheers on behalf of great news and plans from McCain. I got so excited that I called my sister in-love and had to just spout off about my excitement. Well she pointed me to blogging and set me up here....I made a statement that I so agree with the McCain/Palin ticket that I would put lipstick on my goatee and walk around if I thought it would show my support in a positive way.... thus birthing my new blog "Goatees and Lipstick"

Be sure to add these to your must reads and help spread the word about the Network, our fellow blog members and JOHN MCCAIN AND SARAH PALIN!!!

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