Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blog Change! We Love Sarah Palin is now America Needs Sarah Palin!

A note from We Love Sarah Palin blog owner:

Find us at our new address
Not sure how it happened, but my blog which was formerly called We Love Sarah Palin is now called American Needs Sarah Palin and can be found at

(Note from Read My Lips Network: lately we've been having some problems with Blogger in regards to adding things and having the wrong blogs pop up. Personally, I have a business blogger account and help a few other people with their blogs so have to log into multiple blog accounts. It's taking me to some strange places when I log in sometimes and it's not my computer 'cause I've cleared history, rebooted, don't have problems elsewhere. I have had to completely re-do some of the sidebar additions because it removed the "add" button from features, etc. Being the imaginative type at times, the thought has crossed my mind that Blogger / Google don't like John McCain and Sarah Palin and they're messing with any blogs that are pro Republican, etc... especially since so many of us keep calling them to task for not including any positive results in the Blogger owner Google's search engine... but I think I will chalk it up to Blogger's growing pains instead. They're adding all these cool new features so maybe some code is causing problems!)


Jem said...

Wow - the Palin Fan world is small! WeLoveYouSarahPalin was started on the same day as my WeLoveSarahPalin blog. And I changed the name of mine yesterday, one day before finding her blog. Two great minds, one great thought, huh? Hers looks great!

Jem said...

On name change, I was trying to change the url and it didn't seem to be working. Tried and tried, then gave up. Then I went to the original url and was told "it didn't exist." Shock and awe for me! I was pretty relieved to find everything under the new url. So I created (again) the old url so I could direct my legions of fans ;) to the new site.