Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another great network to add to your blogs!

Hopefully everyone in our blog list is supporting American Solutions, Drill Here Drill Now and similar initiatives! If you're not then you might not want to have the following added to your side bar, but I'm betting most if not all on our roll are supporters. If you see the list after posting and your blog is not listed, please let me know and I'll send an email.

The Read My Lipstick Network has joined the American Solutions Independent Blog Roll and most of us are already listed on their roll as I type (wow, they're fast!).

If you will and would, please add the following code to your sidebar to promote the initiative:


Join the American Solutions Independent Blogroll

I rode around this morning looking for gas and had to go past ten or so gas stations before I found one that actually had gas. I know it's a result of Hurricane Ike, but if we were drilling like we could then I imagine we'd have back-up systems and we wouldn't be dependent on other countries to supply our needs, or be knocked for a loop when a hurricane takes out a few platforms. The initiative that was just passed in Washington, if it makes it all the way through, isn't going to help and it certainly isn't going to get us any gas in the short term. If you're unsure how you feel about this, visit here:, read all about the issue and then sign the petition if you're willing! Let's get things moving, lets support John McCain and Sarah Palin and get our gas!

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