Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter from "No Stimulus"

Stimulus Update: GOP and 11 Democrats Reject Stimulus Bill

Thank you for taking a stand in the first major policy battle of President Obama's Administration. By signing the No Stimulus Petition you’ve already joined over 11,000 folks from across the nation telling Congress to stop this wasteful spending spree.

Last night, the $819 billion “Stimulus” Package passed a vote in the house, but the Republicans in the House of Representatives took a big step in regaining their fiscally responsible brand as all GOP members of Congress who voted said 'no' to bigger government, more debt, and wasteful giveaway programs. In addition, 11 courageous Democrats took a stand for fiscal sanity in the face of a menacing Democrat leadership.

We're gearing up for a spirited fight in the Senate next week, but we need your help to make sure that enough members of both parties will put the country's fiscal health above personal power and political patronage and put this beast to a merciful death.

You can help by forwarding this message to as many of your friends and family as possible and telling them to go and join the growing army of taxpayers saying NO by signing Americans for Prosperity’s petition to stop this disastrous trillion-dollar debt scheme, known as the “Stimulus Package.”

Also, by donating today, you can help us get the word out to hundreds of thousands more individuals about this bill, which includes everything on the big-government wish list from government health care rationing, to net neutrality Internet regulations, to earmarks for global warming computer modeling-- and nothing that would actually stimulate economic growth.

As you talk to friends and family, urging them to contact their Senators through the website, tell them to follow the money! A few stimulus handouts include:-$4.19 billion to ACORN, the advocacy group under investigation for voter registration fraud -$600 million to buy new cars for government workers, and -$335 million for adult sex workshops

It is critical that we make our voices heard NOW and we send a loud and clear message to DC politicians that ordinary citizens simply cannot afford the crushing burden and devastating consequences of this initiative.

Please act now by donating to and helping us get the message out to hundreds of thousands more taxpayers -- and encourage your friends and family to do the same -- by signing AFP’s petition at

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity


Anonymous said...

I have been trying all day to log onto the nostimulus website Early this morning it was timing out. Now I am getting an error message stating I am "forbidden" from accessing the page.

What is going on?

Anonymous said...

I am getting the same message ! Help !

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with the site? I have been trying to sign this petition. Unfortunately, you cannot get onto the site to sign it. Another tatic? Perhaps Congress and the House of Reps, just do not want to hear what average people are saying!

Anonymous said...

Just like the previous comments. I too cannot access this website. Perhaps this is just another ploy to try and prevent the average person from submitting our views.