Thursday, September 18, 2008

Go Sarah!! has joined the network

I had no idea there were so many quality people taking their precious time to help get John McCain and Sarah Palin elected! This is a critical election and we need all the help people are willing to give.

I was just listening to the author of a book about voter fraud talking on the radio. I only listened to a minute but what I heard was scary. Have you heard about Acorn the group Obama is tied into? I'll try to find out more and share it with the Network or maybe some of you will want to go out and do some research.

Get your friends engaged in this fight for what is right! We're going to need poll watchers all over the country --- a good topic for your blogs at some point.

Welcome to Go Sarah!! Please visit, please share and please add her blog to your Blog Rolls and Blog Lists. You may want to use the new Blogger feature, "Follow" so you can see when something new is posted.

Here's the link to Go Sarah!! :

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