Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Red State Feminist Joins the Network!

You are going to love the idea and love our newest Read My Lipstick Network member: Of course, the site is RED and now it has the red lipstick proudly displayed. The site owner will be adding a link to all of our pages over the next few days.

Please add it to your blog rolls.

I also signed the Read My Lipstick Network up tonight on Team Sarah. If I had your email address you should have received an email invitation asking you to join the Team. Thanks to one of our Barracuda Babes for passing this one along from someone who commented on their blog. It looks to be another cool network supporting our gal Sarah Palin.

Time is getting short and the economy is causing angst among voters. Many states have started early voting which means those who vote based on today's whim may be casting a vote they'll regret in the days to come. These days we can't afford to wait for bad news to hit in October to change people's minds since those who are voting early can shift an election.

Please talk to your friends, send emails and do whatever you can to get your friends to vote for the McCain-Palin team!

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Paul Zannucci said...

Very good.

Added to the blogroll.

And very good advice. Anyone who has the means to spread the word has to do it and do it now.