Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Poll and the old one is still there, too


PBS has a new poll which asks who you trust to get you through the economic crisis, Barack Obama or John McCain. Here's a link: http://www.pbs.org/cgi-registry/poll/poll.pl If that link doesn't work just go here: http://www.pbs.org/now/index.html and you'll find the poll toward the bottom on the right. They've fixed it now so that only one vote per computer... the last poll (which is still up by the way) asks about Sarah Palin's experience. If you haven't voted in that one, go to the post right before this one and access the link. They've been overwhelmed with voters on both sides!


I'd like everyone to go check out this blog and see what you think about adding it to the network. Love the Republican on it, and like the idea of a Democrat trying to keep up! Not sure if it "fits" with the Read My Lipstick Network where we're strong supporters of John McCain and our lovely Sarah Palin. Whether you vote yes or no, it'd be a great blog to add to your sidebar (which I'm going to do on a few of my personal blogs).

Here's the blog: http://pachydermsandasses.blogspot.com/ (don't you just love the title?)


Here's another site I invite you to check out: http://wthrockmorton.com/ This gentleman has some really interesting commentary and facts on his site! You may want to pop a link on your sidebar.


Please sign up on the top right sidebar for email updates. Everytime something is posted to this blog you'll get an update. It's only sent out once a day and then only if something has been posted. Thanks to Kirly for reminding me about Feedburner and their great services! Blogger has quite a few of the same capabilities now. I believe Feedburner is another one that Google has picked up, so I'd imagine sooner or later everything that's on Feedburner will be on Blogger.


LOTS of trash being tossed at McCain from the Obama campaign. Too much for one blog! If you have set up the ability to follow other blogs on your Blogger homepage (if you're using Blogger, many aren't), then you'll probably be able to scan titles and catch up fairly easily on the issues of the day! The big one in my mind is that they're trying to throw the race card into the mix, which of course, we all knew sooner or later would happen. Every time they try that mess it just makes people more leery of voting the Democratic ticket. The stretch they've made to stir the issue this time boggles my mind. I guess they figure it worked with Hillary and Bill, so maybe it'll work now.

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