Sunday, January 11, 2009

RMLN blog round up...

Just a few of the great blogs posted in the past few days.

Here we go round the Palin blogs again
posted by Josh Painter at Sarah Palin for President - 2 hours ago
Time for another tour... At Conservatives for Palin, JR has posted YouTube audio of Sarah spokesdude Bill McCallister's guest appearance on Eddie Burke's radio talk show. The Sarah Palin Blog has a good c...

Proof of Hamas using human shields
posted by Kirly at Kirly (not a bald stooge) - 3 hours ago
This video shows a map found during the current Cast Lead operation in Gaza. It shows how Hamas deliberately uses private homes and mosques as shields. It shows a powerful anti-tank IED placed near a gas d...

Top Ten List
posted by c.a. Marks at Girl Politicized - 11 hours ago
For your Sunday perusal we have the top ten worst dictator list. I never knew there was a list. Or let me re-phrase, I never knew there was such a LONG list. I'm floored, really. This makes me think (whi...

How to Fly The United States Flag
posted by michelle at Michelle McIntosh - 15 hours ago
Recently my husband and I visited Ft. Sill with my in-laws. It was so warming to see the base housing with the flags flying outside the homes. Here are ten guidelines from the VFW on how to fly your flag.

Begich: Palin not begging for enough fed funds
posted by Josh Painter at Sarah Palin for President - 19 hours ago
Alaska's newly-minted Senator complains that Governor Sarah Palin is not asking the president-elect for a larger share of the $750 Billion dollar stimulus package he wants Congress to approve to jump-start...

Red State Feminists: Can a Feminist be a Conservative?
posted by Read My Lipstick Network at Conservatism is... - 19 hours ago
Can a Feminist be a Conservative? and Can a Conservative be a Feminist? Red State Feminists are convinced that you can sincerely be both a feminist and a conservative. Many believe that feat impossible, ...

Georgia's Isakson Questions BHO's Sec Labor on Union's Secret Ballot
posted by Barracuda Babes at Barracuda Babes for Sarah Palin - 20 hours ago
If the Unions have their way with taking away worker's rights to vote via secret ballot, we may as well throw in the towel. We will ultimately be a unionized nation of workers, unable to compete on any rea...

Rebuttal to Negative Palin Opinion Column, Anchorage Daily News
posted by Barracuda Babes at Barracuda Babes for Sarah Palin - 1 day ago
Typically, a negative column was written about Sarah Palin without facts to back up the assertions. Vince Beltrami does a very able job of setting the record straight, and chastising Dan Fagan. Well worth ...

Good Works Work: MSNBC stranger than fiction Shuster outs Palin 2012
posted by Grace Explosion at Go Sarah!! - 1 day ago
UNbelievable!! You have got to see this video! This MSNBC guy absolutely shouts down the guy doing this documentary and shouts that the media was NOT biased but rather Palin was unqualified to be VP. TOTAL...

Blago humor
posted by pundette at Pundit & Pundette - 1 day ago
For a laugh, go here to see the new Welcome to Illinois sign. A creative attempt to remove the blot of Blago from the Illinois escutcheon. H/T: Marathon Pundit

The End Is Near
posted by Shannon Bell at The Admonition - 1 day ago
Need I say more? If this doesn’t signify the end of the world, I don’t know what does. One of the last great American icons has been tainted. Spider-Man saves Barry, how ridiculous. I’m glad my son, who ...

Ziegler vs. O'Donnell
posted by Carlos Echevarria at Let's Get It Right - 1 day ago
*Hat Tip: Brietbart TV * Forget Bill McAllister, Gov. Palin should hire Ziegler as her new spokesman...the man has political acumen and fire in the belly!!! Cross posted at *Conservatives for Palin*

MSNBC stranger than fiction Shuster outs Palin 2012
posted by Palinesque }*~*{ at Good Works Work - 2 days ago
Shuster is a crybaby okay so he was not crying but it looked like he wanted to, I get that all of the producers of these shows must have been given pink slips and the writers are next, otherwise what on EA...

A letter from the boss
posted by rightwingchicky at Right Wing Chicks - 2 days ago
I got this email today from a friend and thought it was worth passing along . . . A Letter From The Boss To All My Valued Employees, There have been some rumblings around the office about the future of thi...

Vanity Fair's Future
posted by c.a. Marks at Girl Politicized - 2 days ago
I reckon Vanity Fair will no longer be in circulation come January 20th for what will they have to write about with their new found savior - Obama? They can suck it. Tags: Vanity Fair***** Yeah, owned by ...

Say Thank You
posted by Katie at Red Girl In A Blue State - 2 days ago
Below is a quick way to say thank you to President and Mrs. Bush for their 8 years of service to our country. If you feel so inclined, please join me in filling out a small thank-you note in an e-card s...

Fasten Your Seatbelts!
posted by Rachael at Red Right and True - 3 days ago
About a year ago I read an excellent book Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse by Peter Schiff. In the book Schiff talks about the total meltdown (we're talking worse than the gre...

Christmas children's book pushes global warming
posted by (Miss Ladybug) at Moms In The Right - 3 days ago
Originally posted at Miss Ladybug January 5, 2009. Just before Christmas, when checking in on the Fox News website, I ran across this article about how some children's books are using Christmas to push th...

Accountability and The Value of Life.
posted by Tabitha Hale at Pink Elephant Pundit - 3 days ago
Few things are as hotly debated as abortion, both inside and outside the conservative world. It’s a divider among many. Why such a hot button issue? Why does it trump all the other noise we hear in campaig...

"Eye for an Eye" or "Turn the Other Cheek"?
posted by Read My Lipstick Network at Good Government - 4 days ago
I have to admit, I'm conflicted at times. My general nature is easy-going, help others whenever possible, love your neighbor and hug a liberal if they get nasty. However, I struggle at times. Some stuff j...

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